Yes, summer is already in full swing.

Do you fear to turn ON the AC because of rising electricity bills?

Isn’t it hard to resist the temptation of turning on the AC and sink into the cool and calm that prevails?

And truth be told, we can never gather enough willpower to switch it OFF, even after knowing that the electricity bills are definitely going to touch the sky!

But hey, did you know that there are ways in which you can optimize this energy consumption?

Yes, you can enjoy some peace in your air-conditioned room, and also save power.


Let’s find out!

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1. Use the Sleep Mode at Night

Since the nights are always cooler than the days, no matter how cold you like your AC during the daytime, you should raise the temperature slightly at night. The best is to keep the temperature at a moderate level. But if you feel that it is too much of a hassle, then go for the ‘sleep mode’ on your AC.

Sleep Mode in AC

In sleep mode, your AC will automatically adjust its temperature to avoid overcooling and prevent energy wastage.

Did you know? Choosing a certain mode on your AC can affect cooling and power consumption?

2. Maintenance is a Must

No matter how pricey and feature packed your AC is, it still requires regular servicing. Do you know that your AC will eat up more energy if it is not maintained properly? Think logically, when your AC will try to exert pressure to work harder, it will exhaust more amount of energy. The reason behind the malfunctioning of your AC might be due to filters getting choked.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to keep the power consumption of your AC in check is to regularly clean the AC filters. You should also get your AC serviced at the start of the season to keep it in good health.

3. Keep the Doors & Windows Closed

This easiest way to reduce the power consumption of your AC is to keep the doors and windows shut when you the AC is on. You should also check for any big gaps and leaks in windows and doors because cold air can quickly escape from these small gaps.

Keep Doors Closed

If the doors or windows are not closed properly then the AC will take it longer to cool the room to the desired temperature which directly translates into higher power consumption.

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4. Upgrade Your Old and Inefficient AC

If you are still using that decade-old air conditioner and wondering why your electricity bills are always higher than your neighbor’s then you should immediately order a new AC today.

Replace Old AC

It is no secret that like all other electrical appliances, air conditioners of the past used the technology and the hardware that was grossly inefficient by today’s standards.

Replacing your old and inefficient air conditioner might seem like an unnecessary cost to some but the fact is a new and efficient air conditioner will not only provide better features and improved cooling but will also recover its cost in a few years by saving you thousands of rupees in your electricity bills.

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5. Don’t Set a Low Temperature

Always set your thermostat to the highest temperature that keeps the room temperature comfortable. Even a small change in the temperature can lower your electricity bill significantly.

You can save up to 20% on your electricity bills by setting your thermostat at 26°C. The US Department of Energy recommends setting the air conditioner temperature at 26°C.

AC Temperature for Electricity Saving

Setting the thermostat to very low temperatures will not only increase the power consumption but will also result in overcooling of the room. Overcooling may also lead to discomfort and diseases caused by sudden variation in body temperatures like sneezing, cough, and cold.

6. Close the Curtains or Blinds When the Sun Shines Brightly

Close Curtains to Avoid Sunlight

During the hottest interval of the day, you should look for measures to cool off your room. If your room has glass windows and if they receive any sunlight during any time of the day then you should keep the curtains or blinds closed. This will cool down your room and your AC would not have to work very hard to cool down your room after that.

7. Rearrange your Furniture to Get the Most of Your AC

Check whether your AC is cooling the back side of your chair or the bottom of your sofa or bed, however funny the idea seems to be, it is adding in your electricity bill without even giving you the chill! If the cold air from AC is not reaching you then you will feel uncomfortable and try to set a lower temperature which will increase the AC’s power consumption.

Rearrange Furniture for Better Cooling

Rearranging your furniture in a manner that promotes the reach of AC’s air flow to the people in the room will enable you to set a higher temperature setting and reduce electricity consumption.

8. Turn the Lights OFF

Turn Lights Off

Turning lights off can not only reduce the power consumption occurring due to it but it can also reduce the temperature of any room. Say yes to natural lighting and don’t switch off your lights when natural lighting is sufficient. Although it might seem illogical to open your windows at all times, it will certainly make some difference in reducing the energy consumption by your AC. But make sure you are not allowing the direct sun rays inside your room because that will be worst than the lights in the room.

9. Turn ON the Fan

Nothing in this world can beat the efficiency of ACs, but would it harm to make the most of fans? They accomplish the task of circulating cool air in the room and even use less energy than your AC unit.

Use Fan with AC for Energy Saving

But that doesn’t mean you turn them on at top speed and start shivering! Just let them work slowly so that the cool air keeps circulating all around your room and the chill is distributed uniformly. And you will be amazed to find that even at moderate temperatures, your AC works fine and keep you cool.

Following these tips, you will be able to save some bucks on your electricity bills without compromising on your comfort!

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