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After 40 hours of research, and comparisons of nearly 100 different room heaters, we think the Havells OFR-9 Fin Oil Filled Heater is the best room heater for safety and effective heating. Most room heaters work fine, but the Havells OFR-9 Fin offers a great combination of heating performance, safety, and design. If you are looking for a budget option, then Orpat OEH-1220 is our best value for money pick for it’s highly affordable price and effective heating.

Top Pick

Havells OFR-9 Fin Oil Filled Heater

Havells OFR-9Fin 2500-Watt Oil Filled Heater with PTC Fan

This oil filled heater is an ideal room heater for people looking for safe and effective heating this winter. Forget the suffocation and dryness with this feature-rich room heater. You get complete temperature control, beautiful looks, advanced safety features, and uniform & lasting heating.

Budget Pick

Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Heater

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

The lightweight, clean and compact design coupled with all essential features, like two heating options, thermal cut-off, cool-to-touch exterior, safety mesh grille and an inbuilt handle that makes it highly portable, make it the best value for money room heater.

In those chilly winter nights, what is the one thing that provides utmost comfort beside the quilts and the blankets? Well, it would have to be the room heaters. These room heaters are a convenient and easy way to heat the space inside the room. So, if you don’t want to face the cuts of cold winds, use the protective charm of the best room heater in India.

But buying a room heater can be a difficult task. Especially if you don’t know anything about them. Well, this review guide will tell you all about the best room heater brands and products in India.

10 Best Room Heater In India

Check out the best room heaters review that we have for you here.

Best Fan Heater in India

1. Orpat OEH 1220 2000 Watt Fan Heater

Orpat OEH-1220 2000 Watt Fan Heater

Do you have a very small or medium-sized room with less than 250 sq. ft area? Well, this Fan Heater can be best for you. This strong and sturdy room heater has got a fan that can quickly spread the temperature throughout the room.

No more sitting close to the heater just for a bit of warmth. The product has a warranty for 1 year. The product has two heat settings of 1000W and 2000W. You can turn the temperature up and down just by the simple twist of the knob.

The product is safe to use and has a thermal cut out that makes sure that the machine remains safe for an extended period of time. Another good aspect is that it has a cold-to-touch exterior. So, you can call it as child-friendly and also you can move it to another room even when it is working. Don’t worry, the size is small and lightweight. So it’s easily portable.

You have to keep a bucket of water or keep the doors or windows open if you keep it switched on the whole night. This is because the coil uses oxygen to produce heat and the oxygen in the room is heated up. So you may feel suffocated if the doors and windows are not opened.

The maximum watt used by the heater is up to 2000 watts and requires an operating voltage of 220-240 volts. It takes around 25-30 mins to warm a small room at 1000 W setting, and 15-20 minutes to warm up with 2000 W setting. This product is ISI approved.

Efficiently warms up the room quicklyCreates some noise due to the fan
Ideal for medium and small roomNot good for big rooms
Low price 
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2. Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater

This awesome product comes from the Bajaj family that weighs around 3.74kgs. so, it is genuinely handy when the winter is at its peak. The outer body of the product is sturdy and is built with the stove-enameled MS sheet. The front panel features the grill and three switches. The first switch is the ON/OFF switch, this switch will only turn on the fan (heating element is not turned on). So you can also use it as a fan during summers.

The other two switches are for two heat settings, warm (1000 W) and hot (2000 W). This heater features two heating elements of 1 kW each. When you turn on the ‘warm’ switch the heater turns on one of the heating elements and when you switch on the ‘hot’ switch both the heating elements are turned on for maximum heat.

The product can be used as forced air circulator, dryer or a room heater. The thermostat maintains the required temperature by adjusting the power and automatically turning off the heater when the heater goes beyond a threshold temperature.

The heater automatically turns on when the temperature falls back to normal. For extra safety, this heater also comes with a thermal cutoff switch that prevents overheating if the thermostat fails. The motor of the product operates at a power of 50 watts AC.

This product comes with a warranty of 2 years. It has a 3 pin power cord with 3 cores and 16 A current. The neon indicator indicates whether the heater is on or off. The stand lets you direct the airflow upward or downward.

Compact design and comes with two heat settingsThe noise of the fan is quite loud
Can be used as a fan during summers 
Comes with thermostat and the thermal cut-off for safety 
Two years warranty on the product 
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Best PTC Fan Heater In India

3. Orpat OPH-1240 1800 Watt-PTC Heater

This is a self-regulating heater that helps you kill the chilling days of the winter and gives you a warm environment in your room. It is very convenient to handle and can be carried everywhere you want to as it weighs only 2kgs.

This heater consists of a PTC ceramic heating element so the resistance will increase when the temperature increases. This is the reason the active heating element behaves as a thermostat on its own and doesn’t need any regulating device to maintain the temperature of the room.

The motor of the heater is made up of copper wire and runs at a voltage of 230 V. It provides instant heat and cuts overheat with auto cut off protection to ensure safety. It comes with two heat settings 1200 watts and 1800 watts.

One more amazing feature of this heater is, unlike those fan-based heaters, this heater doesn’t make any noise. The product comes with 2 years warranty. It has a wide-angle auto-oscillation that helps in distributing the heat uniformly all over the room. The safety mesh grill prevents accidental contact with the heating element.

Temperature and power/wattage selectionNot suitable for medium or large size rooms
Overheat auto cut protection 
Additional tip-over switch available for safety 
Auto-rotate feature 
2 Years warranty 
Check Price on Amazon

4. Usha Fan Heater (1212 PTC) 1500 Watt with Adjustable Thermostat

Usha PTC Fan Heater 1212 1500-Watt with Adjustable Thermostat

The Usha Fan Heater 1500 watt will regulate the temperature of your room to keep it warm and cozy all day long. The product is portable with an inbuilt grip and allows the user to fine-tune the temperature. This fan heater has a low power of 900 watts and a high power of 1500 watts.

The heater makes the room warm instantly and has two-stage safety for the protection against overheating. It is ideal for those who don’t want to waste energy as this heater comes with two heating elements for saving energy. It has fire retardant strong ABS housing. This heater comes with a one year warranty. This product has an adjustable stand and 2 meters long power cord. It is approved by BIS.

This compact and lightweight heater can be tilted for quick heat response towards you. The temperature control knob lets you adjust the temperature as per your requirement and it’ll maintain the temperature by switching on and off the heater automatically. This heater does not burn any oxygen and is safe to use even in a closed room.

Two-stage safety for overheating protectionThe fan speed cannot be controlled
Lightweight and easily portableThe run-time is not that high
Attractive design 
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Best Radiant Heater In India

5. Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant Heater

Orpat ORH-1410 1000-Watt Radiant Heater

This product is a perfect addition to your living room. Weighing only 1.29 kgs, this radiant heater is portable and can be moved in anywhere in the house. This product is the convenient one when it comes to survival in winters and is easily one of the best radiant heaters in India.

The product is very easy to install and needs an electrical outlet in order to plug the device. The ergonomic design adds to the elegant looks of it. It is compact and stylish that is aesthetically pleasing and requires less space to keep. The power consumption capacity is up to 1000 watts that prevent high electricity bills.

The product is made up of a nickel-chrome plated mesh grill and reflector. This makes the product more appealing. This heater uses infrared technology to produce heat. It helps in transferring the heat to people and objects directly. The product comes with 2 years warranty.

This Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant Heater is ideal for personal heating or for heating up a small. It has an overheat protection system inbuilt as well. The product doesn’t use moving air for generating heat. Hence a good choice for people with breathing problems or dust allergy.

Ideal for personal heatingNot suitable for medium or big size rooms
Compact and colourful designThe coil may get damaged
Energy efficient 
Works with 5A plug 
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6. Bajaj Minor 1000-Watt room Heater

Bajaj Minor 1000-Watt Room Heater

Like all radiant heaters, Bajaj Minor is more suitable for personal heating (like a bonfire) and small rooms. Best for those who don’t want to waste electricity as it consumes very little power so that the electricity bill doesn’t pinch your pocket.

The product comes with adjustable tilting legs and thermostat. The heat is spread evenly in the room with the help of a nickel-chrome plated mesh grid and reflector. The reflecting surface of the heater is corrugated and is made up of cast iron.

It is compact, uses very little space in your room and can fit nicely as a décor in your room. The heater has a power of 1000 watts and has a superior heating element. The heating element remains effective even in extremely cold temperatures. The heater comes with 2 years warranty. This product is ISI approved. Bajaj Minor weighs only 1.47 kgs that help in taking it to any place of the house.

It has tilted legsNot suitable for medium or big size rooms
Bright nickel chrome plated reflector spreads the heat evenly 
Energy efficient 
Works with 5A plug 
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Best Oil Filled Room Heater in India

7. Havells OFR – 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater

Havells OFR 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater

The Havells OFR PTC fan heater is basically the ideal product for people who want safe and efficient heating. What we love about it is that it is noiseless and strong as well.

The great thing about the heater is that it has a strong heating mechanism that consists of a PTC heater along with a fan so that the warmness is evenly spread. Cord storage provides easy access and avoids accidental tipping over wires scattered in your room.

This heater features three thermostatic heat control settings 800/1200/2000W for different room sizes. Also tip-over switch present for added safety. Weighs around 14.4 kgs.

This heater comes equipped with castor wheels for easy mobility. It also has a tilt over switch for protection when the heater is accidentally tilted over. It also comes with a rear safety cover with a grip for easy portability.

This heater is suitable for the entire family, be it, young children or old aged people, because it does not deplete oxygen ensuring there is no suffocation or dryness in the room. It can also be used in closed rooms.

Since this heater works on the principle of convection heating (slowly warming up the air surrounding by way of air passing through the heat of the oil-filled radiator) it gives you uniform heating across the roam. It also comes with an overheat protection which means you can leave it on all night without any worries.

No suffocation or drynessThe fins get quite hot, so need to be cautious if you have kids
PTC heater including fanDoes not instantly start heating, takes time
Tilt over switch 
3 different Thermostatic heat control settings for different sized rooms 
Overheat protection 
Cord storage 
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8. Morphy Richards OFR 09F 2400-Watt Oil Filled Radiator

The heater has 9-fin oil-filled radiator with an additional PTC heater and fan with an adjustable thermostat. This room heater is quite silent in operation and features a tip-over switch that automatically switches off the heater if it tilts more than a specified angle while in operation. This is a very useful safety feature as it prevents shock or fire in case of an accidental fall.

It comes with an adjustable thermostat that allows maintaining the room temperature as per desire. The castor wheels in the product come with a mounting plate that helps in easy mobility. The power rating of the heater is 2000 watts but the effective power rating is 2400 w (2000 W + 400 W PTC Fan Heater).

The extra PTC heater and fan help in heating the room quickly and uniformly. The product comes with two years warranty. Weighs around 14.5 kgs, but the castor wheels help in its mobility. It also comes with a cord winder.

Affordable priceThe fins get quite hot, so need to be cautious if you have kids
No suffocation or drynessDoes not instantly start heating, takes time
Tilt over switch for safety 
3 different Thermostatic heat control settings for different sized rooms 
Overheat protection 
PTC Heater with Fan 
Check Price on Amazon

9. Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000 Watt Oil Filled Radiator

Morphy Richards OFR-09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator

The 9 fins present in the product helps in heating up your room to coziness in just a few minutes. This heater is very silent in operation as it does not have any fan. The castor wheels present in the radiator makes it great for mobility and can be moved with ease.

It also has a mounting plate that enables you to mount the heater on a wall. This heater comes with a tip-over switch that shuts the heater instantly when it tilts more than the predetermined angle. This is for protection from any shock or fire. It has a power of 2000 watts.

The adjustable thermostat maintains the set temperature in the room and automatically switches on/off the heater according to the room temperature. It has uniform heating and ensures every corner of your room is warm. The power selector helps in balancing the electric loads.

It provides two isolated power sources to choose from in case of sudden failure. The product comes with a warranty of 2 years. The cord winder is also very useful as it prevents neatly hides the cord.

Affordable PriceThe fins get quite hot, so need to be cautious if you have kids
The thermostat can be adjusted to get the desired temperatureMight take longer to heat the room as compared to an oil-filled radiator with PTC heater and fan
2 years warranty 
Tip-over switch for extra safety 
Check Price on Amazon

10. Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

The Singer Oil Filled Radiator comes with three heating options. It has power coated fins that help in preventing the rusts and has Oil Grade ED/HD 100 for better performance. The heater has back fin cover for protection.

Thermostat control maintains the desired temperature and overheat protection provides additional safety from overheating. Singer OFR 11 oil-filled radiator room heater also features a PTC fan for faster and more uniform heating of the room.

The heater has a two-meter-long copper power cord and cord storage. The Singer OFR is ISI marked and comes with 2 years warranty. The heater has a 3-way heating effect that heats up the room entirely within a few minutes.

It has 800, 1200 and 2000 watt power which helps it to remain fast and in active mode every time the temperature drops. The Nylon Castor wheels help in easy movement of the heater. The in-built tip-over switch automatically switches off the heater when the heater tilts more than a specified angle while in operation.

Affordable PriceEffective for smaller rooms only
Adjustable Thermostat and Overheat protectionPTC fan makes some noise
Tilt-over switch 
Quick heating with PTC fan 
Warranty of 2 years 
Check Price on Amazon

How to Choose a Room Heater?

Well, it turns out that buying the best room heater for winter isn’t as easy as it seems. It is for sure that you will need some extra help in choosing. Given below are some points that you need to consider when you buy the best room heater.

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1. Type of Room Heater: There are many different types of room heaters that are available in the market. You need to make sure that you know the type of heater that you want. The table given below provides you with a detailed comparison of all the different types of room heaters and will help you in deciding which type of room heater is best for your home.

FeaturesFan-Based Heaters (convection, blower, ceramic coil/PTC based heaters)Radiant Heaters (Halogen, Quartz, Infrared, Carbon-Fibre room heaters)Oil Filled Heaters
Working PrincipleA fan blows air on a heating element. The hot air heats up the surrounding area.Uses infrared rays to radiate the heat to surrounding objects or areas. They basically work like a bonfire.Heating element suspended in oil, heat up the oil filled in fins. The hot oil inside the fins warms the surrounding air.
Time to Heat UpInstantly heat upInstantly heat upTakes some time to heat up
PriceEconomical price rangeEconomical price rangeHigh price
Child SafeChild SafeNo, as the heater surface tends to get hotChild Safe
Energy EfficiencyConsumes more electricityConsumes less electricityConsumes less electricity
Noise LevelNoisySilentSilent
Area CoverageSuitable for small to medium size roomsBest for personal use or for very small rooms. Not suitable for medium-large roomsSuitable for small to large size rooms
Oxygen & Humidity DepletionReduces the oxygen and humidity levelReduces the oxygen and humidity levelDo not reduce the oxygen and humidity level
Can be used in Closed RoomNoNoYes
Light LevelNo LightRadiant heaters emit a constant glow, make sure the brightness is not too high if you intend to use it in nightNo Light

2. Room Size: The size of the room is also a very important factor that you need to consider when you are buying a room heater. Radiant heaters are only good for personal heating or for small rooms. Fan heaters and oil-filled room heaters are generally good for small to large size rooms. But you should also check the wattage of the heater as high wattage means higher heat and more area coverage.

You can use a simple formula to find out the wattage requirement according to your room size.

Wattage Required (approximate idea)= Room Area x 10

So, for 150 Sq. ft. room, the recommended wattage is 1500 W (150×10).

3. Wattage: The heater’s power also has an effect on the heat output. Higher wattage in heaters helps in producing more heat. It is important to note here that if a 1200W heater runs for 1 hour it will consume 1.2 units of electricity whereas a 2000W heater will consume 2 units if it runs for 1 hour. So high wattage will provide more heat but will also consume more electricity. Room heaters with variable wattage knob are ideal as you can change the wattage according to your requirement. Avoid single wattage setting units.

4. Thermostat or Automatic On-Off: Every room heater should have a thermostat or temperature control feature. The ideal temperature for thermal comfort for humans is 25 degrees. If we leave a heater running for a long duration the room temperature may increase beyond that. This not only makes it uncomfortable but also increases electricity consumption. A room heater with thermostat and temperature setting will automatically cut-off the power when the desired temperature is reached. Room heaters with a thermostat are not only energy efficient but are also safer.

5. Power Cord Length: The heaters that have comparatively longer cords are the ones that allow many options for the placement of the heater. Always keep the distance between the power plug and the proposed location of the heater in mind while checking the power cord length. Ideally, the power cord length should at least be 1 – 1.50 meters.

6. Handle or Wheels: Having a handle on the heater isn’t just a convenient option but also a necessity. This handle helps to carry the heater from one room to another with ease. Also, it is safe to have a handle as you won’t end up accidentally burning your hands. If you are buying a fan or radiant heater then always check if the handle is provided or not. Some fan heaters may also come with side grips. If you plan to frequently change the location of the room heater then look for a lightweight model with a handle that provides a safe grip. If you are buying an oil-filled radiator heater then it should have wheels at the bottom.

7. Noise Level: Fan room heaters often emit some noise during operation. If you are looking for a silent or less noisy room heater then radiant and oil-filled heaters are a good choice. However, some oil-filled heaters with PTC fan can also generate little noise but it is not that much. If the noise bothers you, then you need to select the options of non-fan heaters.

8. Time Taken to Warm the Room: When you are out buying a room heater, make sure to note down the time to takes to warm the room. Fan heaters and radiant heaters don’t take much time to warm the room. The oil-filled room heaters, on the other hand, take a little bit more time to heat up the room for you. So, if you want to come back to a house that warms up in lesser time, we suggest that you choose the radiant or the fan-based heaters.

Also, learn how you can stay warm without using a room heater.

9. Oxygen & Humidity: The radiant heaters burn up the oxygen in the room in order to produce the heat that keeps the room warm. Same is the case with the fan heaters as well. So, these heaters significantly reduce the levels of humidity and oxygen in the room. And therefore are not advised to be used in a closed room. This can be a problem for some users. Oil Filled Radiator heaters do not deplete the oxygen and humidity and can be used even in a closed room. So, it is essential that you check the oxygen and humidity reducing the capacity of the heater before you make a choice.

10. Safety Features: One thing that is really important in the case of room heaters is that they need proper monitoring. Yes, if you don’t have an eye on these, chances are that these could turn into potential hazards. So, it is really important that you understand how safety matters in this case. When it comes to fan heaters, you should always check for safety features like a thermostat (for temperature control), thermostat cut-off and front safety mesh or grille. Radiant heaters must have a good safety mesh or grille, tip-over and overheat protection and oil-filled room heaters should have an adjustable thermostat, overheat protection and tilt-over switch. The more features of safety, the better it will be for you.

Apart from buying a room heater that comes with good safety features, you can also follow some easy safety tips while using a room heater.

Room Heater – FAQs

Which type of room heater is good for health?

Without any doubt, oil-filled room heaters are the safest type of room heaters. Unlike Fan and Radiant/Infrared heaters, they do not reduce the oxygen and humidity levels in the room. Oil-filled heaters are even safe to be used in a closed room.

Which room heater is safe for baby?

Oil-filled heaters are considered safest for babies. But you should always make sure that the heater is kept out of the reach of small kids and the room temperature remains comfortable at all times. You should try not to leave babies and small kids unattended when the room heater is on.

Is it safe to sleep with the heater on?

Ideally, you should avoid leaving your room heater on while sleeping. But if it is freezing cold and you have no other option then you can use the room heater while sleeping.

But if you are using a fan or infrared heater then you should avoid them at all costs, especially if the room is closed.

If the place where you live experiences freezing cold nights then go for an oil-filled room heater.

Is a fan heater good?

Fan heaters are definitely good provided you use them as they are intended to be used. Fan heaters are compact, affordable and instantly heat up your surroundings. But they can be noisy and are not recommended to be used in a closed room (without proper ventilation) as they can reduce the oxygen and humidity levels. They can also make your skin feel dry and irritate people with breathing complications, like Asthma.

Does room heater burn oxygen?

Yes, some room heaters, like the fan and infrared heaters, can reduce the oxygen levels. However, oil-filled heaters do not burn any oxygen.

We hope this post provides you with all the information that you need for buying the best room heater in India. If you have any specific queries or need more information, please post in the comments section below.

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