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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains our policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of your information by, which operates as and offers other services including but not limited to delivery of information and content via any mobile or internet connected device or otherwise. Here, we commit to explain our users how we make use of the information provided by them in various forms and ways.

To make use of our products and services, a user involves in different activities like browsing the web pages, filling of the registration form, dropping comments, expressing reactions, etc.

What is the list of personal information collected and why? ensures that it asks for the minimum possible personal information in order to serve its users. For now, we do not ask for your physical address, birth date or any financial information. Hence, we’d like to ask you to never share any such details with anyone pretending to use our name.

However, we do track the following device information:

Gadget Info – This helps us show you the website according to your device’s needs. Desktop/Laptop, mobile and tablet make for 100 percent of our end users.

Network Data – IP address of our consumers help us tackle the server-related issues. Also, our system tries to read the demographic details. We do this in order to understand our audience in a better way so that in turn, we may improvise on our offerings and provide a better and updated user experience.

How is the information used?

Users’ privacy is of the greatest concern to us and hence we commit not to allow any third party usage (we’ll discuss the exception further) of the information that we collect. We are strictly not into the selling or renting of your info. However, we may release personal information, if required by law, search warrant, subpoena, court order or fraud investigation, as you may well understand the sensitivity of the issue.

• We use Google Analytics, an authorised service provided by Google, to collect the data around how our users engage with our website and hence improvise accordingly.

How is the information shared, if any?

• When we optimise our website, we are bound to share the data with partners like Google who help us provide services.
• The vendors who are responsible for showing ads on our platform also make use of the info to show better and targeted ads.
• In case of a legality, or law.

Do we have a privacy protection for children? is a user-friendly website that is family friendly. We do not post, show or promote anything that is obscene or unacceptable. Our target audience lies in almost every age group and hence we do not really require any such policy.

How long do we keep the data in memory?

The comments made by users are generally kept for an indefinite time until or unless the user decides to delete them. So yes, the user is equipped with the power to delete them. The other info remain with us as long as we find the need of keeping them.

Anything about the cookies?

We use cookies as they ensure our users a better experience of the website every time they visit our website. Cookies make up for a very crucial part and we take permission of the users by displaying a pop-up when they visit the site.

Services – To make sure the site functions as expected, they are of an utmost importance.
Analytics – This allows us to understand how all users combined use our site, make business decisions based on it and get better.
Preferences – This is to remember your consent status, so we don’t bug you with a pop-up on every single visit.
Advertising – Cookies help us provide you a great experience with ads, or else the ads can really be irritating. Also they help us monetise and provide you with awesome content, so it matters.

How to contact us?

Use the following email id with a subject ‘Privacy Policy query’
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