After spending over 40 hours in research, comparing over 25 1-ton window air conditioners and a detailed review of 6 of the best 1-ton window ACs, we confidently recommend ‘Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper,125 DY/125 DZA)’. It is ideal for anyone looking for a 1-ton window air conditioner that offers a perfect combination of low power consumption and superior cooling. This AC truly offers you the best value for your money.


Voltas 1-Ton 5 Star Window AC 125 DY/125 DZA

Voltas 1-Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper, 125 DY/125 DZA)

This is an ideal 1-ton window AC for anyone looking for an air conditioning solution for a small room up to 120 sq. ft. This AC offers you the best combination of energy efficiency and effective cooling. It is easy to maintain and comes at a very attractive price.

With so many options to get relief from hot weather, windows ACs also come in line. They are extremely efficient and affordable.

Over the last decade, the market for air conditioners has been growing at a CAGR of 18-20%. With the rise in population (especially middle-class population) in India, the demand for air conditioners is rising at a high rate too. And that is where the window air conditioners come in. These ACs are small in size and easily fit into windows without taking much of the room space. They are energy rated and tested by various institutions like the Bureau of Energy Efficiency for their performances.

To beat the heat of the summer that is approaching near, here are some affordable 1-ton window ACs that are really good in their performance.

Top 6 1 Ton Window AC Reviews

1. Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper, 125 DY/125 DZA)

This 1-ton window AC is suitable for small-sized rooms of up to 120 square feet. This is a very energy efficient window AC from Voltas. It saves up to 25% more energy than other non-inverter 1-star ACs. It has been given a rating of 5 stars by the Bureau of Efficient Energy (BEE). It has a copper condenser, which is very durable and provides effective cooling. Air Conditioners with the copper condenser are also easy to maintain.

Voltas 1-Ton 5 Star Window AC 125 DY/125 DZA

If you are returning home in the hot afternoon then the turbo mode can quickly cool your room. Turbo mode turns on the compressor instantly, unlike the normal mode which takes around 2-3 minutes to start the compressor. It also comes with an energy-saver mode that maintains a comfortable temperature while reducing the power consumption. For better experience at night without giving a worry to change the settings for more comfort, it has a sleep mode that can maintain the temperature by cutting excessive cooling and power consumption.

ISEER – 3.31
Cooling Capacity (100%) – 3520 W
Electricity Consumption – 822.88 Units/Year
Max. Air Flow: 650 m³/h

For easy use, it comes with a remote-control with glow buttons. Its high EER rotary compressor has the ability to provide a cooling capacity of 3520 W. Its high ambient cooling feature gives an instant cooling even when the outdoor temperature reaches 50-degree centigrade. It has got an air vent that helps it bring in fresh air from outside. This window AC also features an active dehumidifier that maintains indoor humidity level and gives a pleasant feeling even during the monsoon. It works silently with only 53 dB of the indoor noise level.

You do not have to manually reset all the setting post power cut as the auto-restart feature combined with memory function remembers the settings and restarts the AC with the same temperature, swing or mode settings. Anti-dust filter helps in removing the dust particles from the air and gives fresh and clean air to breathe. The timer feature lets you automatically turn on/off the AC after a desired interval. For more convenient usage, it comes with an LED display panel and soft touch buttons. The self-diagnosis system tells you whether it is working properly or has any technical issue. The front panel/grille is easily removable and makes the task of filter cleaning very easy.

Pros Cons
Good cooling performance Uses R-22 refrigerant which contributes to ozone depletion
Good air flow
5-Star rated AC, highly energy efficient
Copper condenser for more durability

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2. Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (123 LYI/123 LZF)

Here is another 1 ton window AC from Voltas which is equipped with a copper condenser for effective cooling and easy maintenance. The auto restart feature comes into the picture during a power cut. The AC stores the settings using it’s memory feature and switches on the AC with the same settings when the power resumes. This saves you from having to change the settings because of a power cut.

Voltas 1-Ton 3 Star Window AC 123 Lyi/123 LZF

It also comes with a turbo mode to give fast cooling in less time. It is a little noisy with an indoor noise level of 54 dB. Also, it has been rated 3 stars in energy efficiency which means it can save up to 15% more energy as compared to a non-inverter 1-star AC. It is able to give an instant cooling at 50C with its high ambient cooling system. It comes with remote control for even easier use. The remote has got night glow buttons for more ease. It has also got an LED display panel for the same purpose.

ISEER – 2.93
Cooling Capacity (100%) – 3350 W
Electricity Consumption – 884.80 Units/Year
Max. Air Flow: 400 m³/h

It has got a high EER rotary compressor that gives a cooling capacity of 3350 W. Its sleep mode maintains the temperature by cutting down excessive cooling and power consumption to give a comfortable sleep without a worry to wake up and change the settings. It has also got a self-diagnosis system and an on/off timer too. This AC has an auto swing technology with an indoor airflow of 400 CMH. The silver Nano filter and anti-dust filter work their best to provide with clean air and a fresh ambience.

Pros Cons
Comes with an active dehumidifier to sense and control humidity Produces noise while working
Has got a copper condenser coil which is durable and efficient Power consumption is a little more
Affordable price Uses R-22 refrigerant which contributes to ozone depletion

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3. Lloyd 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper, LW12A3F9)

This 3-star rated 1-ton window AC from Llyod comes with copper condenser coil that is known to provide better cooling and requires very low maintenance. It has got a 3-star rating in terms of energy efficiency, but it is slightly better when compared with 3-star rated window ACs from other brands. It also offers higher cooling capacity than other 1-ton window ACs in the same price range.

Lloyd 1-Ton 3 Star Window AC LW12A3F9

Talking about the controls on the AC console, it features a small LED display for temperature and controls for changing the mode, auto-swing, timer, and fan speed. But the flap on the AC console is poorly designed as it does not have a transparent window. You can’t see the temperature reading if the flap is closed. This is a small design issue but can be very annoying as everyone likes to see the current temperature setting.

ISEER – 3.06
Cooling Capacity (100%) – 3421 W
Electricity Consumption – 865.45 Units/Year
Max. Air Flow: 420 m³/h

It has got a smart self-diagnosis function to let you know if there is anything wrong with the AC. For more convenience, it has features like auto restart post power break, a timer for on/off, and also a sleep mode that reduces the energy consumption by maintaining the temperature inside the room at night. The AC has an auto air swing and air flow of 420 CMH. It uses R410A refrigerant gas that causes no ozone depletion and that makes it environment friendly. The AC has got an anti-bacterial filter and also a dust filter to provide with clean and hygienic air to breathe.

The Self Clean feature automatically cleans the evaporator coil to prevent dust as well as fungus and bacteria. The compressor it has got is a rotary compressor with a cooling capacity of 3421 W. It is a slightly loud window AC though, it has an average indoor noise level of 52 dB.

Pros Cons
Uses R410A refrigerant, which is ozone friendly Temperature reading is not visible if the flap is closed
Power efficiency is higher than other 3-star rated 1-ton window ACs Design does not look attractive
Cooling performance is also good
Copper condenser for better cooling and low maintenance

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4. Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (RAW511KUD, Copper Condenser)

This AC from Hitachi, makes very efficient use of the power, and provides quick cooling even during the scorching heat of the summer.

Talking about the design and build quality first, Hitachi RAW511KUD features premium build quality both inside and outside. The front-grille looks nice and clean and the digital panel features all the essential controls for temperature settings, cooling mode, fan speed, and a small LED temperature display.

Hitachi 1-Ton 5 Star Window AC RAW511KUD Kaze Plus

This 1-ton 5-star window AC from Hitachi features aluminum coated fins. The alumimium coating prevents corrosion and increases the durability of the AC. This AC not only comes with a copper tube Condenser, but the evaporator & interconnecting pipes are all made of copper, for a better performance and increased life.

The Koukin filter prevents bacterial growth in the AC and keeps the circulated-air healthy. The AC also comes with an intelligent Auto Filter Clean Indicator which reminds you when the filter needs to be cleaned. This is a very unique feature and no other brand offers this useful feature in this segment.

ISEER – 3.4
Cooling Capacity (100%) – 3500 W
Max. Air Flow: 400 CFM

Kaimin function is another great feature of this 1 ton window AC from Hitachi. This function prevents over cooling and reduces the wastage of electricity. What it does is, it automatically increases the temperature by one degree every hour to maintain the comfort level and reduce the power consumption.

Another feature which is unique to Hitachi ACs is the Auto Climate Technology. What this technology does is, it stores the temperature and humidity levels of 100 cities and uses this data to adjust the temperature and fan speed for comfortable cooling at all times.

Auto Fan Speed is another great feature, this AC automatically adjusts the fan speed based on whether the compressor is on or off. It automatically reduces the fan speed when the compressor is cut off (e.g. when the room cools to the set temperature) and increases the fan speed when the compressor turns on.

Unlike most ACs which only come with an on/off timer, this Hitachi AC comes with a smart on/off timer with an advanced start-up. What is unique about this feature is it lets you set a desired room temperature at a specific time without having to change it manually. What it means in practical is, it will let you set temperature for a future time.

Pros Cons
100% copper condenser Noisy while working
5-Star rated, very high energy efficiency Uses R-22 refrigerant which contributes to ozone depletion
Reminds you when to clean the filter
On/Off Timer with advanced start-up
Auto fan speed
Good cooling performance

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5. Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (3W12GA)

This Blue Star 1 Ton Window AC offers you all the features you would need. With multi-speed fan, auto restart with memory function and dust filter, this Window AC is ideal for small and compact spaces.

This Blue Star AC uses a highly energy-efficient rotary compressor that is designed to deliver superior cooling while reducing your power consumption.

Blue Star 1-Ton 3 Star Window AC 3W12GA

You must have seen an ice like frost forming, on the heat exchanger, when the AC is set at a very low temperature. This AC comes with a unique anti-freeze thermostat on the indoor coil. What it does is it automatically turns off the compressor and protects the AC from any potential damage.

Anti-corrosive blue fins in the copper condenser prevent its corrosion and increase the overall durability of the AC.

ISEER – 2.91
Cooling Capacity (100%) – 3250 W
Electricity Consumption – 863.13 Units/Year

The AC comes with dust and anti-bacterial filters. The front panel can be easily removed which makes it very easy for periodic cleaning of the filters.

Apart from all these unique features, this AC also features all the standard features that any good AC comes with. You get useful features like sleep mode, auto mode, on/off timer, auto-restart with memory function, and self diagnosis.

Pros Cons
Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser Uses R-22 refrigerant which contributes to ozone depletion
Easy to clean and maintain Cooling capacity is little lower
Nice & clean design

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6. Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (RAW312KWD)

Hitachi RAW312KWD comes with the same set of features and functionalities as the Hitachi RAW511KUD, already reviewed above.

Hitachi 1-Ton 3 Star Window AC RAW312KWD

The main difference between the two is the energy-efficiency or power consumption. This one being a 3-star rated AC consumes more electricity as compared to Hitachi RAW511KUD.

The other major difference is the air flow capacity. While the Hitachi RAW511KUD features an air flow of 400 CFM, this one has a low air flow of 300 CFM.

For more details about the features and complete review, please check out the review of Hitachi RAW511KUD.

ISEER – 2.95
Cooling Capacity (100%) – 3516 W
Max. Air Flow: 300 CFM

Pros Cons
100% copper condenser Uses R-22 refrigerant which contributes to ozone depletion
Reminds you when to clean the filter Limited air flow
On/Off Timer with advanced start-up
Auto fan speed
Cooling capacity is good

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Who Should Buy a 1 Ton Window AC?

1-Ton window ACs are ideal for you if –

  • the room size is up to 100 – 120 square feet*.
  • the proposed room has a window.
  • you are looking for an affordable cooling option.

* Some factors may require you to select a higher capacity AC. These factors are –

  • Height of your room is more than 9.5 feet.
  • Room has multiple or large windows.
  • If your house is on the top floor getting direct sunshine.

If you are looking for an AC for a bigger room then you can also check out Best 1.5-Ton Window AC in India or the best 1.5-Ton Inverter Split ACs. If you are on a tight budget or looking for something that can run on Inverter backup then please check out Best Air Coolers in India.

1-Ton Window AC FAQs

Buying a 5-star 1-ton window AC is the right choice when it comes to saving electricity. Energy Efficiency Ratio of a 3-star AC is 2.9 to 3.09 while the EER of a 5-star 1-ton AC is 3.3 or more which is better than a 3-star AC because it saves more energy.

A 5-star 1-ton window AC will save you money in the long run but will cost more initially. So if you don’t mind paying a little more initially then we would suggest going for a 5-Star 1-ton window AC.

The efficiency of the split AC is more than that of window AC but the cost of maintenance of the split AC is more. The window ACs are quite noisier than the split ACs. The prices of the window ACs are lower than that of the split ACs which makes them more affordable than the split ACs. Overall, a window AC is easily affordable for middle-class family keeping the budget in mind.

The other factor that you should keep in mind while deciding whether you should buy a 1-Ton window AC or 1-Ton split AC, is the installation. Unlike a window AC which has a single unit, Split ACs consist of 2 units, an indoor unit, and an outdoor unit. Window ACs require a window for installation but Split ACs only need flat wall surface and a provision for installing the external unit on the outdoor wall. The installation of Split AC is a little complex as compared with a Window AC.

You can also check out our detailed post on Window AC Vs Split AC to find out which one is ideal for your home.

Requirement Our Recommendation
  • Limited budget
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Have the required window space
Window AC
  • Can afford to pay more
  • Looking for highly efficient AC in terms of both cooling and power consumption
  • Want quieter cooling
Split AC

Final VerdictAfter going through these best 1-ton window ACs the Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (125 DY/125 DZA) stands out to be the best air conditioner because it gives effective cooling, has a high energy-efficiency rating of 5-stars, has protective filters and comes at a very attractive price. Also, if you are looking for a budget option then you can go for Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (123 Lyi/123 LZF).

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