Over 50 hours in research, comparison of over 35 air coolers, and now we are confident that the Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque is the best air cooler if you are looking for an affordable option for cooling a small space. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler is a good choice for people looking for high performance and high capacity air cooler. This powerful air cooler features a very high air delivery rate and air throw at a very attractive price.


Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Litres Room Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Room Air Cooler

If you are in the market for an affordable room air cooler for a smaller space then this air cooler is the best. You get a sufficient water tank, inverter compatibility, low power consumption, compact design, variable speed fan, and effective cooling, at a very affordable price.


Crompton Greaves Ozone 75 Litre Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre may not be loaded with all those fancy features, but it does outstandingly well when it comes to what matters the most i.e. effective air cooling. You get high performance air cooling, high capacity water tank and an impressive coverage.

The gradual rise in the average heat every year is a very concerning issue to the lifestyle of people around the world. There have been terrifying records of death due to heatstroke.

More than 7600 people were victims of the hot weather in India as shown in the statistics (2010-2015)*, especially in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The other states, especially the northern states, are also affected by the extreme summer heat.

In 2018, the temperature went up as high as 51°C. And the temperature keeps on increasing. The extreme weather has also increased the air cooler sales and its market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 27% by the year 2022**.

In response to this forecast, the manufacturers are also focussing on producing affordable air coolers for the growing middle-class families.

Summer is coming with heat at its peak. But don’t worry, we have here the best air coolers which give you a cool and fresh environment in your rooms and offices.

These air coolers have latest technologies and control systems that let you enjoy the cool breeze in hot Indian weather. These are affordable and come in different sizes and designs to meet your individual needs.

Top 10 Air Cooler Reviews

1. Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Air Cooler

This small air cooler is perfect for personal use. It can be used for cooling down small rooms up to 100 square feet. To save space in the room it is designed tall with a dimension of 30 x 33 x 84.5 cm taking up very little space in the room. It has got wheels which make it easy to move to different locations in the room. These wheels are multi-directional and help in adjusting the direction for a better experience.

Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Air Cooler

It weighs only 7.7 kg and has a water tank capacity of 12L. It needs a power of 170 Watts. For efficient cooling, it has got honeycomb pads. It has a powerful air throw of about 30 ft.

As it is blower-based cooler for powerful air delivery, it makes higher noise than compared to fan-based air cooler as it goes to higher performance. It is however easy to manage and operate with its simple regulators and easy to clean due to its simple design. This air cooler also features a very useful net-like protection over cooling pads to prevent mosquito, dust and insects.

Pros Cons
Effective for personal cooling or very small area No remote-control, so the settings need to be changed only by using controls on it
Easily movable Inlet pipe and outlet pipe both are short in length
Very compact, requires very little space Big drops of water starts coming out of the blower on high performance
Easy to move Not suitable for room cooling
Water level indicator Water tank capacity is very limited

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2. Symphony HiCool i 31 Litre Air Cooler with Remote Control

This Symphony air cooler is stylish and has got an elegant design with a water tank capacity of 31L. It is very suitable for a room size of up to 175 sq. ft. It can be easily set at bed level for a better experience. It is installed with high performance Dura-pumps and honeycomb cooling pads with the humidity control system. It is very effective in spot cooling with its powerful fan of diameter 18cm (3 levels: low, medium & high) and an impressive air throw distance of 37 ft.

To deliver cool air throughout the day it has got an ice chamber to keep the water in its tank cool. It uses 185 Watts of power and can run on Inverter backup during power cuts. There is no need to go to the cooler every time to set the levels of its working, a remote control is provided with it which helps to manage the cooler from anywhere in the room. With a smart design, it has a dimension of 50 x 91.5 x 38 cm and a weight of 9 kg. It even notifies you with its alarm system when the water level in the tank reaches to its lowest. It has also got sleep-timer, so there is no worry about turning it off at the time you want.

It has got a dust and mosquito protector which keeps it durable for a longer time. The water cooler is also very easy to move as it comes with the sturdy, multi-directional wheels.

Pros Cons
High water tank capacity with ice chamber for better cooling experience throughout the day The air throw direction needs to be set manually
Alarm goes off when tank runs out of water Fails to deliver good humidity control
Full-function remote control with in-built remote deck High noise because of blower
7-hour sleep timer
Water level indicator

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3. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Litres Room Air Cooler

Bajaj always satisfies its customers with its wonderful products. This product too, is amazing with a water tank capacity of 36L. It is beautifully designed in a small dimension of 45.5 x 43.5 x 82.0 cm with a weight of 11.4 kg. It is perfect for a room size of 150 square feet. To deliver with an enhanced performance, it is equipped with three-side honeycomb cooling pads which ensure fast cooling. The pads are also easy to remove which lets you easily clean the pads and the water tank.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Litres Room Air Cooler

It comes with castor wheels which make it easy to move anywhere in the house. Its high performing motor allows it to work quietly with its four ways air deflection feature. It is very efficient in energy saving, uses only 100 Watts of power. This air cooler is especially very good if your area suffers from long power cuts and if you are planning to buy an air cooler that can run for longer on Inverter backup. It needs cross ventilation for a nice cooling effect as the other air coolers. It is made from corrosion-free, engineered thermoplastic materials for long durability.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque features a very effective 3-speed fan that offers a powerful air throw of up to 30 feet. The use of fan also makes very little noise which makes for a very quiet operation.

Pros Cons
Large water tank capacity for less frequent need to fill the tank Does not come with a remote, so can only be managed by the buttons provided on the machine
Four-way deflection for easy adjustment of air direction Only suitable for a small room or spot cooling
Affordable price
Low power consumption of 100W
Makes very little noise even at the highest speed
Compact design, easy to move
Ideal for running on inverter backup
Water level indicator

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4. Symphony Diet 22i 22 Litre Air Cooler with Remote Control

This Symphony air cooler has a tall and less wide design which looks beautiful. Its look is simple which can fit any décor of the room. Its dimension is 30 x 94.3 x 33 cm which takes less floor area. It has a water tank of 22 Litres. Its fan has a diameter of 18 cm. Its dura-pump technology with honeycomb cooling pad and an air throwing distance of 30 ft is enough to bring down the temperature of a room size of up to 150 square ft.

Symphony Diet 22i 22 Litre Air Cooler

It consumes 170 Watts of power and you can run this air cooler on an inverter as well. It comes with a remote control too which makes it very easy to control from anywhere in the room. It has got a sleep-timer of about 7 hours. It is best when kept in a room with cross-ventilation.

This smart air cooler features an empty water tank alarm that alerts you when the water level is low. It gives a beep sound for 5 seconds and the water level indicator starts blinking till the water is filled up. This is not all, it also automatically turns off the water pump to prevent any damage when the water level is low.

It has a powerful blower with auto swing function for superior multi-directional air throw. It also has an adjustable vertical louver for adjusting air throw level.

This air cooler also has an ice chamber at the top for putting some ice cubes for improved cooling. A mosquito net and dust filter is provided at the back to allow only hygienic air inside.

Strong, multi-directional bottom wheels allow easy movement. The remote dock at the top is a very small but very useful feature, no need to look for the remote in your entire room.

The drain plug at the back in the bottom corner lets you periodically drain out the stale water.

Pros Cons
Remote control with 7-hours sleep timer The machine is noisy while it works on high speed levels
Dura-pump with honeycomb cooling pad for effective cooling Big water droplets are thrown out of the machine
Empty water tank alarm and auto pump shut-off Price is a little high
Ice chamber
Mosquito net and dust filter
Easy to move
Auto swing and adjustable vertical louver

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5. Symphony Diet 50i 50-Litre Air Cooler with Remote

It is a tower cooler ideal for medium sized rooms of 200 square feet. It has got a big tank for water which has the capacity of 50L. It is equipped with highly efficient honeycomb pad and dura pump technology. It comes with a powerful air throw of up to 37 feet. It has a big water tank but still uses very little floor space as this lightweight air cooler (weighs just 10.5 kg) has been very intelligently designed.

Symphony Diet 50i 50 Litre Air Cooler with Remote

It comes with a remote-control for even an easier use. It has a soft touch panel through which its settings can be altered as desired. The remote has also got a 7-hour timer with it. And if in case the settings are not accordingly as expected then a system restore function is also available to cope with that situation. It notifies the empty water tank with its alarm system automatically. For its best use, the room should be of cross-ventilation. Surprisingly, this powerful air cooler consumes only 170 watts power.

Pros Cons
Big 50 litres tank Makes a lot of noise while on high power
Takes up less floor space due to its fascinating design Water tank indicator and water pump do not work as expected
Full function remote with 7-hour sleep timer
Empty water tank alarm and auto pump shut-off
Ice chamber and in-built remote dock
Mosquito net and dust filter
Easy to move
Auto swing and adjustable vertical louver

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6. Crompton Greaves Ozone 55 Litres Desert Air Cooler

This 14 kg Crompton Desert Cooler has a large water tank of 55 litres which is very important for hot regions. It has got a tall dimension of 61 x 40.5 x 110 cm with a very attractive design. It is ideal for a large room size of 550 square feet. It has honeycomb pads for effective cooling. It has an air delivery rate of 4500 m3/h with air throw up to 50 ft. It is suitable for cross-ventilated rooms. It consumes 190 Watts power. It comes in different shades giving more options to choose what is best for the room’s décor.

Crompton Greaves Ozone 55 Litres Desert Air Cooler

This is a fan based cooler with high range air flow and variable speed motor. This air cooler is one of the most powerful air cooler in this list and can cool a wide area of up to 550 sq. ft.

The air cooler has got large wheels for easy movement. The large capacity water tank means freedom from refilling water again and again. The water tank also has a see through water level indicator with min, med and max levels. The front panel also has a water inlet. The ice chamber on top is also a very useful feature for further improving the quality of cooling.

The best part is, this highly powerful air cooler can also run on Inverter. It also has a drain plug at the back for easy cleaning.

Pros Cons
Big water tank capacity of 55L No empty water tank alarm
Highly powerful air delivery No remote control
Inverter compatible
Suitable for bigger rooms
Water level indicator & Ice chamber
Affordable price

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7. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 Litres Air Cooler

As the name says “Smartcool” so is its working. Its dense nest honeycomb pads are responsible for 25% more cooling and 45% more water retention. It is equipped with 3-speed high performance motor with air delivery of up to 1300 m3/hr and air throw distance of up to 25 feet. It provides a perfect 4-way cooling. It also features a mesh fitted with a specially designed net to protect from mosquitoes/dust particles for healthy air.

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 Litres Air Cooler

The air cooler consumes 140 watts power and is inverter compatible for uninterrupted performance. It has got an ice chamber which intend in giving colder air out. Its 4-castor wheels make it easily movable. It is effective in cross-ventilated rooms, shops and offices. It has got a 20 Litres water tank with front-facing water level indicator. It is just of 12 kg in weight with a dimension of 46 x 34 x 69 cm.

The air cooler has got knobs for controlling, one for controlling the fan speed and the other for turning on/off the water pump and auto swing. Drain plug at the back lets you easily drain out the water from the tank for easy cleaning.

Pros Cons
Energy efficient Wide and low, takes up more floor space
Gives quick cooling using its dense nest featured honeycomb pads Limited air throw
Ice chamber & water level indicator
Inverter compatible
Mosquito/dust net
Easy to move

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8. Symphony Ice Cube XL i 17-Litre Air Cooler with Remote

Here is another product from Symphony for small rooms with a water tank capacity of 17 Litres. It has dura-pump technology and high efficiency honeycomb pad. It is perfect for a room size of up to 150 square feet and is effective within the maximum temperature range of 40 degrees.

Symphony Ice Cube XL i 17 Litre Air Cooler with Remote

It comes with a full-function remote with a 7-hour sleep timer. It is very light in weight (8.02 kg) with a dimension of 45 x 30.5 x 70.1 cm. It has a water level indicator and water/ice inlet in the front. The horizontal auto swing and manual vertical louver let you set the direction of air flow as per your preference. The 3-side honeycomb pads provide sufficient air flow for efficient air cooling.

Pros Cons
Equipped with multi-directional castor wheels for better mobility Small height may present issues with air flow at right level
Installed with dust filter and mosquito net for better hygiene and clean air Not suitable for areas with summer temperature above 40 degrees
Quiet operation
Full-function remote with 7-hour sleep timer
Easy to move

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9. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

Crompton is known for it’s range of high capacity water tank desert air cooler. This product has a large tank capacity of 75 Litres, which makes it a ‘fill it and forget it’ water cooler. It is 14.5 kg in weight with a dimension of 61 x 40.5 x 120 cm and is ideal for large rooms of up to 550 square feet. It consumes 190 Watts of power. The highly effective honeycomb cooling pads provide effective cool air. It has an air delivery rate of 4600m3/h and air throw up to 52 ft. It is at its best when kept in a cross-ventilated room.

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75 Litre Desert Air Cooler

This high performance air cooler comes with a powerful motor which offers an amazing air delivery and 3-speed levels. 3-side honeycomb pads provide effective air cooling by sucking a large volume of air.

Water drain plug provides easy cleaning of the water tank by draining out the old water. Big castor wheels at the bottom would prove very useful if you want to shift its location.

You get a see-through water level indicator and a large water inlet at the front.

You should buy this air cooler if you are looking for a high performance no-nonsense air cooler for a large room.

Pros Cons
Energy efficient with powerful performance No remote control
Large water tank capacity of 75-litres No empty water tank alarm
Inverter compatible Needs more floor space
Ideal for large rooms or big open areas
High air throw and air delivery rate
Ice chamber & water level indicator
Affordable price

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10. Cello Osum+ 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler with Remote Control

Osum+ has a very simple design with an international hint. It has got two models: one with a remote and other without a remote. The model that we have reviewed comes with a full-function remote control with timer function. It is ideal for a room size of up to 700 square feet. Its 3-speed motor provides an impressive air delivery of up to 5000m3/h and a powerful air throw up to 54 ft.

Cello Osum+ 50 Litre Desert Air Cooler with Remote Control

It consumes 185 Watts power. It is also compatible to work with inverters. It comes with a remote, castor wheels, user manual and a 1 year of warranty from the company. It is equipped with effective honeycomb cooling pads. This room cooler is ideal for bigger rooms with cross ventilation.

This air cooler comes with a large water tank of 50 litres and a low water level alarm.

The front panel supports a see-through water level indicator. The water inlet is provided at the back and this may be of concern for some people.

Pros Cons
It has oscillating louvers and turbo cooling giving corner-to-corner cooling Takes more floor space
Works quietly Difficult to move if the water tank is full
Comes with a remote control Water inlet is very small and provided at the back
Suitable for a large area No ice chamber
Works on inverter
Water level indicator
Build quality is good
Low water level alarm

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Air Cooler Buying Guide

An air cooler gives an escape from a hot and sunny day. It is now becoming an important need in the lifestyle of people. When the ceiling fans and table fans run out of making the room and offices cool, that is where the air coolers come in because air conditioners are not easily affordable to many. So, why not choose the best among the many air coolers available in the market. But there are many things to look for while selecting the best water cooler for your room. So, going through product description and reviews from other customers while purchasing is a must. Here are some parameters that are a must to evaluate to get the best air cooler at a price that is affordable:

Ideal Room Size
First, knowing the room in which it is to be used is very important to keep in mind. Many air coolers struggle to give their best if not kept in the room size that it is made for. There are all sorts of air coolers present in the market with small (about 150 sq ft), medium (about 350 sq ft) and large room (about 700 sq ft) sizes. So, it is important to give a check on the room size that is in the description of the air cooler.

Power Consumption & Efficiency
You don’t want a big electricity bill every month with an inefficient air cooler. To select one that will use power in the right amount is very important. If an air cooler has a powerful motor, it might take more power for a better experience. But choosing the right air cooler which is efficient for the room can make all the difference in your power bill. So, it is important to check the reviews related to the power consumption of the cooler you want for your ideal room.

Air Throw Distance
It is the property of an air cooler that is of more concern. Because you don’t want a cooler that has small distance air throw that you have to keep it near you with all the noise it makes. So, it is important to know the distance from where the cooler is to be placed and where the cooling is needed. There are coolers with different air throw distance available for the best experience accordingly.

Water Tank Capacity
Nobody wants an air cooler that requires frequent filling of the water tank. So, according to the hours the air cooler is supposed to run, the water tank capacity should be chosen according to that. There is a lot of difference between a compact room cooler and a big size desert air cooler water tank capacity. Compact air coolers have the tank capacity of almost 30-35L but the desert air coolers have very high capacity water tanks of more than 50L.

It is a convenience for an air cooler to have wheels installed in them for easy mobility to the desired place to set the best distance of air throwing. It also lets easy setting of the direction of the cooler. So, selecting an air cooler with wheels will certainly take off the burden of heavy lifting, moving and direction setting.

Water Level Indicator
Having a water level indicator is a plus point to monitor an air cooler efficiently. It gives an idea of when the water tank needs to be re-filled. So that it can be filled with the right amount of water for it to keep the room cool up to the time needed.

Ease of Use & Cleaning
An air cooler should be designed in a way that it could be easily used and cleaned. For this purpose, most air coolers come with water drain plugs which easily allow for draining of stale water. All air coolers require periodic cleaning of water to maintain the hygiene and avoid issues like bad smell and breeding of mosquitoes. Some air coolers also come with other features like a net over pads for protection against mosquito and dust. So, it is wise to choose the one with such features.

With/Without Remote
Some air coolers come with a remote control which is of great use when you don’t want to go over and over again to the cooler to set it according to your need. If in any case the settings of the air cooler have been altered and are not being set according to the need, the remote-control also has a solution for that: they can be restored easily by pressing one button from it. Also, if you believe you will have to frequently change the air-speed, swing, turn on/off the water pump or air cooler then you should look for a remote-controlled air cooler.

Fan or Blower
Air coolers with fans have lower efficiency than the one with blowers. Air coolers with fans cannot give the most of the air into the direction it is turned towards but air coolers with blowers will deliver all of the coldness to the direction it is turned towards. But air coolers with blowers generally make more noise than the ones with a fan. So, choose accordingly.

Auto Swing
If it is a room that is big and needed to be cooled, then this technology is very useful. Some sir coolers come with this technology which is of great use when cold air is needed to be delivered to every corner of the room. So, buying an auto swing air cooler is not going to be a disappointment.

An air cooler must not be too tall that it throws all the cold air to the area above and it must not be too low in height that it floors the cold air. It should also not take up too much floor space in the room. There are different air coolers of different sizes that are suitable for the room according to the bed height or the chair height.

Fan Speed Levels
It is also a basic need to have fan speed levels in an air cooler with minimum three: low, medium and high-speed levels. So, going for an air cooler with variable fan speed levels is very important because the mood and the environment changes and so should the fan speed of the air cooler too.

To be Kept Inside or Outside
The position of the air cooler also matters if we talk about the performance it is going to deliver. Some air coolers need a room with cross-ventilation to pull in the fresh air and deliver it with more fresh and cold air in the room. So, this is important when you want to be fresh and not live in the same air that you breathed out some minutes ago. Also, if you plan to keep the air cooler outside then desert coolers with the metallic body are more suitable.

How an Air Cooler Works?

Air coolers have a very simple yet effective mechanism. They work on the principle of evaporation. What they do is basically take in the hot air and then take this air through the water soaked pad which is cool. This process cools down the air. And while giving out in the direction that it is set, it also takes up little sprinkles of water with it. So, when the water sprinkles fall on the body or in the room anywhere, it gets evaporated after a while taking up the heat and giving a cool sensation and environment. So, basically, they cool down the air and blow out humid air out in the open without any use of extra gas or chemicals. The air coolers only work in dry areas. They have no characteristics of heating up the air as needed in the winters as the air conditioners do.

Air Cooler – Advantages

  • The most important thing is that the air it uses to cool down is already present around it. So, there is no need to get an extra pipe to suck in the air like the air conditioners.
  • It is more affordable than an air conditioner which costs high amounts.
  • Air coolers consume much lesser electricity and can even run on inverter during power cuts.
  • Air coolers are easy to maintain and the cost of maintenance is quite low.
  • It is movable easily unlike the air conditioners which are fixed at one place below the ceiling and can be set to blow the cold air in a specific direction.
  • It gives out cold air without raising the pollution from thermal and chemical effect.

Air Cooler – Disadvantages

  • An air cooler comprises of fans and blowers so it tends to make noise all the time and mostly when on high fan seed level.
  • It increases the humidity level which is unwanted for health especially negative effect on skin and eye.
  • It is made for hot and dry weather so it needs special attention in a humid climate.
  • A cross-ventilated room is required for it to work better.
  • It cannot deliver cold air as an air conditioner.

If you are looking for humidity free cooling and are willing to spend a little higher then you should check out the list of Best 1-Ton Window ACs and Best 1.5 Ton Window ACs.

Tips for Getting the Best Out of Air Coolers

  • For them to perform well, they should be placed at a place where there is no lack of air like a cross-ventilated room.
  • It is better to buy an air cooler with ice cabinet in it for better cooling effect.
  • The water should be filled up to the level only that is needed to be used so that no smell comes out of it due to water kept for longer days.
  • They are only effective in hot and dry weather so they should be used only in the same weather to get their best.
  • Regular cleaning of the water tank should be done to avoid the bad smell coming out when in use.
  • Placing the air coolers in front of the window of the room is also very effective.
  • For a better experience, buying the air coolers with honeycomb pads is also important.
  • Some air coolers come with protection against dust and mosquitoes but they also need cleaning on a regular basis to keep them shining and good to last longer.

Air Cooler FAQs

As analyzed, Symphony is trying to give its customers with best possible air coolers with high performance and at lower costs. This company provides air coolers with easy control systems including remote controls.

Air coolers with the metallic body are heavy and prone to corrosion but air coolers with the plastic body are free from corrosion and light in weight which makes them movable easily.

A room cooler has a small tank of water and is considerably low in performance than a desert cooler with its big water tanks and powerful performance. The desert air coolers have the tendency to work in a hot climate with ease and provide cool air for a longer time because of high air flow and big water tanks (>50L).

No, air coolers are not suitable for humid weather because in fact they actually work on the principle that has much to do with humidity. They actually sprinkle out water droplets which gradually increase the humidity and cools down the place. So, if the weather is humid, it will work no more than a ceiling or table fan.

Final Verdict

On analyzing these best air coolers, we believe the Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Litres Air Cooler is the best air cooler for small rooms or for people looking for an air cooler in a low budget. And if you are looking for higher performance and with big water tank capacity then Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler is a great fit with a very attractive price.

* 1 out of every 5 Heat Stroke deaths in India occurs in Andhra Pradesh

** TechSci Research – India Air Coolers Market By Product Type, Capacity, Size, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012 – 2022

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