No matter how stylish the interior of your home is, it will never look as pleasing if it is messy. Cleaning is an important part of maintaining the hygiene inside your home and improving the longevity of the interior decor and furniture.

Different electronic appliances have made our daily household tasks simpler. One of the tasks that seems most difficult is that of cleaning. But thanks to vacuum cleaners which turn this tiresome routine into a fun exercise.

Vacuum cleaners not only make it very easy to keep your home clean but are also helpful for people who suffer from dust allergies. If you are someone who has a pet at home then you know how pet hairs can be a real pain.

While you may already be familiar with using a vacuum cleaner for all standard tasks, there are a few handy tricks that can make your house squeaky clean with very little effort.

In the following part of this blog, we will provide some useful vacuuming tips that you can apply for your next cleaning spree!

1. Clean and Fresh Smelling Home

Use Cinnamon Powder for Removing Odour
Do you want a house that is free of dust and bad odour? Your vacuum cleaner can do both the jobs just with a little trick. All you will need to do is spray perfume on a tissue and throw it into the vacuum bag before you start cleaning. If you do not want to waste so much perfume, a spoonful of cinnamon powder can do the same trick. Cinnamon is easily available in most kitchens and has a strong smell that can mask bad odours. The trick is especially helpful for households with pets.

2. No More Stinky Rugs and Carpets

Use Baking Soda for Removing Carpet Odour
Carpets, rugs, and mattresses can start smelling horrible after repeated use. But you cannot throw them in your washing machine for quick cleaning. That is when a vacuum cleaner and a little baking soda come handy! Sprinkling baking soda on smelly mattresses, rugs, and carpets and letting it sit for about half an hour can help reduce the odour. You can then start vacuuming to get odourless and clean rugs or carpets.

3. Cleaning Corners and Crevices

Use a Cardboard Attachment to Clean Crevices
While vacuuming, it may become difficult to reach the smallest nooks and crevices even with the dedicated extension for crevices. So should you leave it dirty or try to clean it manually and end up getting allergies? Fortunately, you will have to do none, if you can adopt one simple trick. You can roll a cardboard pipe (for e.g. from a toilet paper roll) at the end of the vacuum nozzle which can help you reach the corners more easily. The cardboard can bend and suck in all the dirt from the tiny place and the cleaning is more effective.

4. Removing Stains

Removing Carpet Stains
Spot cleaning carpets or rugs can be tricky with a normal vacuum cleaner, especially for stubborn stains like greasy food or paints. Vacuum cleaners cannot remove stains and repeated vacuuming without getting rid of the stain may make the mark permanent on your carpet or rug. So before you start vacuuming, treat the stain with a spot cleaner and let it sit for a while. This will clean the carpet and also make vacuuming easier.

5. Get Rid of Pesky Dents on Carpets

Dents on Carpets
Letting your furniture sit on the carpet for too long produces dents that are very much visible when you try to rearrange the furniture and the area is vacant. The carpet dents can be annoying and unsightly. However, you can solve this problem while vacuuming by applying ice cubes on the dents. The ice cubes will melt and the water will let the fabric to go back to its original shape faster. Then you can vacuum over the area and make it go up.


Vacuuming on a regular basis is one of the best ways to clean your home. With just a few tweaks, your daily chores become so much easier when using a vacuum cleaner. So follow these handy tricks and get a clean, dust free and fresh smelling home in no time.

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