For a clothes drying stand that is well-sized, fully collapsible, has bottom mounted wheels and remains stable even with full load, the Parasnath Prime Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand is the best choice overall. The Skylift Ceiling Mounted Cloth Drying Hanger is the top choice for a ceiling-mounted clothes drying rack, thanks to its build quality, considerable weight capacity and ease of use.


Parasnath Prime Clothes Drying Stand

Parasnath Prime Cloth Drying Stand

This cloth drying stand comes with 2 poles for high durability and strength which improves it’s load bearing capacity. Foldable frames let you use the stand in any combination and bottom wheels make the movement easy even on full load. With a combined rail length of 16m you get sufficient space to dry lot of clothes in one go.


Skylift Ceiling Mounted Cloth Drying Hanger

Skylift Ceiling Mounted Cloth Drying Hanger

The Skylift ceiling mounted cloth drying laundry hanger is one of most convenient and easiest way to dry clothes. Featuring a high quality Aluminium frame with Nylon bars, Skylift not only saves your floor space but also dries clothes very quickly. The pulley system is also quite useful.

The dull and damp rainy season is here and so are your worries about getting a proper place to dry the clothes. Is it?

The idea of spreading the wet clothes all over the room is definitely not a nice idea – it ruins your home décor. And the terrace is also of no use – for there’s no cover or shade there.

Drying clothes during the monsoon is a real problem that haunts all of us. But what do you do to get out of this dismal situation?

Well, here is one grand idea to brighten things up. Stop worrying, and just buy a clothes stand where you can put the wet laundry to dry.

The cloth drying stands that we will discuss here today are the best options to hang and dry clothes in any season, throughout the year. They do not use much space, are easy to use and move from one room to another or to the balcony or terrace.

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10 Best Cloth Drying Stands in India

While selecting the top 10 best cloth drying stands in India, we took few factors into consideration.

At present, our urban life has very less space to accommodate our wet laundry. So we took into consideration the space that the stand takes to hang up wet clothes. Also, the stand should be sturdy enough to take a good amount of weight of the wet clothes. The material is also important as the stand will stay in touch with wet clothes constantly and will be prone to damage by rust if not rust-resistant. Ease of installation and mounting are also considered while finding the best products, and lastly the weight. A too heavy stand will not be good to move from one room to another or away from the terrace or balcony when it’s raining. So weight is also another big concern.

The best cloth drying stands that meet the above criteria are:

1. Parasnath 1 Poll Clothes Drying Stand

Parasnath 1 Pole Clothes Drying Stand

This item had to be on the top of our list as the amazing features and specifications that it has, makes it one of the best clothes drying stand.

With a total of 6 frames for hanging, this clothes drying stand provides ample space for cloth drying even in your small balcony. There are 4 rails on one side and 3 rails on the other side of each pair of the frame for drying many clothes together. It has 21 rails of different sizes, giving you a total 16 meter rail length for drying clothes. Made of plastic and stainless steel that is powder-coated, this cloth drying stand has a tubular construction which makes it durable and long-lasting. As this is epoxy-powder coated, hence it is safe from corrosion and rust. The frames that are provided are foldable, which makes it easy to move and carry. Apart from that, there are 2 different plastic attachments and hanger extensions to hang trousers and shirts. You can fold the arms in different combinations to make arrangement for hanging bed sheets or curtain like big things. It has 6 castor wheels that make it easy to move even when it is fully loaded and prevents scratches on the floor. Weighs around 1.9 Kgs, it is quite easy to carry.

Pros Cons
Folding arms with different combinations providing much space for hanging clothes The sidebars are not stable enough
Inexpensive compared to other such products in the market Not suitable for heavy load
Hanger extensions provided
Compact size, can stand against the wall, in a small place
Durable and strong as it is made of epoxy coated steel
Easy to assemble with a good manual given along with the product

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2. Parasnath Prime Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand

Parasnath Prime Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand

The cloth stand has got 6 different hanging frames and includes 4 rails for every single frame. You will be able to dry a lot of clothes in it for sure. Unlike the first product in this list, this cloth drying stand features 2 poles which make it quite sturdy and it can easily withstand the weight of wet clothes. Made with steel that is powder-coated and plastic materials, this cloth stand has a wide range of color options. The hanging frames are foldable and you will have many different combinations for folding. What we love about the product is that it is easy to carry. With 3 layers of racks and rail length of 16m, this cloth stand provides ample space for drying. The stand comes with 2 attachments that have holes in them so that you are able to hang the shirts and the trousers. Also, there is a cloth drying rack if you are looking for something like that. The cloth stand also has a tubular construction that provides it strength and durability. It has 21 rails of different length that makes a total of 16 meter rail for hanging clothes. Weighs around 5.08 kgs. Almost 6 feet in height. So just imagine how well you can hang the wet bed sheets and curtains. This cloth drying stand also comes with wheels at the bottom for easy movement.

Pros Cons
2 poles for strength and bearing higher load Plastic knobs are a bit weak
Foldable frames, different combinations Crown frame at the top is not so strong
Easy to assemble
Wheels at the bottom for easy movement

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3. Magna Homewares Robusto Ultra Durable Cloth Drying Stand

Magna Robusto Ultra Durable Cloth Drying Stand

This cloth drying stand is made from good quality Carbon Steel tubes (polyester powder coated) with tensile strength of 40 Kg/mm2. Not just that, but it also offers 51 ft. of space so that you are able to dry the clothes without really spoiling their looks. The stand also has got a special rack so that people are able to dry the delicate clothing. Multidimensional and foldable, this product is pretty compact and easy to store as well. The product is rust proof also so that the wet clothes do not affect it. The plastic parts are UV resistant and will not fade in sunlight exposure for even longer times. Weighs around 5.86 Kgs. This product quality is unbeatable at a competitive price. The height is adjustable to hang lengthy laundry, like the bed sheets and bed covers. The size can be so small that you can keep it in the corner of your room.

Do you have a newborn? Then this product is awesome to accommodate an ample number of small dresses at one go. This is a sturdy, strong, and multi-functional cloth dryer stand which is a great household option.

Pros Cons
Compact size, Saves a lot of space Can’t be moved with full load
Foldable and easy to carry The paint comes off after some time
Good price
Strong and durable design
Multidimensional, adjustable height

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4. Celebrations Fast Dry Cloth Dryer Stand

Celebrations Cloth Dryer Stand

Made with mild steel, it is basically a fast-functioning cloth stand which has a 100% quality when it comes to specifications, design, sturdiness, looks, and even the feel as well. Heavy ms pipes are used for the fabrication which is quite beneficial for drying the wet clothes in a large quantity. You won’t even have to assemble the product as it comes ready to use. With a proper height for every age, this cloth drying stand is one of the best options for the older women as well. The best part is that the stand is able to hold about 55-60 Kgs of wet clothes. The product weighs around 4.98 kgs. Ideal for places like ladies hostels, hospitals and any Indian household as it is sturdy but sleek. Whatever the season is, this product will suit your purpose of hanging wet clothes for drying faster.

Pros Cons
Strong MS pipes Paint gets eroded, rusting can be a problem
Dries many clothes at a time No wheels
Space-friendly Not suitable for big size laundry like bed sheets and curtains because of low height

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5. PAffy Steel Sumo Clothes Drying Stand

PAffy Steel Sumo Clothes Drying Stand

Don’t waste your money in buying poor quality cloth dryer stand.

Great value for money, this stainless steel cloth dryer stand is both durable and sturdy enough to dry many clothes. The size of the dryer stand is larger than the others in the market, so it will be an ideal option if you have many family members in the family. Multiple strong rods are used for accommodating the daily wash load as well. Apart from that, there are standing cloth hanger slots which will be useful if you have many shirts that you want to hang. Hanging hooks are also provided for the utilization of the space. It weighs approx 8.65 kgs. It can accommodate multiple washes in a single go. Including this product on the list will be a great idea as it is one of the best clothes drying stand. With competitive features and specification, this product is an ideal one for every single household.

Pros Cons
Strong and durable Plastic is of cheap quality
Large size takes up a lot of clothes The absence of wheels makes it difficult to move
Rods are strong
Hanger and hooks provided for additional clothes
Easy to assemble

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6. PAffy Steel Cloth Drying Stand

PAffy Steel Cloth Drying Stand

The special design of this cloth drying stand provides about 49 ft. space for hanging and drying throughout the year. There is also a flat space for keeping the delicate stuff and the sweaters as well. Made with stainless steel which is rust-resistant, this stand provides durability along with quality. The planes that are angled can be beneficial for the users as they will be able to hang the longer clothes there. Sturdy base due to stepladder legs is another great thing about the product. Extremely durable with numerous hang bars, collapsible design, and it also comes fully assembled. It can be used in both indoors and outdoors. Weighs only 4 kgs. Isn’t it easy to carry anywhere, in any corner of your house?

Pros Cons
Fully Collapsible and foldable drying stand Looks fragile
Comes fully assembled Not suitable for heavy load
Provides fully flat surface for drying delicate clothes like sweaters
Space saving design

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7. NR-I Stainless Steel Rust Proof Ceiling Clothes Hanger

NR-I Stainless Steel Ceiling Clothes Hanger Roof Mount Cloth Dryer

Want a cloth hanger for a modular living?

Then no other product can be better than this.

This pulley cloth hanger is convenient enough to put the clothes in different spaces that are available there. Very compact and easy to install, this cloth drying ceiling hanger can be put anywhere in the house. It is extremely reliable, attractive and made with high-quality stainless steel, nylon, and plastic which makes it durable. 6 pipes are individually fitted with the hangers and they are all adjustable. Available in the sizes of 3 ft. to 8 ft., this stand offers quite a few options for the users. With rust free-stainless steel rods, this stand is also a great way of ensuring long-lasting drying of the clothes. The package comes with 2 ceiling pulleys, 6 nylon ropes and tubes, wall mounting holder, 6 locking cones, 10 wall plugs, and screws. This awesome product is manufactured in India. Weighs only 1.59 kgs. Just amazing.

The best part of this clothes drying hanger is it’s innovative design. We all know warm air is lighter and is always trapped in the ceiling space, this cloth hanger makes good use of this warm air which dries clothes faster. Since this cloth hanger is ceiling mounted, it does not require any floor space.

Pros Cons
Compact and fits everywhere Not easy to install
Durable and strong, made with high-quality materials Can’t be moved easily once installed
Available in different sizes Requires more effort to use
Pulley based Limited number of clothes can be dried simultaneously
Does not require any floor space
Dries clothes faster

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8. Skylift Ceiling Mounted Cloth Drying Laundry Hanger Stand Rack With Pulley

Skylift Ceiling Mounted Cloth Drying Hanger

This product is 100% Indian made brand and is rust and corrosion proof. The hanger rods are made of high quality Aluminum and plastic parts are made of ABS/Nylon to last for a very long time.

The Skylift ceiling mounted cloth drying hanger is one of most convenient and easiest way to dry clothes. Since the product is made of fine quality aluminum, it is very strong as well as durable. The best part of this product is that it does not take much space in your home or balcony to dry clothes. 6 feet length and 2 feet width gives you 7 straight rails with enough space for drying a lot of clothes with ease. The product works on the mechanism of a pulley along with the nylons plugs.

The product comes with a complete package of installation, but we feel installation is not easy and you may need the help of a trained technician.

Pros Cons
Saves a lot of space Not easy to install
Dries cloth very quickly Can’t be moved easily once installed
Rust and corrosion free totally
Useful for every weather
Protects the clothes from direct exposure to the sun

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9. Rainbow Drywell 6 Pipes 6 Ft Economy Cloth Dryer

Rainbow Drywell 6 Pipes Cloth Dryer

No floor space to keep the big clothes stands? Well, worry not. With 36 feet of drying space, this product is more than enough for any small family. You can easily hang loads of clothes without even using the floor space at all. The product is made with stainless steel pipes which have square shapes that make it look simple in appearance yet very strong when it comes to performance. The product is made out of 6 pipes all of which are 6 feet long. It is best suited for a ceiling space of 29 inches/80 inches. The product comes with all the required hardware and a manual guide that gives the fitting instructions. When you don’t use the product, you don’t have to fold or store it as it is completely out of the sight. Weighs 4.42 kgs.

Pros Cons
Construction is very light to be convenient and strong enough to work well The installation is not very easy. One has to take help from the professionals
Best to use when you have limited floor space for drying Can’t be moved easily once installed
Dries cloth very quickly
Rust and corrosion free totally

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10. Parasnath Wall Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Stand

Parasnath Wall Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Stand

If you don’t want the entire colony to hang their clothes in your clothes dryer stand, then this one is for you. The amazing product can hold up to a maximum weight of 18 kg, which is more than enough for a single person or a couple. The product can easily be folded on the wall and hence doesn’t require any kind of floor space. The big cloth stands are of no use when we have only a few clothes to dry. But this product is convenient for hanging all types hand-washables to delicate clothes, like towels, napkins and other clothes neatly. You can mount this product in the basement, bathroom, door or any wall. The product has 7 stainless steel drying bars with a total drying length of 17.5 feet. It can be easily folded back when you are not using them. Made up of stainless steel, this product is quite sturdy. Weighs 1.95 kgs.

Pros Cons
Easy to use and requires very less space You have to be very careful while taking off the clothes as the edges of the side links are sharp. It might tear up your clothes
Best for hanging towels and small things Needs drilling for installation
Simple mechanism and fully collapsible Can dry only a few clothes
Not suitable for high load

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How to Choose a Cloth Drying Stand/Rack?

With an array of options available to choose the right clothes drying stand/rack, here we have come up with a few points that should be considered while you make the purchase.

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1. Size or Capacity: While you will find racks of multiple sizes, the one that you need will depend solely on your laundry works. Like if you do lots and lots of laundry, you should look for a wider rack. But note down one thing that the wider the rack, the price is supposed to be higher. Apart from that, the storage space is yet another thing that should be kept in mind while determining the capacity or size of the rack.

2. Material Type and Durability: Choosing the right material is of utmost importance considering that you will be hanging wet clothes on it and can rust. Usually, racks are made up of three types of material- wooden, plastic and metallic. While you may find an aluminum cloth drying stand, but if you are selecting from the metallic range, stainless steel can be the preferred option for you. If the wooden racks are made up of hardwood, it will give you great results compared to softwood that will get swollen by absorbing a lot of water gradually. The best rack material in terms of durability is stainless steel and high quality plastic as hanging wet clothes will neither break it nor rust.

3. Price: While the material, durability, and design should be in your checklist while selecting the rack, your budget will play the final role here. Well, how much can you afford then? This question you need to ask yourself. However, as a tip, you can delay the process of going for racks instantly if you don’t have the right budget without settling for anything less.

So, do you have any problem drying your clothes in this rainy season? Your answer should be a “No” when you have this detailed guide to help you make the right purchase. Also, if space is an issue you can easily go for the foldable ones that can be used as per flexibility. And, if you have a fixed laundry space, nothing can beat the choice of a ceiling/wall mounted clothes rack.

Hence, the choice is yours. Say good bye to your age-old laundry problem.

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