If you want to wash dishes; you can opt for a dishwasher. For cleaning your house, all you need is a vacuum cleaner; for re-heating your food you have a microwave oven. Feeling hot? No worries you have an air conditioner.

Are you planning to buy a new washing machine for your home? Not able to decide whether you should buy a semi-automatic washing machine or a fully automatic washing machine?

Similarly, you can’t think of washing clothes with bare hands, and therefore washing machines have become a necessity rather than a luxury.

This post will clear all your doubts surrounding semi-automatic and fully-automatic washing machines.

You should know which one to buy because you wouldn’t want to regret afterward right?

To start with, you must already be aware that there are two types of washing machines in the market – semi-automatic and fully automatic. Fully automatic washing machines come in two variants, one is a top-loading washing machine and the other one is a front-loading washing machine.

Let’s look at each of these in a little detail.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Till recently, semi-automatic washing machines were the most common type of washing machines used by Indian homes. Semi-automatic washing machines are quite affordable, easy to use and the cost of maintenance is also low.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

As the name suggests, semi-automatic washing machines are not completely automatic and require some manual effort.

Generally, semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs. One of the tubs is used for washing while the other one is used for drying clothes.

You need to add the water in the washing tub before starting the wash cycle and this water needs to be drained once the wash cycle is complete.

One of the major drawbacks of a semi-automatic washing machine is, after every wash cycle you will have to shift the clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub. You need to control the machine manually and it requires a lot of space.

Not everything is bad about a semi-automatic washing machine. It does not require continuous water supply which is why it consumes less water than a fully-automatic machine but it should be noted that clothes are washed way better in a fully-automatic machine but if you are looking for a machine that can help you in saving water then you can think about a semi-automatic machine. The wash cycles require less time, therefore washing is fast. It is easily movable.

Now let’s talk about fully automatic washing machines.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

As your daily routine becomes more and more demanding and time becomes a luxury. You should look for better ways to ease your workload and efficiently utilize your time.

A fully automatic washing machine will ease your laundry woes to a great extent. Fully automatic washing machines do all the washing and drying itself with no manual intervention required.

Fully automatic washing machines can either be top loading or front loading.

Let’s look at both in detail.

Top Load Washing Machine

As the name suggests, clothes are loaded from the top of the machine. Being a fully automatic washing machine, it does not require any manual intervention, just dump the clothes in, put the detergent, start the machine and relax, the machine will take care of the rest. Generally, these are cheaper than the front- loaders. Washing cycles are pretty fast and also large capacity machines are available in this category.

Top Load Washing Machine

Top load washing machines require a lot of water and if you are looking for a machine to help you with water management then you may like to reconsider your choice. The washing style of a top load washing machine can make clothes rough. Moreover, if you want to wash your clothes in hot water then it must be kept in mind that generally, the top loaders do not come with a built-in water heater.

Top load washing machines wash clothes faster than front load washing machines. Another advantage of top load washing machines over front load washing machines is you can add clothes in the middle of the washing cycle. However, some high-end front load washing machines let you add clothes in the middle of the washing cycle.

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Front Load Washing Machine

As the name suggests, in a front loader the door is in the front of the machine. The washing procedure in the front loaders is more intelligent, it rotates the clothes horizontally so the washing is done very nicely and the effect of washing clothes with hands is achieved.

Front Load Washing Machine

These machines generally have a built-in water heater to facilitate better washing of clothes. It might be a little costlier than the top loaders but front loaders are comparatively more efficient in terms of water and electricity usage. Clothes are washed gently hence the chance of fabrics getting damaged is minimal.

Front load washing machines also offer more features and functionalities as compared to the top load washing machines, for example, if your clothes are lightly soiled you can opt for less intense wash and vice versa. The in-built water heater facilitates an intense hot wash for your clothes.

There are some drawbacks of the front load washing machines too like the machine can’t be moved easily owing to its weight, the washing process is slower and the initial cost, as well as the cost of maintenance, is comparatively higher.

Final Verdict

Now, you know the difference between the semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines. Ultimately, you have to weigh your priorities and preferences, to choose the model that suits your specific requirements.

If the budget is not a constraint then a fully automatic washing machine will most certainly be a better choice than a semi-automatic washing machine, as it requires very little effort.

Buying a new washing machine is a considerable investment, make sure you make the right choice!

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