Are you planning to buy a fully automatic washing machine for your home?

But, Confused about which one to choose from among the top loading and front loading washing machine types?

Well, it is understandable if you are confused at this point.

But that is a valid point, which needs to consider before you actually head out to the store to buy a new washing machine.

In this post, we’re sharing some major difference between top loading and front loading washing machines.

1. Price of Front Load vs Top Load

price of front load washing machine vs top load

Cost is one of the major factors that play a vital role in buying washing machines. The top loading washing machines are much more affordable than an equivalent front loading type.

Since the front loading models are usually available at higher price points, most consumers stay away from choosing these.

2. Which one is Easy to Use?

Ease of Use of top load vs front load

Front loading washing machines would need you to bend over while putting the clothes into the machine unless you put them on a raise laundry platform. While many people don’t mind doing this, those with back problems might find it difficult and strenuous.

So, if you don’t wish to hurt your back, then buy a top load washing machine. Top-loading models are also convenient for adding clothes later on in case you forget.

3. Which is better for Cleaning?

Cleaning of top vs front loading washing machine

Many users feel that front load washing machines are gentler when it comes to cleaning the clothes. Even though you might find the top loaders easier to work with, the design raises the possibility of ruining clothes in the long run.

So, to retain the quality of your garments, choosing a front load washing machine would be better.

4. Lesser use of Water and Electricity

Water and Electricity uses in top load vs front load

Washing machines consume a great amount of water to function, but the front-loading varieties are known to consume less water than the top loading counterparts.

Upon checking user reviews, you will find that most of the consumers have given better ratings to front loaders for the efficient use of water. Front loading machines are also better at optimizing the electricity consumed than the top loading machines.

Also, here are some DIY tips to save water and electricity while using a washing machine at home.

5. Washing Time Taken

Time Taken to Wash Clothes in front vs top loading washing machine

The top loading washing machines of today are equipped with advanced technology that makes them very quick and effective. The top load models can either come with an agitator or without it. And it has been seen that the ones which contain the agitator technology consume much lesser time to wash clothes than the ones without an agitator.

However, without the agitator, the machines are more effective in cleaning with optimal use of water. Moreover, these can also be used to wash a larger volume of clothes in one go. If you need to wash your clothes quickly in limited time, then go for a top load washing machine.

6. Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance difference of front loading and top loading

Ease of maintenance is one of the major factors that influence the buying of washing machines. User reviews have revealed that front loading machines are much difficult to maintain, mostly because of the mold that builds up from entrapped water in grooves.

However, the top loading models are relatively simpler to maintain, because water is drained off by gravity and does not get trapped in crevices. Additionally, MR10 has already shared some DIY tips on how to take care of your washing machines. Following these tips can save washing machine maintenance and repair cost in future.

7. Features of your Front or Top Loader

top load vs front load washing machine features

Both top load and front load washing machines come loaded with all the latest cutting-edge technology, which make them highly advanced devices. From automatic modes to time-saving options, there are countless new features that you will find in them, compared to the front loading ones.

But, if we make a generic comparison between the two then front load washing machine has an edge over top load washing machines because front load washing machines generally have more features and wash programs as compared to a top load counterpart.

8. Detergent Usage in Washing Machine

detergent usage difference between top loader and front loader washing machine

Last but not least. One striking advantage of the front loading washing machines is the amount of detergent that is needed. It has been found that front loaders usually require a lesser amount of detergent per cycle, to wash clothes. On the other hand, the top loading models need more cleanser to wash the clothes properly.

This is also one of the crucial factors that account for the popularity of front-loading models.

Top Load Vs Front Load – Which one wins the fight?

We have compared both types on eight essential parameters and the below table summarizes the complete comparison.

Comparison Parameter Which is Better?
Price Top Load
Ease of Use Top Load
Effectiveness of Cleaning Front Load
Optimal use of Water and Electricity Front Load
Time Taken for Washing Top Load
Ease of Maintenance Top Load
Features Front Load
Detergent Usage Front Load
Total Score Top Load: 4
Front Load: 4

Final Verdict – Top vs Front Loading Washing Machine

If are looking for an affordable, easy to use and maintain washing machine, the top loaders will be better suited.

If you have the budget and are looking for a feature-rich washing machine that provides comparatively better washing and is very efficient, then you should go for the front loading type.

So, based on these eight parameters, you can easily decide which model suits your requirements best.

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