Have you recently bought a five-star energy efficient washing machine?

Well, that is a really smart purchase that you have made! But do you think that you can make the most of your purchase by using it just any way you feel like?

Using a washing machine comes with using a lot of water too, and not to mention the use of electricity. Of course, you must have taken all these factors into consideration before buying. But contrary to the common belief, only purchasing a washing machine rated to be energy efficient is not enough.

The television commercials are not going to tell you how to, but yes, there are ways in which you can cut down on your utility bills and also save water. And with a few quick tips, you can also use your washing machine for the longest possible time.

So let us check them out.

1. Choose the Right Size of Washing Machine

Choose Right Size
When you are buying a washing machine the only thing you should keep in mind the size of your family. If you live alone, then purchasing a big machine not only requires you to unnecessarily shell out more while buying but also results in higher running costs. An 8 Kg washing machine will generally require more electricity and water than a 6 Kg washing machine. This is because bigger capacity washing machines use high power motor and a bigger drum.

2. Use the Right Type of Detergent in the Right Proportion

The common belief suggests that using excessive detergents will make the wash smoother and in no time your clothes will come out spotless. Using more than the required detergent, not only means wastage of detergent but also results in wastage of water and electricity. Also using too less or too more of the detergent could also impact the wash quality.

Use Right Detergent

You should also make sure that you are using the right kind of detergent for your washing machine. Because Top load and front load washing machines have different detergents. Using the wrong type of detergent may force your machine to demand multiple wash cycles, thus multiplying the electricity and water consumption.

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3. Make the Most of Sun Rays

When you have the natural sun rays to dry off your clothes why left it in the machine thus increasing the energy consumption. When the whole world is trying to adopt eco-friendly approaches, you should not be the exception.

Dry Clothes in Sun

And if you are living in a home that hardly gets any sun rays then you might want to opt for a front loading washing machine. These machines are equipped with technology to wash fabrics utilizing less water as well as spin cycles. And needless to say, lower spin cycles directly imply electricity and time-saving.

4. Lessen the Usage of Warm Water

Not all clothes or fabrics need to be washed in warm water. And if you have been washing all your clothes with warm water then you are wasting a lot of electricity. That is because the washing machine uses extra electricity to heat the water.

Avoid Warm Wash

You might want to wash only your white garments or heavily stained clothes in the warm water and use the cold water for washing lightly stained or colored fabrics. If you follow this simple practice you’ll surely decrease the electricity usage of your machine.

5. Stop Leaving your Washing Machine in the Standby Mode

Do you always leave your washing machine in the standby mode rather than turning it off?

Don't Leave Washing Machine in Standby

Then you are not only wasting a lot of electricity but you are also shortening the life of your washing machine. Washing machines like most other electrical appliances have a strong hatred for standby modes. You should never leave your washing machine in standby mode until and unless you are washing a lot of clothes that require multiple wash cycles.

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Saving electricity and water is the need of the hour and we should all contribute towards minimizing their use and wastage. Around the world, millions of families still live without access to electricity and water. Do your bit to stop the unnecessary wastage by following these easy tips.

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