Do you spend every weekend washing piles of clothes?

Don’t you wish you could enjoy your weekends instead of wasting them in these mundane chores?

Well, there is no point fretting, when you can bring home a brand new automatic washing machine!

Gone are those days when washing machines used to be a luxury; automatic washing machines have become an absolute necessity today. And needless to say, these machines are indeed a boon to mankind.

But just like any other machinery, these are also prone to problems. But thankfully, these so-called problems also be resolved once you have a basic idea about them. Just buying and using automatic washing machines are not enough; so here are some of the most commonly faced problems, to give you an idea.

1. Washing Cycle Not Getting Started

Washing machine not getting agitated is one of the top problems reported by owners almost every day. There is a sensor whose task is to convey to the washing machine that the lid is now secured safely and now the machine should start the washing cycle. Problems with the sensor may lead to such a scenario. It may happen due to an accumulation of carbon. In rare occurrences, the sensor may need to be re-adjusted. In the worst case, there may be some flaw in the weight sensor of your machine and you have no option other than replacing it.

2. Water Not Draining Properly

If you recently notice that your automatic washing machine is not draining out the water, then it is the drain motor that is to be blamed. The drain motor is tasked with the job of outflowing of the wastewater from the machine. However, if you find that water is flowing out but at a slower pace, then maybe your drainage pipes are filled with dirt which is causing the obstruction. Often a dysfunctional washer may also cause drainage problems. If you can make out an unpleasant sound coming out of your washer along with it, then, unfortunately, your drain pump is broken.

3. Abnormal Vibrations

While the washing process is on if you feel your machine is vibrating abnormally then it’s all because of poor balancing. If the surface beneath your machine is neither symmetrical nor horizontal, then look for screws beneath your machine and adjust it accordingly. If your automatic washing machine model does not come with adjustable screws then you will have to buy a stand separately equipped with adjustable screws and position your machine on top of the stand. This issue is more common in semi-automatic washing machines.

4. Unexplainable Noise

Objects from fabrics getting trapped between the drum and the outer tub of your machine can be held accountable for this noise. Often zippers, buttons, coins, and even debris from your clothing may cause this noise. You might not even realize it but these materials are causing extreme degradation to your machine bearings thus lessening its longevity. Before you attempt to dump clothes inside the washer empty out pockets and don’t put any clothing with fancy accessories.

5. Foul Odor

If you recently notice that your clothes are coming out all stinky then your machine is the main culprit. This problem is quite common in front load washing machines. Not cleaning your washing machine on a regular basis can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold thus leading to an unpleasant odor. Run a single clean cycle on your washing machine with just clean water with a little tub cleaning solution mixed into it, and you will notice the odor has disappeared.


While you are busy using your washing machine, do look out for the symptoms mentioned here. As already mentioned before, these problems can be easily fixed, but you must ensure to take proper care of your faithful machine too.

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