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Do you know that like all other appliances, your washing machine also needs regular maintenance and care?

And don’t you think you need to take care of it well since you heavily rely on it for washing fabrics?

Yes, you must certainly maintain and look after your washing machine. Here are 7 ways to go about it.

1. Clean it on a Regular Basis

If you notice that your clothes are not coming out clean lately then this is either because it has lost its efficiency owing to time or is prey to scaling. It is nothing but the buildup of micronutrients of the hard water inside the machine. The only way to resolve this issue is to deep cleanse your washing machine with a strong machine cleaner that is potent enough to scrub the scaling. Be a little careful while choosing the machine cleaner, as it should be gentle on the plastic and metal parts of the appliance.

2. Excess Detergent can be Harmful

Don't Use Excess Detergent

Most of us are under the impression that if we use extra detergent our clothes will be shinier and spotless. And also we tend to overload the machine with heaps of clothes thinking that adding excess detergent will wash them thoroughly. But it is always recommended to clean your clothes in small batches with the amount of detergent that is required. Usage of extra detergents will not only hamper the quality of your clothes but will also destroy the motor and water pipes of the machine.

3. Always Wash in Small Batches

Taking into consideration the previous point you should never consider washing too many clothes at a single go. Overloading your machine will exert pressure on the motor thus resulting in overheating. Also, you might not realize but due to being packed tightly, the spinning feature may fail to work efficiently leading to poorly cleaned clothes.

4. Don’t Overlook the Signs of Rust

If you notice that most of your clothes coming out of the machine comprise of a few reddish-orange spots, then either the tub or the dispenser of this machine have got rusted. You can easily clean the accumulated rust by adding a few cups of lemon juice and then running the washing machine. If this does not work, it’s time to look for rust in the water pipes and if necessary get them replaced.

You must use a little hot water to clean the drain pipe. Here are some best Instant Water Heater with storage for your home.

5. Check on the Rubber Gasket

Contrary to your realization, this part of your front load washing machine suffers a lot of wear and tear to protect your finest fabrics from any sharp edges. And every time you open the door to place your clothes, some amount of micro-dust particles enter in the gasket. Also, detergents and cleaning products tend to leave residues in the gasket. The only way to care about it is to wipe it off once every week with a damp cloth.

6. Leave the Door Open for a While

Often most individuals tend to shut the door as soon as possible after taking out the clothes. But doing just the opposite by keeping it open for at least 15 minutes can prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in it. This is to ensure that all the moisture from the latest wiping process has been completely dried off.

7. Be Familiar with the Settings

Make Yourself Familiar with Washing Machine Settings

Before attempting to use it you might want to give a good read to the instructions manual. Most washing machines have 3 equipped washing features: normal, medium and strong. Opt for the strong feature only if your clothes are heavily greasy. Otherwise, you might want to stick to the normal settings.


So you see that looking after your washing machine is not that difficult. Don’t ignore the signs your washing machine tries to send you; for maintaining this device will save you a lot of daily hassles.

Apart from the above tips, always take help of an expert technician in case you notice any technical issue or the washing machine is not working as it should.

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