When the cold months are approaching, we all seem to go crazy thinking about ways to cope with the chill. And all your heart craves is to enjoy cups of coffee in a warm and cosy room that is untouched by the wintry winds.

So, a room heater becomes a necessity.

But do you know that room heaters, can result in serious accidents if not used carefully?

Yes, if you are not cautious enough, room heaters might be really hazardous. So, utmost care is needed to keep yourself and your family safe.

Here are the 8 most important safety tips compiled for you. Let’s take a look at them so that you can safely enjoy the winters in warmth.

1. Keep inflammable stuff away from the heater

Keep Inflammable Things Away from Heater
No matter how cold you are feeling you should never ever let the heater rest in your bed. Reports suggest that in cases of the majority of the fire mishaps, this reason was held accountable. And not only your bed, but you should also keep the heater a few feet away from all the inflammable items in your room that can catch fire. Examples include your bed sheet, pillows, blankets etc. and not to forget, don’t keep it too close to any of your furnishings; yes they are also inflammable if you didn’t know it all this while!

2. Inspect closely

Inspect the Heater
After bringing the heater from the market, or in case of online shopping if the heater gets delivered to your door, then all you have to do is to inspect the heater. See if it is working properly before keeping it ON for multiple hours. if you see that there is some level of abnormality in its functioning, then consult a repairman; don’t think about fixing it yourself, you are not expected to be versatile everywhere. In case you have decided to make the most out of your used heater, don’t forget to wipe the dust off its surfaces before switching it ON.

3. Don’t keep your heater in your kid’s room

Room Heater in Kids Room
Kids are messy and notorious and they are up to something mischievous the moment you leave them and continue with your chores. Yes, they are the most vulnerable to the chill, but keeping a heater ON in their room while they are not under supervision, might put them in grave danger. In case you have decided to let them sleep in your bedroom, mark a 3-foot zone from the heater and instruct your kids not to set foot in that zone.

4. Make sure to turn your heater OFF before sleeping

Turn off Heater Before Sleep
Although keeping your heater ON at all times during the dark especially during your napping time, will offer you warmth, you should not let your comfort come before your safety. When you are feeling all drowsy and yawning continuously, first unplug the heater and then go get your beauty sleep.

And if you are leaving the room to go out, make sure to switch it off, you would not want to enter your home just to be welcomed with a fire!

5. Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Smoke Alarm
Most people ignore this step thinking it to be unnecessary but these alarms would alert you about any possible dangers. So make sure to install these in every room comprising of room heaters. And also do you know carbon monoxide poisoning can cause you a ton of health issues? See if you or your loved ones are suffering from any of these symptoms: a headache, dizziness, nausea, abdominal discomfort etc. recently. If yes, then rush to a doctor and install carbon monoxide alarms in and outside your sleeping areas just to ensure that this does not happen in the future.

6. Don’t use power strips or extension cords

Don't Use Extension Cord
Room heaters can overheat very fast and if connected to any power strip will overheat the strip as well, resulting in a fire! Connect it directly to a power socket and not with the aid of an extension cord. Make sure that the socket is not currently connected to any other electrical appliances.

7. Use a heater which is programmed to switch off automatically when it tips over

Tip Over Safety
Many a time a heater may tip over owing to the mess caused by your furry pets and it can cause your rug, carpet and even furniture to catch fire. So make sure to enjoy the most of this innovative technology, so that when your heater falls over, it is turned off automatically and no supervisor is required.

8. Follow the instructions manual

Follow Instruction Manual
You must have paid for the whole package of the heater which includes the heater, accessories and a safety manual. And needless to say, the manual rests in some corner of your house all this while. Contrary to your realization, the safety manual is the one which deserves your full attention before you attempt using the heater. To ensure the safety of your house and as well as to prolong the life of your heater you should pay attention to the instructions clearly quoted in the manual.


Heaters are equipped to only offer you warmth during the harsh winters and are strictly not meant for any other kinds of use. Just because it emits heat you should not start thinking that you can heat up food as you would do using a microwave oven. During winters every fabric including your clothes are cold, but that does not justify warming them on the surface of your room heater.

If you have been using your heater for the last couple of years now then there is no harm in spending on a new heater. Even if there are no major functionality issues, it may contain subtle underlying issues which may turn serious in no time. So you should not hesitate to buy the best room heater equipped with advanced features, all for the comfort of your family.

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