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After putting in more than 55 hours of research into 30 models, we think that most of the dishwashers are good at washing utensils. But it’s always worth paying attention to features, like noise level, durability, and ease of use, that may make a difference. That’s why we think the Bosch SMS66GW01I is the best value for money dishwasher. LG D1451WF is a good pick for people with a little higher budget as it is very quiet, offers higher capacity, and is very efficient & reliable.

Top Pick

LG D1451WF

LG D1451WF Dishwasher

LG D1451WF is one of the quietest dishwashers with features such as a stainless steel tub, Inverter Direct Drive motor with 10 years warranty, 14 place settings and smart error diagnosis.

Budget Pick

Bosch SMS66GW01I

Bosch SMS66GW01I Dishwasher

This dishwasher from Bosch offers you the best value for your money. This nicely built dishwasher comes with features like 12 place settings, 6 wash programs, 4 cycle options, LED timer display and an energy efficient motor.

Worried about your maid not turning up?

Are your maid’s unbearable tantrums giving you sleepless nights?

Scared looking at the pile of dirty utensils after a house party?

Finding it hard to hire a trustworthy maid?

Looking for some peace of mind from your maid?

What if we told you we can solve all your worries? Yes, sit back and relax.

What we are about to tell you will solve all your woes related to washing utensils and give you complete freedom from your irritating maid.

Dishwashers – Solution for All Your Worries

If you are facing any of the woes mentioned above then a dishwasher is as essential for you as a microwave oven, mixer grinder, kitchen chimney or a washing machine.

You have been using washing machines for years to wash your clothes. What’s stopping you to start using a ‘Dishwasher’?

Dishwashers are now being welcomed by Indians as the complexity and workload of daily chores is increasing day by day. Dishwashers are a boon for working men/women as well as for home-makers.

A dishwasher provides a power efficient and water friendly mechanism which doesn’t require much involvement of user and also provides appreciable outcomes.

Dishwashers are easy to use and also ensure efficient use of resources which can minimize the overuse and wastage of detergent, water, and electricity. There are numerous dishwashers available in the market with very advanced and useful features.

We have compared all the dishwashers available online to find out the best dishwashers in India. If you are planning to buy a new dishwasher then this guide can help you to make an apt choice for yourself.

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Who Should Buy a Dishwasher?

Usually, electronic devices are meant to empower your manual efforts in your day to day routine. They make your life easier and also save time. Similarly, the dishwasher is meant to reduce the burden of washing dishes manually.

For all those people, who are unable to find time in their day to day routine or simply wish to reduce their efforts on washing dishes all by themselves, dishwashers are an amazing option.

They will not only help you to save time but also help you complete your work in a better way. They make it easy for you to handle dishwashing easily and do it way more efficiently than the manual approach.

So, for all the men and women who are having a hard time washing dishes, dishwashers are a wonderful escape plan.

How Do Dishwashers Work?

When your pots and pans are dirty, they take a shower just like you do when you feel dirty. The dishwashers magically and quickly clean them in the best way possible. In dishwasher the utensils that you put inside the basket stay in the basket while the pressurized jets shoot hot water all around. There are seven steps that every dishwasher follows:

    1. Add water: This fills up the shallow basin present at the bottom of the dishwasher.
    2. Heat the water: Once the certain amount of water is filled up inside the bottom of the machine, water starts to warm up with a heating element which is just a thick metal bar that gets hot when an electric current pass through it and gradually heats the water during the first part of the wash cycle.
    3. Add detergent: The detergent is added automatically at the right stage of the wash by the dishwasher’s timer.
    4. Wash the dishes: The water which is now heated and with the detergent mixture is pumped up through the spray arms. The pressure of the water which comes from the spare arms causes the dishes to spin and shoot out the water with enough force to make sure the dishes get a good clean.
    5. Drain the dirty water: This happens automatically depending upon the system.
    6. Rinse the dishes: Clean water is added and heated just like before but without detergent this time. The water is pumped through the spare arms to make sure there is no detritus or detergent left on the dishes.
    7. Finally, drain the second lot of water.

Dishwashers are a technological wonder that is extremely convenient and time-saving. They serve as a perfect machine to clean your dishes efficiently and without causing a lot of mess or requiring any substantial effort.

9 Best Dishwashers in India – Reviews

1. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I)

A dishwasher with 12 place settings and six different wash programs: Intensive Kadhai, Express Sparkle, Auto, Eco, Quick, and Prerinse. 6 different wash programs and 4 options make it ideal for cleaning of Indian utensils like kadhai, pressure cooker, teapots, etc.

Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher

  • Quick mode (45°C) takes 30 minutes only, consumes 08kWh energy and 10 litres of water
  • Eco mode (50°C) takes 1 hour 25 minutes, consumes 1.45kWh energy and 13 litres of water
  • Intensive Kadhai mode (70°C) takes 1 hour 30 minutes, consumes 1.75kWh energy and 14 – 17 litres of water
  • Express Sparkle mode (65°C) takes 59 minutes, consumes 1.35kWh energy and 14 litres of water
  • Auto mode (45-65°C) takes 1 hour 20 minutes, consumes 1.6-1.7kWh energy and 13 – 16 litres of water
  • Pre-rinse mode (0°C) takes 15 minutes, consumes 0.05kWh energy and 4 litres of water

Quick mode is so quick because in this mode the dishwasher washes the utensils with hot water & not dries. This mode is ideal for lightly soiled utensils.

It has an Auto Programme, which automatically adjusts the water usage, water temperature and rinse time according to the loaded soiled utensils. This is a very useful feature if the wash load consists of a mix of lightly soiled and heavily soiled utensils and you are not sure which wash program would be the best.

The product also has an electronic delay timer (1-24 hour), which helps in selecting the desired programme for a specific start time during the day. With this feature, you can pre-set the operation timing of the dishwasher. This feature lets you start the wash cycle at any time during the day, during work hours or at night.

The pre-activated vario-speed feature speeds up the cycle by up to 50% without compromising the wash quality. This feature can be very useful if you need to speed up the normal wash cycle. It can be used in combination with all 6 wash programs.

It has a rotary speed sensor which senses the size of the load. And depending on the load the dishwasher uses only that much water as required for a perfect wash. This feature saves both water and electricity.

Not only that, but it also offers a half load option. This feature ensures working of the dishwasher in case it is half loaded. This feature saves water, electricity, and your time.

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher has an Ecosilence drive, which has a brushless motor which makes it efficient and durable.

The extra dry option lets you further dry the utensils.

The inner tub is made of Polinox which makes the dishwasher quieter as polinox is a very good sound insulator. That is why this dishwasher has a low noise level of just 52 dB.

The LED display shows you all important information like wash cycle time and indicators for water, refill salt and refill rinse aid.

And if you have small kids in your home then you’ll find the child lock feature very useful as it prevents accidental programme switching.

Pros Cons
Build quality is good You may find it difficult to arrange bigger size utensils
Low noise level, almost silent operation Short power cable
It heats water to 70 degree Celsius. This kills 99.9% germs and bacteria making the utensils hygienic for use
Saves electricity and water

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2. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GW01I)

This dishwasher from Bosch has the absolutely same set of features and specifications as the 1st dishwasher in our list of best dishwashers in India.

The only difference is Bosch SMS66GI01I features a premium metallic finish while Bosch SMS66GW01I comes in a shiny white paint finish.

Bosch SMS66GW01I Dishwasher

Bosch SMS66GW01I is therefore a few thousand ruppees cheaper than Bosch SMS66GI01I. So if you are someone for whom metallic finish is not something for which you would pay extra then this dishwasher is the one you should buy.

We would not go through the product details again because all the features have been discussed in great detail above. If you have not read about the 1st dishwasher in this list then please read to know more about all the product features of both Bosch SMS66GW01I and Bosch SMS66GI01I.

Pros Cons
Attractive price Same as Bosch SMS66GI01I (1st product in this list)
Other Pros remain the same as Bosch SMS66GI01I (1st product in this list)

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3. IFB Freestanding 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Neptune FX)

A dishwasher with 12 place settings and five wash programs. It features a height adjustable upper basket. You can adjust the height of the upper basket when you are loading or unloading dishes to accommodate bigger utensils. The racks are foldable and its baskets can be shifted. This provides very effective utilization of space which lets you accommodate your big pans, tall glasses, small cups, cutlery and various dishes.

IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher

This affordable dishwasher features 5 standard wash programs: Heavily Soiled, Light Soiled, Hygiene, and Normal, Super 50 (min).

The Light Soiled program is ideal for quickly washing lightly soiled dishes with minimum use of water, detergent, and electricity.

This dishwasher works in a half load mode too. This feature saves electricity, water, and detergent when there are few utensils to be cleaned.

The Quick Wash or Super 50 min. program washes the lightly soiled dishes in just 50 minutes. It has an inbuilt water softening device which helps soften the hard water so your detergent is more effective in cleaning the utensils.

The heavily soiled program is useful for a thorough cleaning of heavily soiled utensils like kadahi, cooker, and tea pans.

Hygiene wash program washes the utensils using very hot water which not only cleans the utensils but also kills all the germs.

This IFB dishwasher is quite efficient when it comes to electricity and water consumption. As per company claims, this dishwasher uses about 9 litres of water.

The dishwasher also features a delay timer and LED indicators which start glowing when the salt and rinse aid need to be refilled.

Pros Cons
Affordable price No display
Inbuilt water softening device which ensures effective cleaning Does not dry up the utensils fully
A hygienic wash of the utensils Apart from the heavily spoiled mode, other modes are not as effective

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4. IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher

This dishwasher comes with an in-built water heater that washes and sanitizes your utensils simultaneously at high temperatures. This is followed by steam drying that removes the toughest stains from your dishes and perfectly dries your utensils without leaving any marks or drops.

IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher

Talking about the space of this dishwasher, it has a 12 place setting that can wash up to 96 utensils including cutlery. The dishwasher has two separate baskets. The upper basket is adjustable and it’s height can be adjusted as per your convenience. This feature proves to be very useful while loading and unloading bigger utensils. There is a separate space for your everyday necessary kitchen utensils which includes your ceramic plates, kadahi, baby bottle, cutlery, steel utensils, cups and more.

  • Prewash program washes the utensils with normal temperature water
  • Quick 30 40°C program duration is 30 minutes
  • Eco 50°C program duration is 2 hours and 50 minutes
  • Super 50 65°C program duration is 50 minutes
  • Daily 60°C program duration is 1 hour and 34 minutes
  • Auto Delicate 30-50°C program duration is 1 hour and 32 minutes
  • Auto Normal 50-60°C program duration is 2 hours
  • Auto Intensive 60-70°C program duration is 2 hours and 58 minutes

All the Auto wash programs include an automatic pre-wash before a thorough wash. Under Auto Delicate mode, utensils are first pre-washed at 30°C and then thoroughly washed at 50°C.

This dishwasher follows a 3-stage washing process: wash, rinse and dry. The stage of wash is indicated by the indicators provided on the panel. Like all dishwashers, this one also has indicators for salt and rinse-aid.

This dishwasher features an intelligent display with information on program duration and remaining time and setting the delay timer. We are also very impressed with the impressive metallic finish that is sure to add the modern elegance to your kitchen décor.

If you are washing only a few utensils, then you can simply place them in any of the two baskets and select the half load option. Under half load feature, you also get an option to select the basket (upper or lower) as per your choice. And half load takes just 30 minutes and very little water and electricity to give you shining utensils.

Pros Cons
Intelligent display & convenient controls No load sensor or stain detector
Electricity and water saving modes with A++ certified energy efficiency
Impressive design
8 different wash programs Adjustable upper basket
Adjustable upper basket
Effective washing and drying

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5. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS60L12IN)

A dishwasher, ideal for cleaning of Indian utensils like kadhai, pressure cooker, teapots, etc. It has 12 place settings and six different wash programs.

Bosch SMS60L12IN Dishwasher

A complete new Auto Programme which automatically adjusts the water usage, water temperature and rinse time according to the loaded soiled utensils. The 60 minutes wash cycle make cleaning quick and convenient.

This dishwasher has a pre-activated vario-speed feature that cleans the utensils quickly without leaving any stain.

Extra Dry option provides impressive drying results, this is especially very good for plastic items.

The Load Sensor automatically senses the load and depending on the load it uses only the required amount of water. This also saves electricity. Aqua-Sensor automatically detects the level of spoiling using light beams, this reduces the water wastage.

Child lock is present in this dishwasher. This feature prevents accidental changing of the programme during a cycle. Electronic delay timer, load sensor, ample warranty (anti rust- 10yrs and product- 2yrs) and an attractive price makes it one of the best dishwashers in India.

Pros Cons
Load sensor and stain detection makes it very efficient Sometimes leaves a few stains and detergent foam on the utensils
Water heats up to 70 degree Celsius killing 99.9% germs and bacteria making the utensils hygienic for use
Reasonable price

Check Price on Flipkart

6. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN256W01GI)

A dishwasher with six programs and 12 place settings. It offers three special options, Vario Eco, Half Load, and Hygiene Plus. The dishwasher features an intensive 70-degree program for utensils that are heavily soiled. This ensures proper cleaning.

Siemens SN256W01GI Dishwasher

Wash Programs: Intensive Plus 70 °C, Express Sparkle 65 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, Eco 50 °C, Quick 45 °C, Pre-rinse.

This dishwasher has foldable racks that make the dishwasher more usable. This helps in cleaning utensils of different sizes and shapes. The half-load programme helps in washing the utensils in half load mode. An eco-silence drive makes the device quieter, durable and energy efficient. It has a top shower.

The control panel features a digital display for program remaining time and LED indicators for the salt refill and rinse aid refill.

This Siemens dishwasher also has an electronic delay timer (1-24 hour), which lets you pre-set the operation timing of the dishwasher. Start the wash cycle at any time during the day, during work hours or at night.

The childproof door lock and door latch provide the required safety.

This dishwasher has a water sensor (to notice the level of water), a load sensor (detecting the load of utensils), and automatic detergent detection. The inner tub is made up of polinox making it durable.

Pros Cons
Makes very little noise Price is little high
Easy to use and operate

Check Price on Amazon

7. LG Freestanding 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (D1451WF)

A dishwasher with 14 place settings and five wash programs: dual wash, auto, eco, care/gentle and quick. With trusted service of LG, this is one of the best dishwashers available in India.

LG D1451WF Dishwasher

One of the USPs of this LG dishwasher is it’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor that allows efficient transfer of energy. It optimizes its spray intensity for every load to offer very high energy efficiency. It is highly durable and made to last for years without any issues. That is why LG offers the longest warranty of 10 years on the motor.

The LED display indicates information about the functionality in various colors. The height of the rack is adjustable, that enables to put utensils of different heights in the rack and clean them in one cycle.

It comes with a durable stainless-steel tub. This prolongs the life of the dishwasher. LG freestanding 14 place settings dishwasher works on silent mode making very less noise while in operation. Thanks to the Inverter Direct Drive technology, this dishwasher is one of the quietest dishwashers with a noise level of just 45dB.

This LG dishwasher features a very innovative ‘Smart Diagnosis’ feature that helps you accurately diagnose errors or malfunctions. It can immediately address minor problems over the phone and help you save time by detecting the cause of problems prior to the service engineer’s visit.

Smart Diagnosis – How it works?

  1. Call customer support when you face any error or malfunction.
  2. Follow the instructions of the support specialist and press the ‘Delay Start’ button for 3 seconds.
  3. Bring your phone within 0.5 inches of the power button of the dishwasher.
  4. The buzzer sound means that the data is being transmitted to the call center. Keep the phone near to the power button until the end message is displayed. The end message will be displayed after successful transmission of the data.
  5. The dishwasher will shut off automatically after a few seconds. Do not try to switch it off before it automatically shuts down.
  6. Resume your conversation with the call center when the end message is displayed.
  7. If it is a minor issue, the support center will guide you on how to resolve the issue. If the issue can’t be fixed over the call then the service engineer will visit and fix up the issue in a single visit.
Pros Cons
High energy efficiency High price
Smart Diagnosis feature for quick and easy resolution of common issues
14 place settings
Smart adjustable racks with foldable parts
Inverter Direct Drive motor with 10 years warranty
Very low noise
Build quality is very good, Stainless steel tub

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8. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN256I01GI)

This dishwasher from Siemens comes with the absolutely same set of features and functionalities as Siemens SN256W01GI dishwasher.

Siemens SN256I01GI Dishwasher

So why is Siemens selling 2 separate dishwashers with different model numbers and at different prices?

The answer lies in the look of both the dishwashers. Siemens SN256W01GI dishwasher comes in a white paint finish and Siemens SN256I01GI features a stainless steel metallic finish.

And that is why Siemens SN256I01GI is priced a little higher than Siemens SN256W01GI dishwasher.

So, if you are someone who pays a lot of attention to the beauty of an appliance and doesn’t mind paying more then you should buy Siemens SN256I01GI else choose Siemens SN256W01GI.

For a complete review of all the features and functionalities, please read the review of Siemens SN256W01GI dishwasher given above. For the sake of duplicity, we have avoided writing the review for this dishwasher because both these dishwashers are absolutely the same, except for the look.

Pros Cons
Same as the Siemens SN256W01GI dishwasher listed above High price
Looks beautiful

Check Price on Amazon

9. IFB Neptune SX1 Dishwasher (12 Place Settings)

This is another dishwasher from IFB Neptune series.

It comes with all the features that we have already discussed in our review of IFB Neptune VX.

IFB Neptune SX1 Dishwasher

We’ll not repeat the entire review again here and just point out the difference between the two so you can decide accordingly. For the complete review, you can check IFB Neptune VX review given above.

IFB Neptune SX1 is priced higher than IFB Neptune VX.

Let’s find out why?

IFB Neptune SX1 is basically an upgraded version of IFB Neptune VX. While VX comes in the dark silver paint finish, SX1 definitely looks more attractive with the metallic stainless steel finish. SX1 also features a more organized and sophisticated display & control panel as compared to VX which features a more scattered looking control panel. SX1 features a compact and neat looking control panel and VX has a control panel which almost takes the entire width of the dishwasher.

IFB Neptune SX1 is quieter (noise level of 45 dB) as compared to IFB Neptune VX (noise level of 49 dB).

However, IFB Neptune VX weighs (46 Kg) a little lower than IFB Neptune SX1 (52 Kg).

Pros Cons
Water softening device, ideal for people who face hard water problems High price
Stainless steel finish looks attractive No load sensor or stain detector
Makes very less noise during operation
Organized and sophisticated display & control panel
8 different wash programs
Adjustable upper basket
Steam drying

Check Price on Amazon

Dishwasher Buying Guide

The concept of dishwashers is still new to most Indian homes. And shopping for a new dishwasher can be a little challenging. All of them look similar with almost similar height, width, and similar features.

So, how do you pick one?

Dishwashers are getting smarter and full of features, and if you know what to look for, you can narrow your search and find the best dishwasher that meets your requirement.

Here are some factors on which you can choose the dishwasher according to your parameters:

Type of Dishwasher

In India, most dishwashers that are available are 24 inches wide and meant to be permanently fixed under your kitchen counter or placed anywhere (just like a refrigerator or washing machine). That is why all of the dishwashers look so similar. If you’re looking for a standard dishwasher, you need not worry about this much. All of the dishwashers that we have reviewed fit into this type.

But for the sake of your education, here we list down all the various types of dishwashers.

  • Built-in Under the Counter Dishwashers: These dishwashers are integrated into your kitchen cabins, and they blend in quite well. You can match the look and feel of the dishwasher to look like all the kitchen cabinets.Built-in Dishwashers
  • Portable Freestanding Dishwashers: These are the most common and most preferred type of dishwashers. During our review of the best selling dishwashers in India, we did not come across any dishwasher that was not a free-standing dishwasher. You can place it anywhere, very versatile and quite flexible.Freestanding Dishwashers
  • DishDrawers: Not available in India, dishwashers can fit into the kitchen cabinets and are suitable for smaller loads. They are flexible, and you can find them as a two-drawer dishwasher or one drawer. They can be concealed easily behind kitchen cabinets to seamlessly blend in with your kitchen.Dishdrawers
  • Countertop Dishwasher: Not available in India, countertop dishwashers can be kept on the tabletop or the countertop. Countertop dishwashers are smaller and have a lesser capacity than its counterparts.Countertop Dishwasher

2. Capacity and Use of Space

If all the dishwashers are 24 inches wide then how can their capacities be different?

Manufacturers usually list a dishwasher’s capacity in terms of the number of place settings it can fit. According to the U.S Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, one place setting consists of a large dinner plate, a small snack plate, a saucer, a bowl, a coffee cup, a drinking glass, a knife, two teaspoons, a dinner fork, and a small salad fork. Most dishwashers come with 12 place settings. LG D1451WF features 14 place settings.

But place settings should not be taken for granted, though. You should check the inside design of the dishwasher to find out if the dishwasher comes with height adjustable upper rack or foldable parts. More than the place settings, what matters to most buyers is how comfortably you can arrange your utensils.

Always prefer dishwasher with height adjustable and foldable racks.

3. Noise Level

A dishwasher’s noise rating often does directly correlate with its price. If you are looking for a dishwasher that makes very low noise then be ready to pay more. All dishwashers have noise level ratings and we have listed the same in our reviews.

Think about the location of your dishwasher and the usage time. And decide if it is worth investing in a quieter dishwasher. All the dishwashers from Bosch and Siemens have the same noise level of 52 dB. LG D1451WF and IFB Neptune SX1 are the quietest dishwashers (both have a noise level of 45 dB) among all the dishwashers that we have reviewed.

4. Design

All the dishwashers that we have reviewed either have white or silver paint finish or the stainless steel metallic finish. Stainless steel ones definitely look more attractive and are more expensive compared to the dishwashers with paint finish.

Apart from the colour, you can also compare the type and location of the control panel. Most dishwashers use a combination of physical buttons and a LED display for time. Most dishwashers have indicators for salt and rinse-aid refill. Make sure both these indicators are present in the dishwasher that you are buying.

5. Wash Programs/Cycles and Options

Most dishwashers have some combination of wash programs or cycles like Eco, Quick or Express, Auto, Intensive or Heavy, and Pre-rinse. Different brands may have different names for these cycles but all of them essentially perform the same operations. Some dishwashers also have ‘Efficient or Energy Saver’ cycles for reducing power consumption.

Apart from the different cycles, what is equally important is the options you can add to a cycle. Options like ‘Extra Dry’ that extends the drying time, ‘Half Load’ that lets you just wash the top or bottom rack, and ‘Extra Hygiene’ that lets you add steam to the cleaning or adjust the temperature of the rinse water.\

To find your best match, all you have to do is make sure the dishwashers you are considering have the programs/cycles and options you want.

Auto-Restart is another feature that all dishwashers must have. This feature automatically restarts the cycle from where it stopped either because of a power cut, or you have accidentally switched off the dishwasher. This saves you a lot of time, power and water.

Carefully look for all the available options to make sure the dishwasher meets your requirement.

6. Price and Warranty

Price & warranty are one of the prime factors to look for when you purchase a dishwasher. An average dishwasher works for 9-12 years. Thus, you should make sure you choose a dishwasher with a longer warranty. Also, it is better to take an energy efficient dishwasher since you are going to use it for a long time. It is fine if you pay a little more but do not ever overpay.

Having a price range in mind will help you narrow down your options. Most dishwashers are priced in the range from Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 49,000. If you’re on a tight budget, then you can explore some affordable options like the IFB Neptune FX and Bosch SMS60L12IN. For Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000, you’ll be able to find a nice midrange model with a few features. Once you get above Rs. 40,000, look for a model with everything you could want. LG D1451WF is a good option for such buyers.

7. Soil and Load Sensors

Soil and load sensor dishwashers are smart dishwashers where the dishwashers sense the load and how soiled the dishes are. It will automatically select the kind of wash cycle and the amount of energy, and water it needs to wash all the dishes. These sensors are available in dishwashers from Bosch and Siemens.

8. Efficiency

Now, whenever we buy an electronic gadget, we always make sure they are very efficient when it comes to power consumption. The Dishwashers are no exception.

You’ll be using a dishwasher daily for a few hours and you wouldn’t want to see a high electricity bill. The power consumption varies according to the cycle. Cycles that last longer or rinse in high-temperature water will typically consume more electricity.

But unfortunately, dishwashers in India do not have any BEE rating for energy efficiency like all other electrical appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. What you can do is look at the estimated power consumption that is specified by every brand.

9. Hard Water Compatibility

The water which runs in the taps can be hard water. And when you use hard water for washing the dishes, it often leaves stains on utensils. That’s why if you have dishwashers which are compatible with hard water, they have water softening chambers. Also, there is a separate salt chamber which reduces the hardness of the water.

10. Brand Reputation and Service

There is a reason why Apple iPhones or why Samsung Galaxy phones make so many sales. That’s because of the brand image and the kind of service they offer. Always go for reputed companies which offer good dishwashers and the services alike. These companies spend a great amount on the research, and thus they make good products.

11. Safety Features

At last, the safety features. Before you purchase any electronic good, you have to check out their safety features and run a test once. Some of the common safety features include child lock to prevent children from handling the dishwasher, door latch and over/under voltage protection.

12. Tub Type

Cheaper dishwashers use plastic tubs and higher-end dishwashers come with a stainless steel tub. Stainless steel tubs are more durable, energy efficient and better absorb the hard water smells. Dishwashers with stainless steel tub are costlier. It is important to note here that the tub material does not have any effect on the cleaning performance of the dishwasher.

Final Verdict

We firmly believe in the saying ‘one size does not fit all’ and therefore we always recommend to match the product offering and your requirement. However, if we were to recommend the best dishwashers in India then like always we would select the two best picks: one for the budget buyers and one for the feature seeking buyers.

If you looking for a dishwasher in a tight budget then we highly recommend Bosch SMS66GW01I dishwasher, because it comes with all the features and offers the best value for your money.

If you don’t mind paying more, then LG D1451WF dishwasher is what you should choose. LG D1451WF is one of the quietest, features a stainless steel tub, Inverter Direct Drive motor with 10 years warranty, 14 place settings, and smart error diagnosis.

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