We buy a mixer grinder to ease out the things in the kitchen. From grinding solid food to mixing liquids, mixer grinder finds many uses in the daily kitchen routine. And therefore, even a slight problem in the mixer grinder can limit us from utilizing it fully.

If you are facing any problem with your mixer grinder, you don’t need to panic. Many of the common mixer grinder problems can be easily fixed at home.

In this post, we have tried our best to address the common mixer grinder problems and their solutions. If you are using a food processor then you must be well aware that most of these problems are also quite common in food processors.

While this post doesn’t aim to make you an expert, on how to repair a mixer grinder yourself, it will definitely help you in resolving the most common mixer grinder problems.

1. Leakage from Jar

The most common problem with a mixer grinder is undoubtedly that of leakage.

Leakage from the jar can be caused due to three primary reasons.

We will be addressing all the three causes to show how you can repair mixer grinder jar yourself.

Firstly, your mixer grinder might have a loose blade in the jar. In this case, please ensure that the blade assembly is tightened. You can do that simply with a screwdriver.

Mixer Grinder Jar Leakage

Another common cause is a problem with the rubber gasket. If your mixer grinder is still within the warranty period, you can demand a replacement of the rubber gasket. Else, you can simply replace the old rubber gasket with a new one. You can purchase the new rubber gasket from any local hardware store.

Another reason for leakage from the jar might be due to a crack n the jar itself. In such a case, you do not have an alternative. You will have to replace it altogether.

2. Blades Not Rotating at Full Speed

When we buy a mixer grinder, we look forward to a quick churning or mixing of the food and liquid. However, if the blades are not rotating (grinder not working) at full speed, one has to wait forever to get the job done, and this can be very frustrating.

Most often, the blades do not rotate at full speed because the food particles have clogged the blade assembly. This issue can be solved easily. Disassemble the blade assembly and then clean it. You can do the cleaning by soaking the blades in warm water and then scrub the blades. Once you are done cleaning it, assemble the blades correctly and check whether the blades are now rotating at full speed or not.

3. Blade Turning Blunt

Over time, the blades of mixer grinder get blunt.

You can sharpen the blades with the help of rock salt (Saindha Namak). Put some rock salt in the jar and then turn on your mixer grinder. Keep switching it off at a regular interval. Keep doing it for the next five minutes, and you will surely see a change in the blades. Here is a video (Hindi audio) of the live demonstration of how you can do this.

You can also try sharpening the blades with the help of a sharpening stone. But be careful while doing it to avoid any accidents.

4. Shut Off Due to Overload

Most mixer grinders automatically shut off due to overload with the help of a circuit breaker switch. This might be frustrating, but it is designed to keep the mixer grinder safe and the user safe.

Mixer Grinder Overload

This problem is quite common in mixer grinders with low capacity motors. If you run your mixer grinder continuously for longer durations then the motor gets hot and it automatically gets shut off to avoid any damage to the mixer grinder.

It can also happen when you try to mix or grind too much material in the jar or the material is hard or very thick, or the mixer grinder is running on high speed for long. Try to reduce the quantity in the jar. If the material is too thick, then add some water (if that doesn’t spoil your recipe), or run the job in multiple batches. Make sure you keep a gap of few minutes in consecutive batches just to allow the motor to cool down.

If your mixer grinder shuts off purely due to overload, it is time for you to reduce the load in the mixer grinder. Keep your mixer grinder off for 30 minutes. Turn on the overload switch at the bottom after 30 minutes before starting the mixer grinder again.

However, if you feel that the mixer grinder is shutting off without an actual overload, your mixer grinder needs some servicing.

Air circulation plays an important role in keeping your mixer grinder cool and away from overheating. Make sure that there is enough space between the placement area and the lower surface of the mixer grinder.

Also, make sure that you clean the mixer grinder properly and there is no blockage anywhere due to dirt. If you are still facing the issue even after correcting the position and cleaning the mixer grinder, try replacing the circuit breaker switch.

5. Jar Getting Stuck

The jar in the mixer grinder can get jammed if there is a leakage from the mixer blades. Due to this leakage, the salty water from the food and the liquid tends to seep in the bearings of the blades. As a result of this, corrosion might happen, which can lead to a jammed jar.

Mixer Grinder Jar Jammed

If this is the case, place your jar upside down and pour in some cooking oil in the space of the motor coupler. Keep the jar in the upside-down position for the next few minutes.

After that, you need to twist the motor coupler using a plier. After tightening the motor coupler, run the mixer grinder empty for a minute and then add a bit of water in the jar and try rerunning it. Throw the water away, and you are good to go.

6. Broken Coupler

A coupler can break due to overloading and its poor built. Also, a coupler might break if you have been using a mixer grinder for a long time. There is no other solution than to replace the broken coupler.

Broken Coupler

You can do it by giving a call to an authorized professional or if you are someone who loves doing it yourself then you can replace the coupler yourself. Here is a link to a YouTube video that shows you exactly how you can easily replace the motor coupler yourself.


Few of these problems of mixer grinder can be easily solved at home with minor hacks while the others may need a professional hand. You can try our solutions first, and if it doesn’t work for you, the chances are high that you will need a professional person for fixing the problem.

You can get rid of the common issues with mixer grinder by servicing it at regular interval. Do not wait for a point where the mixer grinder stops working altogether to get a proper servicing of the mixer grinder.

Also, if you use the mixer grinder frequently, make sure you clean it thoroughly once in a month. This will keep many mixer grinder problems at bay.

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