If you have been using a mixer grinder for quite some time, you must have noticed the blades of mixer grinder gradually have become blunt. As a result, the efficiency of the mixer grinder must have decreased, and this can be quite frustrating.

Whether it is the wet grinding jar, dry grinding jar or the chutney jar, sharp blades make your task easier and quicker. If the blades are not sharp enough then this will result in poor grinding and the task will take more time.

What can be done?

Should you get the blades replaced or order a new jar?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to sharpen the mixer grinder blades?

The good news is, yes, there is an easy way to sharpen the mixer grinder blades and this post will show you how exactly you can do that.

You can also use these methods to sharpen the blades of a food processor.

Method 1: Using Rock Salt

Time needed: 10 minutes

You can sharpen the mixer grinder blades using rock salt (Saindha Namak). You can use this method to sharpen blender blades as well. Let’s look at the exact steps you need to follow.

  1. Add Rock Salt in Jar

    Put the rock salt in the mixer grinder jar and then switch it on. Make sure the rock salt you are using is in the form of crystals and not powder.Add Rock Salt in Jar

  2. Turn on the Mixer Grinder Intermittently

    Make sure that after a regular interval, you switch the mixer grinder off and add new lumps of rock salt and then turn it on.

  3. Repeat Step 2 for 10 Minutes

    Keep doing it for the next ten minutes.

  4. Wash the Jar

    Once you are done, empty the jar and rinse it with water. You can use the powdered rock salt for your cooking purposes.

  5. Your Sharpened Blades are Ready

    You have now successfully sharpened the blades of mixer grinder easily without any hassle.

You can check out this video (Hindi audio) for the exact steps to follow.

Method 2: Using Sharpening Stone

Time needed: 20-30 minutes.

If you want the blades of the mixer grinder to be sharp as it was when you newly purchased, then you should consider sharpening the blades with a sharpening stone.

Using Sharpening Stone for Sharpening Blades

This approach requires more effort than the first approach but it gives much better results. And you don’t need to be a ‘do-it-all-yourself’ ninja to be able to do this.

  1. Wash the Mixer Grinder Jar: Firstly, you need to wash the mixer grinder jar. You can wash the mixer grinder jar using a warm soapy solution. This is done to avoid any stickiness or oily surface which can result in accidental cuts while performing the task.
  2. Remove the Blades: After cleaning the jar, you now need to remove the blades. In order to remove the blades, you will first need to remove a small bolt which keeps the blades in place. Unscrew the bolt and disassemble the blades. This video walks you through the entire process of how you can remove the blades from the jar
  3. Re-wash the Blades: Now rewash the blades but be careful about it. You can wear gloves for protection.
  4. Sharpen the Blades: Now run one of the edges of the blade against a sharpening stone. Make sure you soak the sharpening stone in water for at least 45 minutes before you begin sharpening your mixer grinder blades.
  5. Sharpen Other Arms of the Blades: Sharpen Once you are satisfied with the sharpness of the blade, you can move forward to sharpening to another blade. Words of caution, while sharpening the blade try to run the blade away from your body to avoid any accident.
  6. Re-assemble the Blade in Jar: After you have sharpened the blades, repeat the process to re-assemble the blades in the jar.

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Now that you know how you can sharpen the mixer grinder blades at home, it’s time for you to put this knowledge to practice. Sharpened mixer grinder blades speed up the entire the process of grinding and mixing. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the condition of the blades especially that of the dry grinding jar.

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