After spending over 50 hours in research and comparison of over 40 food processors, we believe Inalsa Fiesta is the best food processor for most Indian kitchens. This food processor is a great combination of good features at great price.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an assistant who could help you in your daily tiring kitchen routine? A good food processor can be your reliable kitchen assistant helping you out in your daily food preparations.

Did you ever think that you do not need a food processor because you have a mixer grinder at home? Most urban homes in India have mixer grinders but a food processor can do a lot more than a mixer grinder.

Along with everything that a mixer grinder can do, a food processor can also be used for chopping, slicing, dough/atta kneading, egg whisking, vegetable shredding, and fruit juices.

So, talking in terms of the kind of work an appliance can do, a mixer grinder is better than a hand blender and a food processor is better than a mixer grinder.

A food processor not only makes cooking faster but it also reduces your effort and makes cooking more convenient.

Buying the best food processor requires careful evaluation of the options at hand and this post will help you in doing just that in a matter of minutes.

Let’s first take a look at the things to check while looking for the best food processor in India.

Food Processor Buying Guide – Things to Look for in a Food Processor

The food processors come in a great variety and choosing one from all the similar-looking ones can be quite challenging, especially if you do not know about the things to look for in the best food processor. Here is a list of all the essential features you should look at while buying a new food processor.


The power of the food processor is one of the most important things that you should look at before buying a food processor.

A food processor with a powerful motor not only provides you longer continuous runtime but also provides you the required power to complete all that tough grinding and mixing without any problems.

On the other hand, a food processor with a weak motor will not only take longer to complete the tasks but will also frequently shut-down because of overload.

If you plan to use it for highly intensive tasks then god for a food processor with 1000-watts motor else any food processor with 600-watts or higher motor is sufficient.

Price & Warranty

Price is the first thing that you check for any product when you are looking to make a new purchase. A food processor is no different. Buying a cheap food processor that hardly meets your daily requirements is as bad a decision as buying one that is too expensive and is rarely used.

You should first decide on the maximum that you would like to spend and then identify the best option in that budget. Going for the best features and not looking at the price can result in burning a fat hole in your pocket.

Like most kitchen appliances, when you buy a food processor, you expect it to last for several years and therefore it is very important to look for quality products that offer longer warranty periods.

While a long warranty period is no guarantee for the quality and durability of the product but it gives you an idea of the trust that the brand has in its product.

An extended warranty covers your investment in case of any manufacturing defects and premature failures.

You can find good food processors priced anywhere between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000.

Attachments & Accessories

Most kitchen experts believe a food processor is only as good as the attachments and accessories it comes with. A food processor without good attachments will not fulfill its purpose.

Most food processors come with a host of accessories like the blades for specific purposes, jars, the bowls of various sizes, whisking attachments, the dough kneader or the accessories to turn it into a juicer at times.

Carefully look at the list of accessories and attachments to make sure the food processor comes with the attachment or accessories that you may need. Also, make sure the accessories and attachments are durable enough to last for long.

But always remember, many of these attachments are never put to use by most Indian homes. So you should always keep a balance between other important features and the no. & type of attachments.

Ease of Use

Food processors come with a lot of parts and attachments like jars of different sizes for better grinding, mixing, and crushing, blades for chopping or mincing and many more. The food processor is not a simple mixer grinder but does a lot more work to manage the kitchen activities.

Buying a food processor matching the volume of work is exceptionally essential apart from the ease of using and cleaning it after use.

Often under-capacity food processors are made to overwork, forcing them to wear and tear at regular intervals. It is best to define the purpose and then buy as per the need.

The weight, the controls of the speed, ease of cleaning, and detachable attachments, are some of the many factors that should be considered while purchasing them.


The speed of the food processor depends on the capacity of the motor and can be controlled by the speed selectors. It may be kept in mind that the wrong speed may not bring out the desired efficiency of the equipment.

Some food preparations and mixtures may require churning at very low speed while some may require faster churning and mixing.

Food processors come with various speed controls to perform specific work and looking at the speed controls while buying them is a wise approach for selecting the right kind. Always choose a food processor that comes with variable speed control that has at least 3 or more speed settings.

Size or Capacity

Size and capacity is another factor for selecting the right food processor. A household of two does not need huge bowls or multiple bowls. It will be a waste of material as only a substantial amount of materials can be processed desirably.

Again for a big family, the small containers would be undesirable as the same work needs to be done repeatedly. The capacity of the jars and the motor should be gauged while purchasing a food processor to get the best deal working with them in the kitchen.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the food processors is necessary after every use; else the leftover food may lead to bacterial buildup, stinking smell, and frequent maintenance issues. Yes, cleaning the food processor is a bit of precision work and buying the ones that can be cleaned quickly and efficiently is always preferred as it minimizes the time spent in the kitchen.

Let’s review the top 9 food processors and find out how they perform.

Top 9 Food Processor Reviews

1. Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor

It is one of the best food processors that is not only budget- friendly but also comes with a host of features. It is the best selling and one of the highest-rated food processors on and we are not surprised at all.

Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt

Powered by the 650-watt copper motor, it blends, chops, mixes, kneads or whisks the ingredients quite quickly.

3-speed settings and the pulse function lets you choose between three different speed settings to control your chopping, shredding, and grating. The pulse function provides the extra boost of power when required.

Forget the worries of overload as the food processor automatically shuts off sensing overload, saving the motor from burning out.

The blender jar has a capacity of 1.5 liters, allowing the user to have enough blended material in single-use.

The multipurpose grinding jar is made of stainless steel and has a volume of 1 liter so that one can grind whole spices and spice seeds to have a fine powder.

Inalsa Fiesta food processor comes with a whole range of attachments, which can be swapped easily. All the attachments are easy to use, remove and clean.

The 1-litre multi-use polycarbonate processing bowl is unbreakable and features a lovely handle to carry or transfer the processed food. It is easy to detach and clean.

Jars & Bowls – 1 L Stainless-Steel Grinding Jar, 1.5 L Multi-Purpose Blending Jar, and Processing Bowl.

This food processor comes with four safety features:

  • The food pusher is designed in such a way that it restricts the accidental entry of hand.
  • The blending jar won’t start, until and unless the lid of the processing bowl is closed properly
  • The processing jar/bowl won’t turn on until and unless the protective lid of the blending side is closed properly
  • Overload protection switch automatically shuts off the food processor in case of overload or overheating

Let’s look at what all can you do with the Inalsa Fiesta.

The chopping blade lets you easily chop onion, ginger, garlic, chilies, cauliflower, palak & other leafy vegetables. You can also crumb bread, crush ice, mince meat and prepare smooth tomato puree. The chopping blade is the perfect attachment for preparing the perfect, batter for vadas, idlis & dosas, mango crush, and onion paste.

The slicing blade can slice a wide variety of vegetables like cucumber, cabbage, and potatoes.

Depending on your requirement you can use the fine and coarse shredding blades for shredding lauki, carrot, and mooli.

Make market-like French fries with the French Fries cutter.

The plastic blade kneads atta, mashes potatoes, shells peas, creates the perfect batter for cakes, makes salad dressing, whips cream and churns cream for butter.

Whisk eggs with the whisking disc.

The centrifugal juicer with filter is ideal for making healthy and hygienic juices of carrot, orange, coconut milk, and soup straining.

Make mouth-watering and delicious milkshakes in the blender jar and use the dry grinding jar for grinding spices and for making chutney.

This food processor from Inalsa is the best value-for-money food processor as it comes with all the required features at a very attractive price. This is not all, the manufacturer provides 2 -years warranty on the product and 5-years on the motor, keeping the user away from all the maintenance worries.

The kneading is perfect with this model of the food processor by Inalsa.It does not come with a citrus-juicer attachment.
The price is in the mid-range, but the features provided are almost at par with any high priced food processor.The lock button sometimes gives trouble while unlocking the jars from the central unit.
Easy to use and easy to clean.Build quality is not that good.
It comes with all the required safety features.No separate chutney jar.

2. Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 Food Processor

This 700-watt food processor from Inalsa gives enough power to do it all like grinding, mixing, blending, juicing, kneading, cutting, chopping, and many more.

Inalsa Food Processor Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700-Watt

The grinding jar has a capacity of 1 liter, and the 1.5-liter blender jar is enough to suffice the need for a medium-sized household. Those who love to have chutney then this 3-jar blender is perfect as it comes with a separate 0.4-liter chutney jar.

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 food processor is very similar to Inalsa Fiesta food processor. Priced a little higher than the Inalsa Fiesta, Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 features some extra benefits.

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 comes with a more powerful 700-W copper motor. It also comes with a separate chutney grinding jar, citrus juicer, and two additional cutters in the form of an extra slicing cutter and coconut shredder cutter.

Apart from the above extra features & benefits, the design, safety features, type of attachments and controls are all as same as the Inalsa Fiesta food processor.

The variable speed, along with pulse function, gives you complete control over its operation. This food processor is very easy to use and comes with all the required safety features. All the jars and attachments can be easily attached and detached for cleaning.

You also get a CD with a detailed demo of the food processor and how to use all the different attachments.

The overload shutoff system automatically shuts down the motor, in case of overload or overheating, preventing damage. The unit can again be restarted after pressing a button at the bottom after waiting for few minutes.

Use the citrus -juicer that comes as an attachment and make healthy and hygienic juices to stay energetic all day. The centrifugal juicer lets you make juice from a carrot or make the coconut milk or soup straining and many more.

The design is so compact that it fits comfortably on the kitchen slab, and there is no need for extra tables.

The price of this food processor is not at all high compared with the features it has and fits the budget of most households.

The blender is perfect for making tasty shakes, and the jar is big enough.The noise level is a bit high when compared with other Inalsa model, this may be because of a powerful motor.
It comes with all the required safety features.Build quality is not that good.
The product is lightweight and easy to use.The French fries cutter does not work as intended.
The price is on the lower side, and it is value for money product.The width of the food pusher is so less that you can’t push a medium-sized tomato or potato. You’ll have to first cut it into pieces before slicing or chopping.
Kneading and chopping are very good.

3. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11

This is a 600-watt food processor from the house of Bajaj that is an impressive all-rounder.

Bajaj Food Factory FX-11 600-Watt Food Processor

It comes with 3-jars, two stainless steel, and one polycarbonate. The chutney jar is 0.3-liter, the grinding jar is 1 liter, and the liquidizing or blending jar is of 1.5 litres.

The interlocking system of the jars of the processor with the main body prevents accidents and injuries while working. The processors will not start to work if not interlocked properly.

One can take advantage of the 3-speeds with incher or pulse function to make the grinding or the batter perfect. It also has an overload protector that shuts down the device in case of overload.

The food processor comes with a warranty of 2 years and 5 years on the motor. The build quality of the main unit, the jars, and all the attachments is quite durable and sturdy.

Baja Food Factory FX 11 comes with 14 different attachments to perform specific works including chopping, mincing, slicing, juicing, atta kneading, shredding, grinding, making the process of cooking more convenient.

It comes with a complete set of attachments and safety features.The weight of the food processor is around 8 kg, and many may find it tedious. However, the heaviness reduces the vibration of the equipment while at work, giving the perfect outcome.
It includes both centrifugal and citrus juicers, along with chutney jar. The French fries cutter is not good.
Cleaning is quite easy as the bowl opens from the underneath.The noise level is high.
The build quality is quite good.

4. Inalsa INOX Food Processor

Out of all the food processors that we have reviewed, Inalsa INOX definitely features the most beautiful looks and design. This is undoubtedly the best food processor in terms of looks and design.

Inalsa Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt

The compact design and attractive stainless steel looks make it a perfect fit for any neatly designed kitchen.

Another striking uniqueness of this food processor is its single motor design. While most food processors feature separate motors for the processing bowl and the blender/grinding/chutney jar, Inalsa INOX has a single motor. The unique single motor design is what enables this food processor to pack such power and features in this compact body.

If you want to blend, grind or make chutney, just fit the respective jar and if you want to chop, shred, slice, knead dough or extract juices then simply fit the processing bowl and use the respective attachment.

The Inalsa Food Processor is a powerhouse and works like a bull in the kitchen with the 1000 watt motor fitted in it.

Inalsa INOX comes with a whole range of accessories and attachments like:

Chopping Blade, Kneading Blade, Coarse Slice/Coarse Shredder Disc, Fine Slice/Fine Shredder Disc, French Fry Cutter, Centrifugal Juicer, Citrus Juicer, 1 Litre Dry/Wet Grinding Jar, 1.5 Litre Blender Jar, and 0.4 Litre Chutney Jar

Those who love chutney will not be disappointed as it comes with a stainless steel chutney jar that has a capacity of 0.4 liters. Even the juice lovers will not be disappointed since this food processor comes with both a citrus juicer and centrifugal juicer for preparing fresh and healthy juices in minutes.

The 1.5 Litre transparent blender jar is big enough to prepare milkshakes for the complete family in a single cycle. The blender jar has a volume scale to help you always prepare the right quantity of food or drinks.

The dual pusher system allows any size of vegetable or fruits to be crushed or mashed easily.

The company offers a 2-year warranty on the accessories and 5-years on the motor.

The 3-speed rotary switch with the pulse provision gives the exact speed to have an excellent mix or blend needed for cooking and making palatable dishes and juices.

Dough kneading definitely requires some skill and effort and if you always find that difficult then this food processor is all you need. Simply attach the kneading blade and add the dough and water in the right quantity to make soft and fluffy dough without much effort.

Although it has a 1000 watt motor, it is incredibly lightweight and weighs just around 5.7 kg making the processor easy to handle.

This food processor comes with a very powerful 1000 W motor.The plastic used in the jars is not that good.
Beautiful and ultramodern design, requires less space on the kitchen top.The price is on the higher side.
The build quality of the main unit, the jars, and the attachments is quite good.
Large processing bowl of 2.4 litres.
Cleaning the food processor is easy as the blades and the bottom part of the jars can be separated.
The noise level is low compared to the motor capacity and torque.
Compact design, requires very limited space.

5. Philips HL1661 Food Processor

One look at the Philips HL1661 is enough to catch your attention. This food processor from Philips features a very elegant and compact design. It takes very little space on the shelf and is very easy to store and maintain.

Philips Food Processor HL1661

The Philips Food Processor HL1661 is powered by a 700-watt motor to provide enough torque for mixing, grinding, kneading blending, slicing and much more.

The build quality of both the central unit and the jars, attachments is quite good. All the blades, jars and attachments are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.

It comes with a chutney jar that is a bit small but works perfectly. The transparent blender jar is perfect for making shakes and smoothies at home.

It comes with the slicing, shredding and chopping blades to get the ideal cuts and make lip-smacking cuisines.

The bowl capacity is quite big, and the size is 2.1 liters. The blending jar capacity is 1 liter. Apart from the blending jar, you also get stainless steel dry grinding jar and chutney jar.

The food processor has 2-speed controls and includes the pulse feature. The company gives a 2-years warranty on the motor and the accessories.

All the accessories and attachments are dishwasher safe.The warranty period on the motor is less as compared with other brands.
The base is sturdy and reduces the vibration of the food processor during operation.No French fries cutter.
The processing bowl is large. With 2.1 litres you get enough capacity for the complete family.A citrus juicer is not included.
The accessories are easy to assemble, and the processor can be put into work in less time.The price is on the higher side and may not fit every pocket.
The material quality is good, and the size is very compact.

6. Inalsa Maxie Premia

Using this 800-watt food processor in the kitchen saves time and energy and finishes the food preparations perfectly.

Inalsa Maxie Premia 800-Watt Food Processor

The food processor is compact in design and easy to handle in the kitchen. The high gloss silver paint finish gives it a premium look.

It comes with 3-jars, and they are volume-wise big enough to handle the kitchen needs of any household. The polycarbonate blender jar is of 2 liters, the stainless steel dry grinding jar is of 1 liter, and the stainless steel chutney jar has a capacity of 400 ml.

It is a food processor and includes centrifugal and a citrus-juicer to make tasty juices to the delight of all.

This Inalsa food processor comes with all the required attachments to fulfill all the kitchen needs and make perfect preparation for cooking. It comes with both centrifugal and citrus juicers which is a must-have for people who love hygienic juices prepared at home.

3-rotation speeds and the pulse function let you complete all the food preparations precisely and comfortably. The blue LED indicator near the speed dial not only enhances the look of the food processor but also acts as a safety indicator.

The anti-skid buffers on the bottom help to reduce the vibration and skidding while the processor is at work in high torque.

It comes with 2-years motor and 5- years’ accessories warranty.

The design and finish look attractive.The price does not look that attractive.
It is dishwasher proof, and that saves a lot of time for cleaning the accessories and the bowls after using it.The rubber parts get damaged and need to be replaced frequently.
All the 3 jars and the processing bowl have good capacity.
All the important attachments and accessories are included.
It is also UV painted having a high gloss and looks beautiful.
It comes with all the required safety features.

7. Morphy Richards Icon Dlx

The Morphy Richards Icon Dlx is the kitchen assistant you always wanted. This is a beautiful looking food processor that features an ultramodern and very compact design.

Morphy Richards Icon Dlx 1000-Watt Food Processor

The compact design makes it ideal for a kitchen with limited counter space.

It’s elegant and practical design offers an optimal balance of style and stability for the diversity of tasks it can accomplish. This food processor comes with 6 stainless steel blades that can chop, knead, grind, blend, shred and slice to 7 different thicknesses.

At the heart of this food processor lies a powerful 3-speed 1000 watt motor that can handle even the most complex and tedious tasks with considerable ease. If you are looking for a powerful food processor that can take care of all your food preparation needs then this 1000 watt food processor is the one.

Save nearly 90% of the kitchen time using this 6-bladed and 11- attachment food processor and enjoy cooking in the least time. The attachments and the blades are suitable for 16 different functions for making a wide range of cuisines.

This food processor comes with 3-jars and one large multi-use processing bowl. The chutney jar has a capacity of 400 ml, the grinding jar is of 1 liter, the liquidizing jar is 1.5 liters, and the processor bowl has a large capacity of 2.4 liters.

It also comes with the centrifugal as well as citrus- juicer and the kneading blade for kneading fluffy atta for soft rotis.

This Morphy Richards food processor comes with a 2-years warranty.

The 3- speed rotary regulator along with the pulse function helps to get the ideal mix and blend.The price is a bit higher.
With 4 -jars it gives enough option to use them for specific work.Only 300 grams of atta can be put on the kneader, and any more quantity fails to make the perfect dough.
Compact and attractive ultramodern design.The jar quality is not that good, and the transparency blurs after a few washes.
The slicer blades can be adjusted to get the right thickness while slicing any vegetables.The noise level is high.
There is a suction cup at the bottom of the central unit, and that reduces the vibration, noise level and keeps the unit firmly attached to the kitchen top when working.

8. Inalsa Craze Dx

Inalsa Craze Dx is yet another affordable food processor from Inalsa that offers a very good value for its price.

Inalsa Craze Dx Food Processor

While the Craze Dx comes with all the required accessories and attachments, the build quality of the attachments is not that great. So if you are looking for a highly durable food processor for heavy use then you may want to consider some other food processors mentioned above.

But this food processor is a very good choice for people looking for an affordable food processor that comes with a complete set of attachments. Most homes never use all the attachments that come with the food processors and most of these attachments are very rarely used. If you think your home falls in this category then this food processor can be a good fit for your home.

Talking about the features, this 700-watt food processor comes with all the 3 required jars: blender jar (1.5 L), dry grinding jar (1 Litre), and chutney jar (400ml).

The full range of attachments includes polycarbonate bowl, centrifugal juicer, fine slicer, coarse shredder, fine shredder, French fry cutter, chopper blade, atta kneading blade, egg whisking blade, 2 food pushers, and spatula.

The compact design is supported by legs with suction type bottom that provides a firm grip on the kitchen counter. The dial type speed control looks stylish and is easier to operate.

The food processor comes with 2 years warranty and a 5-years warranty on the motor.

Affordable price.The build quality of attachments and accessories is not good.
Compact design.No citrus juicer.
Full range of accessories and attachments.

9. Morphy Richards Icon Superb

If you are someone who has an eye for design and beautiful things then you won’t look beyond this Morphy Richards food processor.

Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-Watt Food Processor

The food processor is not only compact but looks absolutely stunning the dual-color metal finish. This food processor will add that oomph to your neatly designed ultra-modern kitchen.

Unlike other food processors that have two separate motors for jars and processing bowl, this food processor features a single motor for all operations. This is the main secret behind such a compact design.

And you will be surprised to know how much power this compact looking food processor has. The 1000-watt powerful motor is what gives this food processor all the power to run for longer and perform all the seemingly difficult food processing tasks.

The big dial control in the center not only looks very stylish and ultra-modern but also gives you complete control over conveniently switching between 3 different speed levels and a pulse mode.

The build quality of all the jars and attachments is very good. The 3.2 L (operating volume is 2 L) processing bowl is highly durable and the big handle makes it easy to use. 1.5 L liquidizing jar, 0.7 L grinding jar, and 0.4 L chutney jar.

It comes with 6 different types of blades for kneading, chopping, fine/coarse shredding, 7-step unique slicing, multifunction, and finger chips/French fries. Citrus juicer and centrifugal juicer attachments are ideal for fruit and vegetable juices.

Very stylish and compact design.High price.
Powerful 1000-watt motor.
Build quality of the main unit and all the attachments is very good.
It cComes with both centrifugal and citrus juicers.

Food Processor – FAQs

1. What Brand of Food Processor is Best?

There are many brands of food processors in the market. And it would be very difficult to pick any single brand as the best brand of food processor.

However, what we can tell you is, if you are looking for a value for money food processor then Inalsa would probably be the best fit for your home. And if you have a little higher budget and are looking for stylishly designed food processors then Morphy Richards and Philips are considered the best.

2. How Many Watts Should a Good Food Processor Be?

Unless heavy and robust usage of a food processor is required, it is best to buy a food processor working between 650 to 700 watts. It is enough for a household where the processors are not overworked. It also cuts down the electricity bills to a much extent that otherwise inflates due to using a processor with unnecessarily high wattage.

3. What is the Difference Between the Food Processor and Mixer Grinder?

The functionality of the food processor is much more as it can blend, mix, grind, make juice, and most importantly knead. Whereas a mixer blender mainly functions as a grinder and blender and can make shakes and mocktails. With a food processor, one can cut vegetables, make juices from fruit, knead atta and make the dough, but with a mixer grinder, you cannot do all this.

4. Can a Food Processor Be Used as a Juicer?

The food processor can be used as a juicer if it has centrifugal or citrus-juicer attachments. Without them, it is challenging to make juices in a food processor, and one can only get a thick paste and not pure juice.

The Final Verdict

A food processor is a must-have in every kitchen these days. One should carefully choose a food processor because a wrong choice can ruin your cooking experience and burn a hole in your pocket.

Going through the experiences, it is best to purchase the Inalsa Fiesta or the Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2. They both work perfectly. Pricewise they are also quite affordable when compared with other brands and. So why pay extra when you can get the best food processor at an affordable price.

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