Winter has its own beauty. Nature gets ready with snow and dusts away the surroundings with the cold wind. Heaters work as lifesaver within the home.

Room heaters are quite effective in providing instant warmth. But does it mean that there is no way you can stay warm without a room heater?

Of course not, for if you care to think, you will come across many ways to beat the chill even without heaters!

Yes, if you know a few smart tips and tricks you can easily achieve this without any worries.

So, let us take a look.

The 10 tips given below will help you understand how to keep your body warm naturally without using a room heater.

1. Don’t leave any crack or gap in Windows and Doors

Cracked Window

The wintry north winds bring in the chills, and if you leave open any crack in your door or window the winds will enter your room; then you cannot help but ignite the heater anyway. But, concentrating on sealing off the door and window cracks can help you greatly. Curtains help in this purpose. Heavy curtains control the wind flow of your room. Therefore, investing in a good quality curtain can pay off in winter by helping you in saving money from a heater.

2. Keep the Doors of Your Room Closed

Keep Doors Closed

Keeping your living room’s door closed can help in keeping your room temperature warmer than normal. Closed doors help in lowering the airflow from outside to inside. Therefore, the cold wind stays outside. Besides, closed doors prevent the warm air inside your room from flowing away outside. So the indoors remain warm and cozy.

3. Adding up Layers in Your Room can Keep Your Room Warm

Add Layers in Room

If your room’s floor is uncovered it can increase the need of a heater. Carpets and rugs are not only for adding up colour and style to your interior decor. They also help in keeping your room warm and cozy. Carpets and rugs are warm to touch and they absorb heat.

4. Use Warm Blanket as Cover on Your Bed and Couch

Warm Blanket Cover for Bed and Couch

Usually in winter beds and couches remain cold to touch. The thin bed sheets do not help much in keeping the bed warm. Instead of a sheet only, opt for a warm blanket. Layering up a blanket on your bed and couch can keep them warmer than before.

5. Hot Water Bags to Your Rescue

Hot Water Bag

The simplest trick to keep you warm without heater within your room is using a hot water bag. Place the hot water bags within your blanket and warm your hands and feet while sleeping and sitting. It is one of the most inexpensive tricks to help in keeping you warmer in the cold months.

6. Proper Dressing Up for winter

Dress Properly for Winter

Covering up only with sweater doesn’t help much. In the mountainous places where temperature runs in minus during the colder months, only a layer is not helpful at all. Warm fuzzy socks and gloves notably keep you warmer. When you are not physically active or taking rest cover yourself with a thick woolen blanket. Thermal shirts work greatly under a sweater. When you are lying on bed or sleeping at night be in your sweater and then wrap around a blanket.

7. Lanterns and Candles Help in Maintaining the Warmth


Lighting up a lantern or candle can also help in retaining the warmth of the rooms. They can be titled as inexpensive heaters. They may not produce warmth like the electric heaters but they somewhat produce warmth or the feeling of warmth around the room.

8. Yoga and Light Exercise Help in Keeping the Body Warmer

Yoga and Light Exercise

Sitting lazily always brings in a feeling of coldness within us. If you want to feel the warmth within your body then meditation is a great way to keep yourself warmer. Yoga or meditation helps in trick your mind and helps to feel warmth in yourself. If you concentrate on feeling cold the thoughts will wrap around your mind and the trick won’t effective. You have to indulge in the thought of feeling warmer and boom! You are hot enough now that you don’t need the heater anymore. You just need to stay active by moving your body or practice yoga postures to increase your body temperature.

9. Sip on Hot Tea or Coffee or Soup

Drink Hot Tea or Coffee

Warm liquid helps in keeping your body warm. To produce anything hot you need to cook and cooking itself increases the room temperature. So, sipping on hot beverages actually helps passively and actively.

10. Light a fire

Coal Fire for Staying Warm

If the temperature is down and making you uncomfortable then you can use those traditional portable stoves to light up some coal. The heat from the fire will heat the whole room. Once your room feels comfortable, you can douse the fire or put the stove outside. But always remember, never leave the fire unattended and never go to sleep while the fire is still burning.

Now you have 10 simple tips to help yourself in keeping your body warmer. Take help of these and enjoy the winter!

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