People living in many big and small cities in India have been forced to breathe in toxic and highly polluted air. According to a research titled ‘Global Burden of Disease’, every three minutes a child dies in India because of inhaling toxic pollutants in the air.

Are you worried about how polluted the air around you is? In today’s times, finding quality air to breathe is not only difficult; it’s practically impossible.

Government agencies, health organizations and people are now talking about the best ways to improve air quality. But looking at the gravity of the situation, and the fact that there are no overnight solutions, this requires some strict measures and a very strong will.

Until the air quality changes for the better, it is best to talk about some common preventive measures like wearing an anti-pollution mask, spending as little time as possible outdoors, and using an electric air purifier in homes and offices.

If you want to enjoy the breath of fresh air, an air purifier is the most effective way to fight indoor air pollution.

However, there are a number of myths associated with breathing in air from an air purifier, let’s look at what’s the truth.

The Myth

Although the use of air purifiers has been popularised by many, there are some people who are apprehensive about the use of air purifiers.

Some people are of the opinion that electric air purifiers are apparently bringing down our immunity. The argument that they give in support of this claim is, when you sit in a closed room with an air purifier, you breathe in purified air-air that is pure and free from any toxins.

However, you cannot stay in your room or home all day, nor can you walk around with an air purifier. Therefore, when you are out and exposed to polluted air, it may make you more prone to infection and pollution.

Some people are of the opinion that exposure to polluted air will actually build immunity and make people less prone to diseases.

You must have heard many people talking about how the previous generations had better immunity because they had a very raw lifestyle, people would stay outside of their homes for the most part of the day, kids would eat food if it fell on the floor, etc.

Basically, their argument is based on the assumption that previous generations had better immunity because their bodies were exposed to germs, as a result of which, their bodies developed immunity against all the disease-causing germs and pollutants.

If we were to believe this argument, then living in a polluted atmosphere for so long should have increased our immunity against the pollution, but that is clearly not the case.

This argument lacks logic and reasoning.

People simply want to believe that those in the historical era were well built against disorders because they were exposed to even harsher conditions. But, this is not the truth.

If you think our previous generations had better immunity against poor air quality because they were exposed to more of it then this is absolutely baseless.

The fact actually is, you heard a lot less of all the issues surrounding poor air quality because the ‘air was not so polluted’ then.

The Truth

When and if you are planning on buying an air purifier, you have to bear in mind that according to recent studies, air purifiers are not harmful for your immunity and are actually not a threat.

The fact is, resistance is simply not affected by the environment; it is a product of both your genetic endowment and your environmental influences.

So, merely the air around you cannot make or break your immunity.

In fact, the use of air purifiers has been linked to better respiratory function and heart health. While breathing polluted air has been linked to a number of physical damages as well as mental disorders like Amnesia, the use of air purifiers has been recommended by many.

And if you are worried about how to be safe from the greater risk of polluted air when you are out in the open, then also you can walk around much safely with an air pollution mask. Commonly known as N95 masks, they are very affordable and convenient to use and give you an effective shield against the harmful effects of poor air quality.


Now that you know the truth about air purifiers, it is time you invest in one because they are simply the best that you can have with air pollution skyrocketing. You can also use some indoor air purifier plants for naturally improving the air quality in your home and offices. Breathing fresh air for as long as you can, will actually save you from the negative effects of declining air quality.

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