In India, apart from the extreme heat, another major problem that we have to deal with is mosquitoes. While mosquitoes make lives hell in India all around the year, they become even more of a hassle to deal with during the summer and monsoon season.

It is absolutely impossible to coexist with mosquitoes because they are incredibly annoying and can also spread deadly diseases. So you need to equip yourself with some home remedies to keep mosquitoes from biting.

While knowing how to kill mosquitoes and how to get rid of mosquitoes is really important, you must know there are more than just simple solutions, and you have to try all of them before you can find the one best suited for your condition.

This post will show some of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes naturally and steer away from the danger of deadly diseases!

Prevent Mosquito Breeding

Mosquitoes multiply rapidly. If there is any source of stagnant water anywhere near your house, know well that it is a hotspot for mosquito breeding. For this reason, you have to abandon some reckless behavior and make sure that you make little effort to understand how to keep mosquitoes away.

1. Eliminate Stagnant Water

All breeds of mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water. The water here means stagnant water. The most crucial part is that they do not require a large quantity of it as well; they are good to go with just a little stagnant water.

The first step to eradicate mosquitoes is to reduce if not completely eradicate all sites with stagnant water. You will be shocked to know the things and places that can be a source of stagnant water.

Check Sources of Stagnant Water

A plant saucer with only half an inch of water is enough for these nasty creatures to grow and multiply in hundreds.

It only takes 8 to 10 days for the eggs to turn into adult mosquitoes. So dump out all potential things of stagnant water, this includes your dog bowls, plant saucers, old tires, broken buckets, bowls kept for birds, etc.

If you need to keep water in things like birds’ bowl, then replace the water daily because mosquitoes can hatch eggs in 48 hours, so the clock is actually ticking.

2. Get Rid of Junk

The worst part about mosquito breeding is that we don’t even understand when and where it happens. We have so much junk and garbage in our backyard or terrace, and we tend to forget about them.

Throw Away the Junk that Promotes Mosquito Breeding

What has to be kept in mind is that these sites can hold water for a long time offering a perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes to lay eggs and mature.

Old tires are one of the perfect examples as they don’t only hold a lot of water but also provide a warm and safe environment for mosquitoes to breed, which is very Hazardous.

Even if you can’t toss all the junk out, you have to then make sure to check on them especially after it rains and at least toss the water out of them.

3. Trim Plants and Grass

If you have a lot of untrimmed grass and shrubbery around your house, it creates the perfect spot for mosquitoes to not only breed but also hide.

Trim Plants and Grass

Grass and plants grow very fast especially during monsoons and you should definitely keep a check on it. You must use a lawnmower regularly and also keep your shrubs and plants trimmed so they do not become hotspots for mosquito hiding and breeding.

4. Plant Mosquito Repellent Plants

Did you know there are plants that repel mosquitoes?

Yes! Citronella has been long known as a plant that can repel mosquitoes. Many people use citronella oil in their house to keep mosquitoes away. You can also plant this in your garden as it will naturally keep mosquitoes away from your home.

Mosquito Repellent Plants

Another trick is to plant garlic around your home as it is believed to be a powerful barrier that keeps mosquitoes away. While these plants are somewhat useful, you will have to rely on several other ways of keeping mosquitoes away as these alone may not be enough.

Repelling or Killing Mosquitoes at Home

Unlike much of the natural predators found in the ecosystem, humans were not meant to be killers though they have been known to be excellent hunters. However, when you are at the epicenter of a mosquito infestation, you have to bring out the hunter in you and hunt these pests down until they are no more.

Repelling and killing mosquitoes are a few of the best ways to fight them, and there are many ways for you to do so. Here’s how you can kill mosquitoes naturally.

5. Use Mosquito Traps

If you have a machine solely dedicated to trapping and killing mosquitoes, it is a massive relief as they are a full-proof method. They employ heat, light and carbon dioxide to attract the mosquitoes and kills them either through an electric mesh/fence or by suffocation.

Hygiene 30W MEGA UV Tube Insect Catcher

While these mosquito trapping devices are a little expensive, it is undoubtedly an effective method that you must look into if you are really serious about keeping mosquitoes away from your home. You must keep in mind that all mosquito trapping devices don’t work alike.

You should always go for mosquito traps or mosquito killing machines which do not use any harmful chemical.

You can also check out our buying guide on the best mosquito killer machines in India to find one which is more suited to your needs.

6. Use Mosquito Sprays, Refills, Or Coils

In India, all households are equally prepared with the mosquito sprays, refills or coils. While some of these products are actually extremely effective, you need to try the ones from different brands in order to find out which one is best suited for your house.

Use Mosquito Sprays, Refills, and Coils

Mosquito sprays are generally fragrant and quite effective in driving the mosquitoes away from your home. Mosquito refills are by far the most efficient way to get rid of mosquitoes. The mosquito refill machines now come with standard/normal and active mode so you can use them accordingly.

Mosquito coils are especially hazardous if you or your family members have a breathing problem, and most mosquitoes in India have become quite habitual to these.

7. Community Fogging

One of the most important initiatives taken under by the municipalities all around India and across the world is community fogging.

In this method, a chemical substance is infused with water and then fogged around the entire neighborhood. This technique is by far the most effective way of killing mosquitoes on a large scale in a large open area.

Fogging for Mosquito

Fogging is generally done by respective municipal corporations during monsoon season and when there is a greater risk of mosquito-borne diseases becoming an epidemic.

Fogging is what kills mosquitoes the best, but it is definitely not the safest way as the fog or fumes are generally very dangerous.

That is why it is advised to stay indoors or cover your nose and mouth, with a mask or clean cloth, during fogging. If you are wondering how to repel mosquitoes on a large scale, the answer is right here.

8. Burn Essential Oils

While this method of killing mosquitoes is not widely used in India, it has been used in the west as one of the most effective natural ways of killing mosquitoes at home.

Essential Oils for Fighting Mosquitoes

In order to burn essential oils in your house, all you have to do is buy an oil burner. Then simply place a candle to heat up the essential oil of your choice. The best ones are usually citronella, catnip, eucalyptus or lavender or a mixture of these. The heat of the candle will infuse the aroma of the oil, which is repelling to the mosquitoes and creates a 2 to 3-meter long radius of the mosquito-free zone.

If you consider this as too much work then you can simply order an electric oil diffuser. The advantage of buying an electric oil diffuser like this one is there is no need to place a burning candle, all you have to do is just plug it in the electric socket.

Protecting Yourself from Mosquitoes

While the previous methods were more suited explicitly for keeping mosquitoes away from your house, you need to protect yourself from mosquitoes when you are away from your house.

There are some individual measures that you must take while leaving the house or even when you are inside the house. Please refer to the methods for protecting yourself from mosquitoes on a personal level. If you want to find out how to kill mosquitoes naturally, just follow the following steps.

9. Use Mosquito Rackets

When you are inside the house, and no matter what preventive measures you take you simply cannot get away from these mosquitoes. One of the more aggressive methods of killing mosquitoes is with the help of mosquito rackets, this mesh-like structure is charged with electricity and kills the mosquitoes almost immediately as it comes in contact with the mosquitoes. All you really have to do is aim for the mosquito and swing your racket like in a game of Table Tennis.

Best Mosquito Bat

The advantage of using a mosquito racket is – it is completely safe, chemical-free and gives instant results. But the limitation of mosquito rackets is – it requires too much manual effort, can only be used if mosquitoes are visible and in your reach.

If you have been wondering what kills mosquitoes the best, you have your answer right here.

10. Apply Mosquito Repellent on Skin

It is not possible to keep all your body parts completely covered with clothing when going out of the house. Therefore you must apply some anti-mosquito lotion or ointments all over your body, especially the parts which are not covered, to keep the mosquitoes away from biting.

Apply Mosquito Repellent Before Going Outside

A mosquito bite can be very dangerous as it may lead to dengue, malaria or several other deadly diseases.

Odomos’ is unarguably the most popular mosquito repellent cream in India. It contains 12% DEET and helps keep mosquitoes away for up to 8 hours.

But, if you are planning an outdoor camping trip then you may want to go for a strong repellent, like this one, that contains 30% to 50% DEET. It is actually even better to use oil-based mosquito repellents because they stay on the surface for a longer duration and do not wash away with sweat.

11. Keep Your Skin Covered

Wearing full pants and long sleeve shirts/t-shirts is one of the best home remedies to keep mosquitoes from biting, especially when you are outside. You can also try spraying clothing with anti-mosquito ointments or sprays as an extra layer of protection.

Keep Skin Covered to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Also, try to avoid wearing warm and dark colors during summer because mosquitoes are easily attracted to warm and dark colors. So if you are wondering what attracts mosquitoes, you have your answer right there.

12. Use Mosquito Nets at Night

Although this technique is ancient and one of the most traditional ways to keep mosquitoes away, this is yet the best one to have been discovered.

Mosquito Net

If you have open doors and windows in your home, this is actually the only full-proof way of keeping mosquitoes away from biting you. Always check your mosquito net for holes and make sure that you pack it tightly under your mattress so that no mosquito can enter.

13. Mosquito Proof Windows and Doors

This is actually one of the more advanced techniques of keeping mosquitoes away. Since it is challenging to understand where do mosquitoes hide in your room, it is best not to let them come inside your house at all.

Mosquito Proofing Your Windows

Most mosquitoes enter your home through open doors and windows. And it is understandable that not all doors and windows can be kept closed at all times because your home needs fresh air circulation. However, there are fine meshes available that can be stuck to your doors and windows.

The mosquito net or mesh will prevent mosquito entry even if you want to keep the doors and windows open for fresh air.

14. Try to Stay Indoors After Sunset

Since these notorious insects are more attracted to the dark, they are more rampant at night. So if you live in a mosquito-infested area, it is best to stay indoors, especially after sundown.

Stay Indoors After Sunset to Avoid Mosquitoes

For practical reasons, it may not be possible to always stay indoors after the sunset. If you have to step outside your home after the sunset then you should try to cover your skin as much as possible and use mosquito repellent cream on the exposed skin.

And if you are staying indoors then make sure to follow the above tips to keep your house free from mosquitoes.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, the best and the most full-proof solutions to not only kill mosquitoes but also keep them from breeding. If you can follow these simple steps all throughout the summer and monsoon season, you can be safe from vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and more!

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