After their invention, induction cooktops have indeed revolutionized the entire cooking experience into an easy and joyful task. The best thing is that it doesn’t heat up the cooktop which makes it suitable for amateurs and the messy cooks too!

If you are weighing options whether to buy an induction cooker or not, then keep on reading and decide for yourself. Apart from easing the whole process and being handy, induction cooktops offer a lot of benefits.

Let’s check them out here –

1. Speedy Cooking

Faster Cooking
Ask any homeowner who uses induction cooktops about its most prominent feature, and they would instantly reply back saying’ it’s insanely fast’, and that’s 100 % true! As the pan heats up way faster cooking takes less time. Unlike gas and other stoves, the induction doesn’t require the help of any other medium to heat up the pan. Rather it uses the electromagnetic forces to generate heat directly into the pan and the cooking gets done way faster! As soon as you put the pan on the cooktop and switch on the induction, the pan gets heated instantly, unlike in gas stoves where you have to wait for a few minutes for the pan to get heated!

2. Saves Kitchen Space & Looks Beautiful

Saves Space & Looks Beautiful
Induction cooktops save a lot of kitchen space because they are comparatively smaller than gas stoves. Also, if you are using a gas stove with a gas cylinder then the gas cylinder will occupy substantial space. And if you have piped gas then the ugly looking yellow gas pipes will spoil the complete look of your beautifully designed modular kitchen.

3. Assured Safety

Safe to Use
All of us have heard horrifying stories of gas fires and burns and we all know how dangerous gas stoves can be if not used with caution. But the induction cooktop doesn’t comprise of any flame or gas which comes at an advantage for individuals who are scared to go anywhere near the gas fearing of burns! Even if you accidentally touch the top of the cooktop your hands wouldn’t get burnt because even while cooking, the cooktop doesn’t get hot at all. As soon as you will switch on the dial, the pan heats up instantly pacing up the cooking! Similarly, when you are done and you switch off the dial, the pan cools down swiftly! Also, features like ‘Child Lock’ make induction cooktop safer than gas stoves.

4. Hassle-free Cooking

Hassle-Free Cooking
If you love cooking but are scared of all the hassles that come with it then try cooking with an Induction Cooktop and you would hate leaving the kitchen! Using the appliance is absolutely easy all thanks to its user-friendly controls. After switching on the dial, you can adjust the temperature more precisely than you were previously doing in case of gas cooktops. As you have better control over the cooking temperature, you can cook delicious foods without the fear of over or under cooking. In the case of gas cooktops, inconsistent heating leads to different results each and every time. It is this perk of induction cooktop which makes it the best choice for cooking even delicate meats and sauces perfectly!

5. Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean
Most of us run away from the idea of cooking just not to deal with the cleanup required afterward! Induction cooktops come with a smooth surface made of glass which is easier to clean. As induction burners don’t heat up the surface of the cooktop the chances of spills, splatters getting burnt on the oven are almost nil! And even if you accidentally spill, there is no need to worry and as soon as you finish the cooking you can wipe off the cooktop with a wet cloth or sponge. Now you can finish cooking and cleaning just to enjoy the delicious meal you have cooked without having to wait for the cooktop to get cooled because it never gets hot!

So now that you know what to expect from an induction cooktop, your confusion must be gone! Be very confident and bring home the best induction cooktop – it is definitely worth your investment.

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