Indian dishes are well-known all over the world for their rich texture and spicy taste that leaves people wanting more. Most of the Indian recipes involve a lot of deep frying and adding spices that give the dishes their special aroma. But the smoke from the spices and oil can make your kitchen messy and smelly which makes it very difficult to clean afterward.

As technology developed, various appliances have made our lives easier in the kitchen, be it cooking or cleaning. A kitchen chimney is such an appliance that can keep your kitchen cleaner by sucking in the smoke and grease released during cooking without altering the aroma of your food. An electric kitchen chimney is the most important part of the modular kitchen that has gained much popularity with modern households with their aesthetic appeal and efficiency.

Here is how a kitchen chimney can make your kitchen better and your life easier.

1. Keeps the Tiles Clean

Keeps Kitchen Tiles Clean
Installing a kitchen chimney can save your expensive tiles from getting greasy and dirty. Just imagine how much time & effort those stained kitchen tiles would require. This is the most significant benefit of using an electric kitchen chimney in an Indian kitchen. The chimney will suck in the grease-filled smoke and prevent the tiles from getting darkened. So an electric kitchen chimney can get you a clean and tidy kitchen without much hassle.

2. Protects the Floors, the Roof, and the Kitchen Cabinets

Protects Kitchen Cabinets
Indian kitchens that have no chimney installed can have greasy and dark roofs from the smoke. Also, the floors can get sticky, which cannot be removed even after cleaning regularly. The once gorgeous kitchen cabinets and drawers look like dingy and old even though you may have just installed them. All these problems can be solved by installing an electric chimney. You can get rid of the sticky floor, the tarry roof and the soiled cabinet doors with its help. The strong suction capacity of the chimney will keep your kitchen clean and tidy. However, you will need to clean the chimney filters once a month, which is much easier than cleaning the entire kitchen daily.

3. Odourless and Fresh Kitchens

Odourless Kitchen
Did your house ever smell like butter chicken or kadai paneer even though you have cooked them hours ago? It can be embarrassing and annoying to have your entire house smell like food. Moreover, the stubborn smell refuses to go even with repeated sprayings of the room freshener. You can get rid of all that trouble just by installing an electric kitchen chimney. The chimney will not only suck in the smoke and grease but reduce the smell as well. So you will get a clean kitchen that smells fresh too.

4. No more Sneezing while Cooking

Sneezing while Cooking
The variety of spices and condiments that make the Indian recipes the tastiest are the ones that can make you sneeze with their strong aroma. Spices like red chilly and pepper can irritate your nose unless the smoke goes away from the cooking area. Sneezing repeatedly during cooking can be unhygienic and also quite stressful for the maker. The electric kitchen chimney can solve this problem as well. It can suck in the odour and the strong aroma that is released along with it and relive you from sneezing repeatedly. Thus while it helps you cook peacefully, your food remains hygienic and as tasty as before because the aroma of the spices is not lost from it.

5. Looks Gorgeous

Makes Kitchen Beautiful
Do we need to say how stunning a modular kitchen looks with a stylish kitchen chimney? Even if you do not have a modular kitchen, installing a kitchen chimney can spruce up the appearance of any kitchen with its trendy designs. You can match the colour of the chimney with your kitchen decor and make it look chicer.


A kitchen chimney will be a stylish addition to your kitchen that can keep it clean, smelling fresh and make it look gorgeous as well. It makes your home more hygienic and is extremely helpful to prevent allergies and asthma by reducing the smoke from the kitchen.

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