Car Vaccum Cleaner Reviews Updated on Nov 26, 2019.

We’ve looked at over 30 different car vacuum cleaners for over more than 36 hours of research and comparisons, and we think that the Bergmann Supersonic is a great choice for most people. With its high speed 12 Volts motor, 3-stage filtration, attractive looks, flexible 4-foot hose, standard attachments, 4.5 meters long power cord and affordable price, it is the best value for money car vacuum cleaner in India.

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Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Supersonic is an ideal combination of great design, high performance, and affordable price. This compact & lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaner comes with all the required features.

While buying cars, do we think about how to maintain the interiors of the vehicle along with its exteriors?

A car’s interiors attract far more dust and dirt than the exteriors, and it affects our health directly.

Car vacuum cleaners not only help in keeping your car clean but also contribute to the better air quality inside the vehicle and protect the passengers from fine dust particles and their negative effects on health.

And if you ever tried to clean your car from inside then you must be familiar with how difficult it is to get rid of those stubborn dust particles. Unlike exteriors, the interiors cannot be washed away with detergent or even plain water.

But thankfully vacuum cleaners come handy in this case.

But wait, not the regular vacuum cleaner for home, but a vacuum cleaner specifically made for cars.

Now, the dilemma is most people do not know how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for car. Don’t worry, read our car vacuum buying guide at the end of this post.

So, here are the best car vacuum cleaners in India to take a pick from.

Are you concerned about the rising air pollution in your city? Looking for some solution to keep the air inside your car healthy and clean? You should think about buying the best car air purifier.

10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India (2019)

1. Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most compact and portable car vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner has a pocket-friendly price tag. This specific model has been brought into the market by Bergmann Germany. It is made of high-quality virgin ABS plastic material that vouches for an excellent performance with 12 volts /130w copper motor with high suction power.

It includes three filters in it, i.e., exhaust filter, HEPA filter, and mesh filter. All of these 3 filters can be washed and re-used. These things make this vacuum cleaner far better than the others, by allowing it to capture dust particles efficiently. It comes with a detachable 4.5m power cord that’s long enough to clean any SUV segment car.

The standard upholstery brush and crevice nozzle can clean most parts of your car. It is quite praised for its ultra-sleek design. The dust compartment is isolated. It has patented one-way dust flow. It benefits in preventing falling of dust when tilted. It works in a manner to flow the dust in a specific single direction. It is a bagless car vacuum cleaner. The dust box is transparent, so you can see when it is full and when you need to empty it. It can be used for cleaning both dry and wet surfaces.

Bagless vacuum cleaner Does not include an extension hose
Clever and elegant design
Perfect for cleaning both dry and wet particles
Pocket-friendly price
Easy to maintain and clean
1 year of warranty

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2. RNG EKO GREEN 200 Watt Cyclonic Power Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

RNG EKO GREEN 200 Watt Car Vacuum Cleaner

RNG EKO GREEN 200 Watt Cyclonic Power Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best car vacuum cleaners that can easily be used to clean up both wet and dry dust. Its cleaning performance is quite impressive. Besides, you can get the amazing features at a very reasonable price. This car vacuum cleaner with a blower can comfortably deter the dust, dirt, and all the useless wet and dry particles.

The HEPA filter and outside Mesh Filter can be easily removed, washed and replaced. The addition of long wire makes it possible to reach every single corner of the car for good hygiene.

It has a 5-meter long, high-quality cord for ease of use. While most cheap car vacuum cleaners come with a plastic fan motor, this vacuum cleaner features a metallic fan motor. The highly powerful 200 watt pure copper motor and metallic fan combine together to offer a high suction force of 5.8 KPA.

It has an LED-light for night operation.

Since this is a high performance car vacuum cleaner with quality hardware the weight is a little heavier as compared to the other. It weighs around 2.12 kgs and might feel heavy if you use it for long duration.

Talking about the accessories, this vacuum cleaner comes with accessories like extension mouth, extension tube and brush. The product also comes with a storage bag to keep all accessories and vacuum cleaner organized.

Pros Cons
High suction power of 5.8 KPA Little heavy
Good for both dry and wet cleaning options Generates 72 dB of noise but that is because of the high suction force
Comes along with 1 year of warranty Heat-issues when constantly used for a long time
Storage bag to keep the accessories organized
Easily removable and washable dual filters
5 meter long wire and complete set of accessories

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3. Black & Decker AV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker AV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Black & Decker AV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner is undoubtedly one of the best car vacuum cleaner in India that anyone can find today.

The complete car interiors can be easily cleaned using this model with its 5-meter long cord.

Like all good car vacuum cleaners this one also comes with a useful crevice tool and brush. The crevice tool lets you easily clean difficult to reach areas like gaps and lining of the seat covers. The brush tool is very useful for cleaning dust from mats and AC vents.

The twin action filtration system function sucks-up even the tiniest particles. The filters that are provided with this vacuum are washable and consequently would be saving a lot of time and money. AV1205 features a 12.5 watt motor for getting rid of dust inside your car. It is quite lightweight; weighs only 798gms; therefore carrying it from one place to another is easy and trouble-free. It can even be stored in the car whole the time as it just takes a little corner. The easy to remove dust bowl has 550 ml capacity.

Pros Cons
Ergonomic and stylish design Low suction power
Lightweight and easily portable
Bagless car vacuum cleaner
1 year warranty

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4. Black & Decker ACV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker ACV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker ACV1205 is known for unbeatable performance, value for money and durability. The material used to build it is of high quality and therefore ensures long-run, giving the best out of a customer’s money.

It is currently among the best car vacuum cleaner available in India with hundreds of good reviews and ratings.

Various attachments come along with this vacuum cleaner, like –a fabric brush, a carpet brush, long and short crevice tool, a carrying pouch, adapter floor extension and SA brush and Hose. Features double action filtration system, the role of the twin filtration system is to enhance the life and performance of the vacuum. This model works with cyclonic action that spins the debris and dust away from the filter to get a better suction power. It is capable of generating air flow rate of 800 litre/min; which is pretty remarkable. Weighs only 898 gms and it is compact. The capacity of dustbowl is 700ml.

Pros Cons
Multiple attachments for easy cleaning in hard to reach areas Little expensive in the comparison of competitive models
5 m power cord
1 year warranty
Double filtration system keeps the motor safe

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5. IGRID Car Vacuum Cleaner

IGRID Car Vacuum Cleaner

The IGRID portable car vacuum cleaner with a Stainless Steel HEPA Filter comes with a variety of modern features that cleans the car meticulously and effectively.

IGRID Car Vacuum Cleaner is loaded with the latest technology and innovative features. It can provide 4000PA (4 KPA) strong suction. It carries multiple filtration processes inside it, i.e., HEPA, triple Cyclone filtration and stainless steel filtration. The HEPA filter works to catch particles as small as 0.3 microns from escaping the exhaust flow. Its power cord is about 4m in length.

This vacuum cleaner has been designed keeping two important factors in mind, i.e., convenience and portability, hence assembling and using it is quite simple. It is capable enough of collecting the pet hairs, cigarette butt, peel, leaves, dust and everything from the car. This car vacuum cleaner also comes with standard accessories like a brush, extension pipe and suction tool.

Pros Cons
It is quite light in weight – only 889gm No clear information on warranty period
Good suction performance
The stainless filters are washable and re-usable
Bagless car vacuum cleaner

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6. ResQTech RSQ-CV101 Car Vacuum Cleaner

ResQTech RSQ-CV101 Car Vacuum Cleaner

ResQTech car vacuum enables both dry and wet use. It is the perfect appliance to clean the pet hair, crumbs, cigarette ash, water, dust, sand, dirt, etc. in the vehicle. This car vacuum comes equipped with a 100w motor that provides good suction force of 4300 PA – 4500 PA (4.3 KPA – 4.5 KPA) and emits a 75 dB noise.

Featuring easily detachable and washable nano filter, it can competently suck up all the dust and spilled over water to make your car interior clean. This car vacuum cleaner also has a 5.0 m long cord that helps to easily clean all kinds of difficult corners and areas. Elegant looking Hook Handle for effortless Multi position Vacuuming and Cleaning. ResQTech is one of the best car vacuum cleaner in India and comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Pros Cons
Attractive design, lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner Ejects dust making it messy in the car
Extra long cord makes it easy to use
Easy to empty the dust from the dirt box
Picks up even the smallest particles of dust making it highly efficient
Comes with the manufacturer warranty of 2 years

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7. Black & Decker ADV1220 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker ADV1220 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker ADV1220 is an ergonomically designed car vacuum cleaner that features a 12 W motor. The dust container can hold up to 610 ml of dirt. This vacuum cleaner comes with a storage bag, 1 long crevice tool, 1 brush tool.

It has a 5 m long cable that enables easy access to each area of the vehicle, even the boot. The long cord can be wrapped around the base for tidy and neat storage.

It has an extra long nozzle with wide mouth for sucking up large size remains. The flexible hose and brush can clean hard to reach with ease. Its extra long crevice tool is ideal for cleaning car seats. The cyclonic action rotates the dirt from the vacuum filter and ensures the optimal suction power. Its double filtration action provides high performance for long. Its quick release of nozzle helps in quickly emptying the dust bowl. You will get a 1-year warranty with this car vacuum cleaner.

Pros Cons
The dust bowl can be cleaned easily Suction power is not that great
Multiple attachments for cleaning up seats and other corners High Price
5 m long power cord that reaches the rear of even big cars & SUVs

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8. Bergmann Hurricane Hi-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Hurricane Hi-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

Manufactured with the use of strong, 100% virgin and excellent quality ABS substance, that makes it chemical-resistant, impact-resistant and scratch-proof. Its exclusive, original, sleek design is not just trendy look wise but is very useful in reaching out all the corners of the vehicle which makes it extremely comfortable to use. This portable car vacuum cleaner offers a good combination of high suction power, multiple attachments, and compact & lightweight design. It is powered by a 100W turbo copper core motor and weighs around 880 grams.

The dust container is bagless, but it comes with a dust box that is transparent, so you’re aware when to clear it. By just pulling the discharge button, the dirt box is detached. The motor core and 3m long cord are made of superior quality copper that makes the appliance energy efficient and heat-resistant. It comes with a Warranty Period of 1-Year providing you complete peace of mind. This car vacuum cleaner comes with 4 different attachments like a hose, wide brush attachment, crevice nozzle, and brush tool, to handle different types of mess and different areas.

Talking about the filter, it uses high quality, medical grade HEPA filter that have a long life span and are easily washable.

Pros Cons
Cleans the car floor very effectively The filter area is not air tight, which allows the dust to come out during vacuuming
Different kinds of nozzle let you clean all the difficult corners High Price
Good Suction power
1 year warranty

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9. Bergmann Tornado Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Tornado Car Vacuum Cleaner

Manufactured using tough, 100% virgin and high-quality ABS material, the Bergmann Tornado car vacuum cleaner is scratch-proof, impact-resistant and chemical-resistant. Its unique, patented, aerodynamic design not only looks trendy but is extremely helpful in reaching all corners of the car.

Bergmann Tornado Car Vacuum Cleaner features high quality, medical-grade HEPA filter, which are washable, keep the motor safe and have a very long lifespan. The cigarette lighter plug is also equipped with an inbuilt fuse. An extra fuse is also provided with the device separately just in case required. This Car Vacuum Cleaner is dual-purpose and are designed for both dry & wet usage.

The dust box is designed to be bagless. However, it has been fitted with a translucent bowl that collects dirt and is easy to empty. The motor core and 3m long cable are both made of high-quality copper, which makes the device energy-efficient and heat-resistant. It comes with a 1-Year Warranty Period from the manufacturer.

Featuring a 60W motor, 3m long cable, 2 attachments: crevice nozzle and brush, and bagless dust box, this car vacuum cleaner is a good value for money.

Pros Cons
The suction power is good The brush attachment is loose and detaches mostly from the inlet hole
It can vacuum all the dirt in the corners The power cord may not reach the rear parts of a big car or SUV

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10. AllExtreme AE-Q8801A Car Vacuum Cleaner

AllExtreme AE-Q8801A Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

The AllExtreme AE-Q8801A car vacuum cleaner is very handy. This is among the finest multi functional cleaning device that is light and portable – it weighs only 0.65 kgs.

It has a 4.5 m long power cord which lets you get to tricky areas and give your vehicle a new look and keeping it clean. It supports both dry and wet cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly HEPA filter which is removable and can be cleaned just with water easily. You can store it in about any place in your car. It is not too bulky that you have to leave it behind at home on a road trip. It has a direct plug for connecting to the socket of the car cigarette lighter that makes it all the more convenient while cleaning. Its overall dimensions are of 14 cm * 38 cm * 10 cm and has a maximum power of 120 watts, making it the best car vacuum cleaner with all the required features for cleaning a vehicle.

The standard accessories include extension hose, brush attachment and crevice attachment.

Pros Cons
Strong suction power of 4000 PA (4 KPA) The filter has gaps, so dust seeps out making it spread all around
The vacuum is small, so it fits well in the car
Easy to use
Long power cord for cleaning every corner

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Choosing a Car Vacuum Cleaner – Buyer’s Guide!

Now, when we are talking about car vacuum cleaners, not many know, or even if they know about it, they do not like to invest separately in such a product. Car owners are to be made aware that car vacuum cleaners are important, because the cushions, covers, and seats are subjected to several kinds of dust particles, and dirt all the time.

If someone has pets, the fur sometimes sticks to the seats and are dangerous for health. It is not always possible to carry around the vacuum cleaner from home when you need to clean your car interiors in a jiffy.

There are certain things which are to be kept in mind while choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your car. And if we are talking about choosing a car vacuum cleaner in India, then it has to be seen that what are the options available for cars designed for India and what would be best suited for their interiors.

The major points to be discussed while buying a perfect Car Vacuum Cleaner in India or anywhere else are:

1) Suction power

The most significant part of a vacuum cleaner, be it for home or Car, is its suction power. Without proper suction strength, the dust or dirt cannot be removed completely.

So be sure to check that the suction power is high.

2) Accessories & Attachments

These are important because, without the proper tools attached to the vacuum machine, one cannot clean the interiors of their car properly and systematically.

Brushes of all sizes, to clean covers, seats, and even between the car cushions and mattress, crevice tools, a bag to collect the dust, cleaning nozzles for wet and dry cleaning, and extension hose, etc.

In some cases, car vacuum cleaners come with blowers, which can be attached separately to blow off dust particles rapidly and efficiently.

3) Warranty

Warranty for a car vacuum cleaner depends upon the brand and the product model. Most car vacuum cleaners being sold in India come with a warranty of 1 year but some models offer warranties of up to 2 years. You should always buy a vacuum cleaner with at least a 1-year warranty. Do not go for the cheap low-quality ones that are being sold at throwaway prices.

4) Weight

The weight of the car vacuum cleaner is important because it directly affects the usability. A car vacuum cleaner that is heavy will make it difficult to use and maneuver. The advisable weight for a car vacuum cleaner is below two kilograms.

5) Length of Power Cord

The length of the power cord should be long enough so that the vacuum cleaner can reach all corners. If you own a big car or SUV then you should consider car vacuum cleaners with around 5 m long cord, for smaller cars 3-4 m long cord is sufficient. (Or, you can opt for a cordless car vacuum cleaner.)

6) Design & Build Quality 

The design should be ergonomic, easy handheld, compact and lightweight. The build quality should also be good so that the vacuum cleaner easily survives any accidental drops. The dust bowl should ideally be transparent so you know when to empty the dust without having to open it for checking.

You may also like to check out the best tyre inflators for your car.

Final Words

We have tried to cover all important aspects that one should look at if you are buying a car vacuum cleaner for the first time.

While buying a car vacuum cleaner one also has to check the cost and the performance. Higher performance means higher suction, and high-speed cleaning, which would increase the cost of the Car Vacuum cleaner, and vice versa. Do not forget to clean the Car Vacuum cleaner once a week to ensure the proper functioning of its motor and other parts.

Try to buy Car Vacuum cleaners online, since you can check the features and buy as per your requirement and also avail great deals. No single Car Vacuum cleaner is perfect and cannot perform every function, therefore, choose and decide what suits you and your Car best.

If you have any question related to car vacuum cleaners then leave a comment below.

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