After more than 40 hours of research and comparison of over 20 portable tyre inflators, we recommend the Bergmann Typhoon as the best car tyre inflator. It is among the quickest, it has an accurate pressure gauge, it’s easy to use, and it has a sturdy, metal body that makes it the best value for money.

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Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre Inflator in IndiaThis car tyre inflator features a 150 W, heavy-duty, high power solid metal air compressor. It can inflate a tyre of 145/70 R12 from 0 to 30 PSI within two minutes.

As per the latest road accident report by the Indian Government for the year 2017, road accidents resulted in over 400 deaths daily. As per the data in the report, there were 4,64,910 road accidents which resulted in 1,47,913 deaths. And a shockingly large number of people were injured, 4,70,975 to be precise (all figures as per Government of India report).

The stats in the Government report do not cover the accidents which are not reported. A large number of accidents go unreported because of various reasons; the numbers would have been very high otherwise.

A large number of these accidents were caused because of various mechanical defects in the vehicles. This report from Government of India classifies vehicle tyres as one of the main reasons for road accidents.

This is quite understandable because a large number of vehicles on Indian roads do not have the right tyre pressure. Tyre pressure is one of the most overlooked parts of vehicle maintenance and is often ignored.

This approach could prove very dangerous as over-inflated and under-inflated tyres not only affect your driving experience, vehicle maintenance cost, and fuel efficiency but also pose a serious threat to the safety of both vehicle and passenger.

Over-inflated tyres reduce the braking efficiency and are prone to bursts at high speeds, resulting in accidents. Under-inflated tyres result in poor vehicle handling, higher wear and tear, and more friction, leading to accidents due to lack of control.

Why Do You Need a Car Tyre Inflator?

The above discussion makes one thing very clear and that is the importance of having the right tyre pressure.

Forget tyre damage and the possibility of a life-threatening accident, have you ever thought of a situation of getting stuck on an isolated road because of a flat tyre?

Maintaining your vehicle’s tyres is a huge responsibility as it helps in saving time, money and most importantly your precious life, by giving your tyres a long life.

A damaged tyre can cause you serious trouble like getting stuck in the middle of an isolated highway, parking lot, forest, or anywhere else at any point in time. Damaged tyres can also cause serious road accidents which can lead to life-threatening incidents.

Over-inflation and under-inflation of tyres is the primary cause of early tyre damage.

In addition to that, tyres without the required air pressure make it very difficult to drive the vehicle and make it difficult to control the speed even.

Many times it happens that you are aware of the low tyre pressure but you are either too lazy or the nearest tyre repair guy is too far from your home. And you end up driving your car on low tyre pressure.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had some way of inflating your car tyres yourself and on the go?

Thinking about the pump you use to inflate the tyres of your kid’s bicycle? Well, that would require hours and litres of sweat.

Have you ever heard of ‘Car Tyre Inflators’? A car tyre inflator is one of the most important and must have car accessories. A car tyre inflator is a portable and very smaller version of the air compressors that you see in tyre repair shops. It draws power from the 12V output or the cigarette port of your car and inflates your car tyre effortlessly within minutes.

Investing in the best tyre inflator can help you get out of an emergency situation as well as help you maintain the tyres of your vehicle regularly.

Here is a list of the best tyre inflators with all the important details which you might require in order to buy the top-notch tyre inflator for your vehicle.

10 Best Car Tyre Inflator in India (2019)

1. Windek RCP AL1E 1902 Digital Tyre Inflator

This digital tyre inflator by WINDEK comes with a herculean compressor which increases the efficiency of the inflator and allows for fast inflation. With its auto-shutoff feature, it can prevent over-inflation by detecting the maximum limit.

Windek RCP AL1E 1902 Digital Tyre InflatorThe inflator also has a digital panel which displays the air pressure inflow during the inflation. Customers can easily track the air pressure in this way. Keeping in mind the terrain of Indian roads, this inflator comes in a very sturdy construction. This car tyre air pump is quite compact, and lightweight, allowing you to store it easily anywhere in your car.

It also features a small LED light which is very useful under low light conditions. The cord length of 3m makes it a perfect fit for even big SUVs.

Unlike the traditional analog pressure gauges, the digital display shows you the exact air pressure inflow The threaded nozzle design requires you to screw and unscrew, air leaks from the tyre when you try to remove it
Generates high air pressure for quickly inflating within a few minutes Noisy, high vibration requires you to hold it during operation
Compact & lightweight, can be easily stored anywhere in the car
Auto shut-off feature prevents over inflation
3m cord length for easy reach to all tyres

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2. Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator

Bergmann is now a popular brand of automotive accessories. Bergmann car vacuum cleaners are also rated among the best car vacuum cleaners. The brand has now come up with their all-rounder inflator which is not only quick but also convenient, ultra-portable, durable, robust, and safe.

Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre InflatorThe cable and the motor are made of high-quality and 100% copper which helps the device to be heat-resistant and energy-efficient. To prevent vibrations, the high precision gauge is complemented with good quality rubber bumper.

The air hose is made of braided heat-proof rubber which makes heat and wear-resistant. Unlike the cheap car tyre inflators, the length of the air hose is sufficiently long.

Anti-vibration rubber feet prevent unwanted jerks and movement during operation. This car tyre inflator features a 150 W, heavy-duty, high power solid metal air compressor. Metallic air compressor makes it sturdy and helps radiate out the heat to prevent wear and tear of inner components.

Metallic construction makes it sturdy and durable Analog display makes it difficult for some people to use it
It comes with a warranty for one year The rubber feet could have been larger to provide more stability during operation
Provides for superfast inflation which can inflate a tyre of 145/70 R12 from zero to 30psi within two minutes
The three meter power cord can reach all tyres comfortably
Comes with an extra fuse
This tyre inflator is complimented with LED lights which make it easier for the customers to use it even during low and dark light conditions
Comes with extra nozzles for inflating bicycle tyres, toys, balls, swimming floats etc.

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3. Michelin 12266 High Power Rapid Tyre Inflator

This tyre inflator comes from, Michelin, the world’s leading brand of tyres. This Michelin Tyre inflator has a pre-set feature that helps the customers to set the pressure which is required from beforehand. Its compact design allows everyone to carry it along with themselves for short and long trips.

Michelin Tyre InflatorYou can switch the unit of the digital pressure gauge between KPA, BAR, and PSI according to your requirement. This car tyre inflator can also be used as a power bank as it comes with a USB socket for charging phones. It has LCD Digital Display along with 1*12v Power Socket.

This car tyre inflator quickly inflates tyres from 0 to 30 PSI in just 3 minutes

The auto-cut off feature is excellent and works great to achieve desired air pressure Issues with the accuracy of digital gauge
It provides for rapid tyre inflation It is overpriced
LED light is useful during dark situations Threaded nozzle design
Power cable is long enough to reach all tyres easily
Build quality is good
Noise level and vibration is manageable

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4. AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator

Specifically designed for everyday travel, this car tyre inflator of 12V comes along with a carrying case which offers maximum portability.

AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre InflatorThe nearly 2 feet long flexible air hose provides sufficient length for easily reaching any tyre. It also operates efficiently with a free flow of 0.78 CFM at 0 PSI. You can set the desired air pressure and the auto shut-off feature will automatically turn off the inflator when the tyre air pressure reaches the set pressure.

It can work with tyres which have a maximum PSI rating of 120. With built-in LED lights and easy-to-read digital gauge, it allows for easy viewing of the tyre pressure and working compatibility even during dark or dim lighting. It provides reliable performance and convenient functionality.

Apart from the car tyres, you can also use two rubber blow tips and a ball inflation needle to inflate basketballs, footballs, air mattresses, inflatable water floats etc.

The ball-inflation needle and 2 rubber blow tips can be used for inflating air mattresses, rafts, footballs, basketballs, and more Carrying Case is way too small. It becomes very difficult to pull the device out of it and then again put it back after use
Has a sleek and slim design The digital gauge doesn’t have backlight, means you can’t see the air pressure reading in night
Comes with a storage cum carrying case The wire/cable compartment behind the product is very narrow, very tough to pull out & push in cable
LED light is very useful under low light conditions

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5. Coido 3326 Electric Tire Inflator Air Compressor Pump for Car

This 12V car tyre inflator provides for easy and fast inflation for any vehicle tyres or any other inflatable. It also has a built-in work light which illuminates the surrounding area. Its compact design helps for easy storage and portability.

Coido Tire Inflator Air Compressor Pump for Car TyresThis amazing product weighs only 399g which makes it one of the lightest car tyre inflators. It has a switch for starting and stopping the air compressor as well as for the flashlight.

This portable car tyre air compressor offers you complete value for your money.

We are really impressed with it’s compact and lightweight design. It has been intelligently designed with in-built storage and an easy to use handle for carrying it around.

It is equipped with a pressure checking gauge Noise and vibration level is high
Very lightweight and compact Has calibration errors & might display results which are not correct
Handle for ease of use and portability Takes more time to inflate as compared to some of the good car tyre inflators
Affordable price Analog pressure gauge
LED light for use in dark and low light conditions
In-built storage for power cord and air hose

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6. iBELL IBL CA12-95 Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator

This inflator is regarded as the real hero. Irrespective of being mini-size, it has a powerful copper motor of 180W for performing any heavy-duty task. The ergonomic power cord is long and flexible. The power cord is 3 meters long and easily reaches all tyres of your car.

iBELL IBL CA12-95 Heavy Duty Tyre InflatorThe inflator also features rubber feet at the bottom for minimizing vibrations and to provide greater stability during operation. Unlike, most car tyre inflators it also makes very little noise while in operation.

The bright LED light of this inflator comes to your rescue whether you are on a highway or in a dark basement. The LED light has two modes flicker and lit, the flicker mode can be very useful during the night on roads. It has an analog pressure gauge. And unlike other car tyre inflators, with an analog pressure gauge, the pressure gauge of this inflator offers very high accuracy. The pressure gauge shows the tyre pressure as soon as you connect the air hose with the tyre valve.

The spiral yellow air hose of this compact tyre inflator has been intelligently designed to let you easily connect to the tyre valve. The sturdy metal handle provides easy grip. The storage and carry bag, that comes free with it, is an additional bonus.

Comes with a warranty of two years Analog pressure gauge
Build quality of the compressor and air hose is very good Little heavy compared to other car tyre inflators
Easy to carry, portable, and compact design No auto shut-off
The air compressor is made of solid metal which provides high power and helps to ensure heavy-duty operations
Offers fast air filling
LED light with hazard/flicker mode
3 meter long power cable for easily reaching any tyre of your car
Highly accurate pressure gauge

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7. Coido 6312D Fully Automatic Tyre Inflator

This car tyre air pump has a digital air pressure indicator which represents the pressure which already exists in the tyres and also the air pressure which is being given to the tyre. It comes with an auto cut-off feature which automatically stops the inflow of pressure when the required air pressure is achieved.

Coido Fully Automatic Tyre InflatorThe thread type pressure nose fits easily and perfectly on the tyre valve to avoid any leakage of air. The 10 feet long power cable can be used for inflating any tyre or objects or vehicle.

You can set the desired pressure and the inflator automatically shuts-off when the tyre pressure reaches the desired pressure The build quality is not that impressive
Easy to read digital pressure gauge It does not come with a carry case which makes it difficult for the users to store it
Very lightweight, weighs only 798g It has heating as well as noise issues
Comes with different nozzles for bicycle tyres, inflatable toys and balls No LED light, may be difficult to use under low light situations

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8. Amazon Brand – Solimo Portable Digital Tyre Inflator

Apart from a compact size, it also allows for comfortable carriage. The auto shut off feature automatically turns off the device once the desired pressure is achieved. This feature not only saves the device from over-working but also the tyre from getting damaged because of extra pressure.

Amazon Brand Solimo Portable Digital Tyre InflatorIt also features an additional safety valve that protects the inflator against overload, making it more durable. It comes with a 3-meter long power cable and 1.5 feet long hose.

Automatically shuts-off when the tyre pressure reaches the set pressure Gets quite hot, cannot be used at a stretch for more than ten minutes
LED light for low-light conditions Build quality is not that good
It can be used for inflating footballs, basketballs, or any other objects
You can select your preferred pressure management unit – PSI, bar, kg/cm2
In-built storage for air hose and power cable

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9. Goodyear GY-117A Digital Car Tyre Inflator

It is a very compact, easy to use, and lightweight car tyre inflator by Goodyear which makes it the idle device to use during emergencies. This digital tyre inflator comes with an Auto-Stop Function and Pre-Set Function which not only makes it very convenient to use but also prevents the tyres from getting damaged due to high air pressure.

Goodyear GY-117A Digital Car Tyre InflatorThe digital pressure gauge does not only provide accurate results but it can be easily read.

The design and color combination look attractive. Light weight and single button operation make it easy to use. But this inflator does not feature any light which may prove to be a drawback under low-light situations

Trust of leading tyre brand ‘Goodyear’ Overpriced
Automatically shuts-off when the tyre pressure reaches the set pressure No LED light
Digital pressure gauge The build quality is not up to the mark
Attractive design and appealing color combination Takes a lot of time
In-built storage for power cable and air hose The accuracy of the pressure gauge is questionable
Very lightweight weighs only 399 grams

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10. Voroly Heavy Duty Car Air Compressor Tyre Inflators

This tyre inflator from Voroly is not only a tyre inflator but a complete tubeless tyre repair kit that comes with all the required accessories to repair a punctured tyre on the go.

One look at the product is sufficient to make you fall for it. The product is priced a little higher but given the features and accessories it comes with, you will get complete value for every single paisa that you spend on this best car tyre inflator.

Voroly Auto Shut-Off Car Tyre InflatorThe build quality of the inflator and all the accessories is good. The hardened carrying case is also quite good and very useful for keeping the entire kit together and reduces the chances of smaller parts getting misplaced.

The power cable is also quite long (3 meters) and easily reaches the rear tyres of even big SUVs. The backlight digital display lets you easily monitor the pressure readings even in dark light. Bright and long-lasting LED lights come in handy during night use.

You can set the desired tyre pressure and the inflator will automatically turn off once the tyre pressure reaches the set value.

Talking about the whole kit, apart from the inflator the kit includes useful accessories like – 3 extra nozzle pieces, super glue, 2 screwdrivers, pliers, 2 pieces of fuse, cutter, puncture kit, and the hardened carrying case.

The braided air hose is quite durable and easily wraps around the inflator in the hidden groove. The inflator comes with press type nozzle which is much easier to use as compared to the threaded nozzle. The anti-slip mat at the bottom provides the required stability against the vibrations during the operation.

Free puncture repair kit for tubeless tyres and carrying case Cannot be used for more than ten minutes at a stretch
Digital pressure gauge
Quick connecting nozzle for quickly connecting/disconnecting without losing any air
The cords are hidden which provides for zero mess
The noise is reduced during the use with the help of the two-way radiator
3 extra nozzles for inflating other objects like mattresses, toys, sports balls, etc.

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Buying a car tyre inflator is really important in these days especially in India as the roads are bumpy and recent surveys have also shown how people are stuck in the middle of nowhere at odd hours with a flat tyre. Not only is it scary but it is also very dangerous. Calling a mechanic is not always possible especially if you are traveling in the rural areas of India. That is why it is very essential for people these days to buy a good quality tyre inflator.

Apart from that, buying a tyre inflator is also economically very helpful as it saves the money which people use behind the mechanics. It also helps in saving the time as it removes the need for making unnecessary trips to the fuel station or the tyre repair shops. In addition to that, with tyre inflators, people can check the air pressure of their vehicle’s tyre before they leave for a long drive or outstation trip. Having the right tyre pressure is very important as it prevents the undue wear and tear caused due to excess or under air pressure.

Difference Between Air Compressor and Tyre Inflator

Air compressors are bulky machines which are used for pumping air and usually come with a large tank. A car tyre air compressor is larger and heavier than tyre inflators. As they work with pistons which compress the air, they always need more power for creating more pressure. That is why air compressors need an active electricity connection for their operation. They are not very portable as they are heavy and they are usually used in tyre repair workshops, fuel stations, and garages, where there is heavy work involved.

Whereas, tyre inflators are designed for inflating car tyres on the go. Car tyre inflators can also be used for inflating other objects like footballs, inflatable toys, basketballs, etc. They are smaller and lighter than air compressors and offer maximum portability. They come with various extra features like USB ports, emergency signals, flashlights, and more. Unlike air compressors which are quite bulky, tyre inflators can be easily kept inside your vehicle. They do not need a lot of power to create the required pressure and can easily work with the 12V socket in your car. Various tyre inflators also allow for phone charging which can be helpful during emergencies.

Air Compressors and Tyre Inflators have no comparison. Air compressors are designed to be used for professional and heavy work in garages, factories, and tyre repair shops. They are not suitable for everyday home use. Car Tyre inflators, on the other hand, are designed for lightweight home use and emergency situations.

Car Tyre Inflator Buying Guide

People at times fail to realize that tyre inflators are a real lifesaver. For instance, if you are stranded somewhere isolated with a flat tyre and with no one around for help, a tyre inflator can inflate your tyre within few minutes with you worrying about all the dangerous things which might happen to you when you are waiting for help.

Now, choosing the best tyre inflator can be a bit tricky especially if you are buying it for the first time. But there is no need for you to worry as with the help of this below-mentioned guide, you would be able to choose the best car tyre inflator in India without any difficulty.

Let us get started right away.

Auto Shut Off

Buy a device which seemingly knows about your requirements. Buying a tyre inflator which comes with an auto shut off function allows the device to get turned off automatically when the desired air pressure has been achieved. This function would make it very convenient for you to use the machine without you having to turn off the device manually. This reduces the chances of over and under-inflation. Tyres can burst if they are inflated beyond a pressure limit which they can handle. So auto shut-off feature is not only convenient but also increase the safety.

Digital Gauge

The Digital Gauge helps in displaying the air pressure which is already present in the tyre. It also displays the amount of pressure which is required and the final amount of air pressure which the tyre or the object might have after the operation. This helps in checking the air pressure very easily as the digital display provides for at-a-glance pressure check option. Digital displays come with backlight which makes it easy to work with the device even in the dark.

Analog pressure gauges, on the other hand, are not so user-friendly and some people find them hard to read.

Inflation Speed

Checking the inflation speed of the inflator before buying is essential so that you do not get stuck with an inflator which takes forever to inflate your flat tyre. A good device would not take more than four minutes to complete the job from zero to the required PSI.

It is important to note here that, some brands misled customers by stating high PSI values (like 300 PSI). The PSI value only indicates what the gauge can measure and does not reflect the power of the inflator.

The power of a tyre Inflator is actually determined by motor power-Watts and air pressure value in Litres/minute.

Build Quality

The difference between a top-notch and a cheap tyre inflator is their performance over time and how well they can hold up. The best quality inflators usually feature 100% pure copper motor which allows it to work efficiently and effectively for longer durations. This makes the device last longer than others. Build quality also includes reliability, sturdiness, and durability of the device.

Tyre inflators with metallic air compressors not only provide better heat resistance but are also more durable.

Size and Weight

Checking the size and weight of the tyre inflator is necessary as a small, compact, and lightweight device would help you to carry the device around with yourself without facing any difficulty. The inflator should also come with a device case which provides for easy portability. Small inflators do not even take up much storage space and can be easily carried in the trunk of your vehicle.

But do not compromise on the capacity or power of the inflator in trying to go for the most compact inflator, because at the end of the day, it is the performance that actually matters. A compact and lightweight inflator is of no use if it can’t inflate your car’s tyres in the times of need.

Continuous Run Time

Most of the devices cannot operate for more than ten to fifteen minutes. After the use, the devices should be left alone for about ten to thirty minutes for them to cool down as the compressors might get damaged in case they get overheated.

If you are buying the tyre inflator for a bigger SUV then you should always check the run-time because if the inflator gets hot before completing the job then it’s of no use.

Cord Length

This is an important factor to keep in mind as cords of longer length makes it convenient for the users to inflate any tyre. The power cord should be long enough to reach all four tyres of your car.

Look for car tyre inflators that have around 3 meter long power cord.

LED Light

Lights are a must when you are buying a tyre inflator. The LED light would help you to use the device when you are inflating your tyre in the dark

Price and Warranty

To buy an effective, efficient, and good quality tyre inflator you should always go for a device which is neither too expensive nor too cheap. This would help you to get the best quality device within the budget. In addition to that, you should also check whether the manufacturer is providing you a warranty for that product. A product with a warranty would prevent you from any additional and surprise expense which you might have to bear after buying it. And, psychologically speaking, a product with higher warranty period is an indication of the product quality.

Never buy those cheap car tyre inflators. During our research we couldn’t find any good car tyre inflator that was priced fewer than a thousand rupees, so you should keep this in mind when you buy a new car tyre inflator. These cheap car tyre inflators may be good for keeping them as showpieces but they are just not good enough to inflate your car’s tyres.

Noise Level

Some tyre inflators can get very noisy during the use and even vibrate to an extent that you need to hold them during operation. Because of the nature of their operation, all car tyre inflators will produce some noise and vibrations. But a good tyre inflator is one that makes minimum noise and remains stable during operation. So, you should always go for a device which produces no sound or minimum sound during the operation time.

Tyre inflators that come with metallic air compressors and the ones with rubber feet have lower noise levels and generally remain stable.

Car Tyre Inflator – FAQs

Whether you are using an analog or digital tyre inflator, you have to first connect the nozzle of the device on the tyre’s nozzle. After that, you have to switch on the device and then you would have to wait till the air pressure of the tyre reaches the desired requirement.

In case of a digital car tyre inflator, you can set the desired tyre pressure and the inflator automatically shuts-off when the tyre pressure reached the set limit. In case of analog tyre inflators, you will have to keep an eye on the pressure reading in the gauge and manually turn off the inflator to avoid over-inflation.

Make sure you always turn on the car’s ignition before you turn on the tyre inflator. This will reduce the chances of your car battery getting drained.

Every tyre is different. So the air pressure inside the tyres is different as well. Rear tyres need lesser pressure than the front ones. This is because of the fact that tyres at the front have to bear higher weight as most cars have engine at the front. Some cars like Tata Nano have rear engine and you should check and follow the manufacturer recommended ratings for both front and rear tyres. Most of the cars have air pressure which ranges between PSI 30 to PSI 35 when the temperature of the outer environment is cold. When the vehicle is in use, the heat generated due to friction increases the pressure of the tyre.

As per some researches, the tyre pressure increases by 1 PSI for every 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) rise in tyre temperature.

The exact pressure level varies depending on the model type but passenger car tyres usually have air pressure of 30 to 35 PSI. You should check the car manual for the exact tyre pressure for front and rear tyres. Most car manufacturers stick a small sticker with tyre pressure information on the driver side window. Colder climates require for 2 PSIs more than recommended and in hotter climates, the pressure needs to be kept in continuous check.

The full form of PSI is Pascals per Square Inch. PSI is the unit used for measuring the air pressure which is present in the tyre already and the additional air pressure which needs to be added.

A good quality tyre inflator does not take more than four minutes to inflate a tyre of any type. The time, however, may vary from four to ten minutes depending on the device you are using.

Most of the car tyre inflators are powered using the 12V socket, generally called the cigarette lighter socket, in the car. This 12V socket derives its power from your car’s battery. So the car tyre inflator is effectively powered by your car’s battery.

The car tyre inflator can possibly discharge your car battery under two circumstances

  • Your car battery has weak charge
  • You use the car tyre inflator for long durations (without turning on the car’s ignition)

That’s why it is always recommended to turn on your car’s ignition before using a car tyre inflator. This will reduce any chances of your car battery getting discharged.

Car tyre inflators get hot during use as they inflate the tyre using air compression and heat is generated during any air compression. It is quite normal for car tyre inflators to get hot while in operation. And this is not a cause for worry.

However, some car tyre inflators can get very hot, to the extent that they can cause burn injuries if not handled properly. Excessive heat can also damage the internal parts of the inflator.

Plastic body air compressors are not able to radiate out the heat generated during compression. Metal air compressors can radiate heat better.

It is important for the device to radiate out the heat to prevent wear and tear of the internal parts.

Final Verdict

It can be seen that among all these car tyre inflators, the Windek RCP AL1E 1902 Digital Tyre Inflator and the Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator are the best car tyre inflator which you can buy. These are regarded as the best air pump for the car as they are not only pocket-friendly but they also come with a powerful, efficient, and effective air compressors which would help you to inflate your flat tyre or any other object in no time.

They come with amazing features as well which does not require the users to do much when they are using the device. Both of these devices are automated which allows the users to sit back calmly when the device is doing its job. Both these inflators offer the best value for money which makes them everyone’s favorite.

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