Are you thinking of decorating your house a bit?

Well, what are the things that come to your mind?

Easy-to-care flowers, beautiful plants, and pretty much everything that comes in between those, right? Who wouldn’t love to have some lovely plants in their home?

But we are not talking about the outdoor plants in here. We are talking about the bonsai plants that can be used as an indoor decoration in the home. They are really beautiful and look absolutely amazing on table tops and corners.

But then, caring for these plants can be an intimidating task. It is because growing these trees and maintaining them requires much time and effort.

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for that. Have you ever heard of the artificial bonsai tree?

They are easy to move, small in size, and look great indoors. Plus, they can be quite easy to maintain. They don’t require any compost, watering, and they don’t even die as well. Plus, the look of the plant is always all-natural.

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By now you must be wondering how to choose the best artificial bonsai plants? Well, here we have some help for you.

Best Artificial Bonsai Tree in India

Here is a list of some of the best artificial bonsai trees that you could find. Make your pick from any one of these.

1. Fourwalls Artificial Bonsai Dracaena Plant

No wonder the first product in our list of best artificial bonsai trees is from the leading brand of artificial plants ‘Fourwalls’. This artificial Dracaena Plant is one of those artificial plants that look quite natural. Featuring a dual trunk that seems like a cutting from another plant, fresh trunks coming out from these cuttings make it look very natural. The polyester leaves are colored in the same shades as the live Dracaena plant. Weighs around 522 gm, this plant comes pre-assembled in a shiny black colored ceramic vase. The total height is about 35 cm, out of which the plant is roughly 21 cm and the pot is 14 cm high. The best part is this plant doesn’t need any added care. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth only. Isn’t it amazing?

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2. Fourwalls Artificial Bonsai Ficus Plant

Fourwalls Artificial Bonsai Ficus Plant

This artificial bonsai plant has all the features that make an artificial plant look as natural as possible. A perfect addition to the interior decoration, this plant will liven up the house’s dull places. Weighs around 621g and comes pre-assembled along with a shiny ceramic vase. The size and colour of the leaves look quite natural and resembles those of a live ficus plant. However, the feature that makes this artificial bonsai truly unique is the natural colored overlapping stems. This artificial bonsai tree is also one of the highest-rated among its category on

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3. Fourwalls Premium Range Artificial Ficus Bonsai Plant in a Ceramic Vase

Vibrant colors and good quality are the two important things that you will get with ‘Fourwalls’ products. This artificial ficus bonsai plant truly symbolizes how close to natural an artificial replica can get. This is the most identical to natural artificial bonsai in our complete list. This is an ideal choice for people who love decorating their homes with something unique. Weighing 1.48 Kg, this artificial bonsai features a thick trunk and incredibly detailed leaves. The rectangular ceramic pot in stone finish and multi-colored circular pebbles at top enhance the look further. 37 cm height, detailed leaves, and natural looks with leaves and pebbles make it look fabulous.

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4. Fourwalls Artificial Dracaena Bonsai Plant in Ceramic Vase

Fourwalls Artificial Dracaena Bonsai Plant in Ceramic Vase

This miniature artificial bonsai plant is just what you need if you don’t want to waste much time on caring for your plant. A perfect choice for the indoor environment, this bonsai plant comes from the trusted name of Fourwalls. Featuring a shiny black ceramic vase, it is also perfect for decorating the center tables as well. An affordable and elegant addition to your office desk or home. Weighs 540g, this plant comes with a medium-size vase. Small pebbles on the top surface give it an elegant and natural look. The multicolored leaves are almost identical to a live Dracaena plant. It can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

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5. Fourwalls Bonsai Japanese Maple Plant

Well, this artificial bonsai tree is the best solution if you want to add a little bit of greenery to the house. The leaves of this artificial Japanese Maple plant are made with high-quality polyester. Apart from the natural-looking leaves, this plant also features three crossing trunks, which is the main hallmark of the natural Maple plant. Lush green dense foliage with decorative faux moss and pebbles on top, all combine to give it a look that is as close to nature as possible. The shiny ceramic pot also adds to the beauty and lends a premium look.

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6. Hyperboles Bonsai Wild Plant Artificial-Plant with Pot

Perfect home decoration item which can be used indoors and outdoors. This plastic bonsai tree is extremely soft that comes in a melamine pot. Perfect for home decorations, this is an ideal choice for many households. Weighs around 240 g, best for center table and side corner decoration. It is a medium-sized artificial plastic plant. The capacity is 22 cm. It’s a natural-looking plant.

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7. Hyperboles Artificial Pine Bonsai with Hanging Birds

Another good bonsai plant option that has a melamine pot. Stems and leaves are well-packed in the tree. Pre-assembled bonsai tree made with non-toxic material. This artificial bonsai tree features colorful birds sitting on the branches. The birds and natural-looking leaves and branches make it very attractive. Weighing around 240 g, this bonsai tree is an ideal decorative item for indoors and outdoors. It is a natural-looking plant that can beautify your drawing room to a great extent. If you want, then this piece can be a good gift item also.

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8. Random Bonsai Wild Artificial Plant

Decorated with green leaves, this bonsai plant will put a mind-blowing effect on the aesthetics of your house. It is pretty stable and will look great if you put it in any one of the side tables as this plant comes with a wooden pot. The color and build of the leaves and branches give it an almost natural look and most people won’t be able to make out the difference when looking from a distance. Height is about 26 cm. It’s easy to clean and designed to stay as it is for long.

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9. Fancymart Artificial Bonsai Pine Tree

This plant from ‘Fancy Mart’ is made from quality materials. The shiny and beautiful plant manufactured with high-quality wood, fabric, and plastic that make it an ideal decorative piece. Also, this artificial bonsai tree is quite affordable. This 25 cm long pine tree comes planted in a square wood pot.

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10. Random Y Shaped Bonsai Tree with Pink Roses

Random Y-Shaped Bonsai Tree with Pot

Get this Y-shaped tree with some pink roses and you wouldn’t want anything else. It is a proper piece of decoration for the side tables. Planted in a rectangular brown pot made of plastic with green grass cover at the top, this artificial plant is quite durable. Weighs around 200g, this plant is an ideal piece of center table decoration. Maintenance and cleaning are very easy and the price is quite affordable.

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Having an artificial bonsai tree would be a great thing for the interior of the house. If you are interested in decorating, choose one of these pieces and you will be happy for sure.

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