Oh, it’s too hot today; why not have a chilled beer?

Hey, you won the competition? Let’s celebrate with a beer.

OMG, your girlfriend left you? I am so sad hearing this. Let’s have some beer, and forget.

Do you have one such friend who always finds a reason out of no reason to have some beer with you? Does that person find all the solace of his life in a glass of beer?

Want to gift him or her something unique? Not sure what to gift this insane beer lover?

Poor you.

I can suggest you 100s of awesome gifts for beer lovers, but let’s not confuse you.

What I mean is, if a person is crazy about beer, then his mind will rock getting an accessory that will make his beer moment enjoyable. So why not gift him something related to his “beer time”?

Let me help you with your brain cracking moment to give you some idea about the 12 awesome gifts for the beer lovers.

1. Bottle Loft

Beer Bottle Loft

Why not buy this awesome product to let your best (beer-lover) friend fall in love with you? This product can manage all the beer bottles neatly in a small place even inside your refrigerator. Neither your kitchen will be messy, nor will you find it hard to stack it neatly. No weak magnets used, no weak adhesive tapes. Only the best neodymium magnets are used that will hold the beer bottles properly and strongly. The adhesive power will never let the user down. Not only keeping the beer bottles properly in the fridge will be easier, but the beer bottles can be arranged in this holder and stored in shelves, garage, pantry and where not! Don’t you think that this amazing beer gift will make the life of your friend easier and let him fall in love with you?

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2. Beer Bottle Shape Opener Fridge Magnet

Beer Bottle Shape Opener and Fridge Magnet

How many times do you remember sitting for a beer party with your friends and noticing at the last minute that you don’t have a bottle opener? Had to use some unsafe ways like opening the bottle with your teeth, spoon or the table corner? A nice bottle opener is a must-have for all the beer lovers. And as a beer lover, if you get a beer bottle-shaped, fridge magnet bottle opener, then how the idea would be? This is a perfect accessory that you can gift your friend or gift one to yourself. Storing is easy as it is a magnet, and no more ransacking the shelves to find the opener when you are badly trying to open a beer bottle. Just stick it to the fridge, and you are all perfect and systematic for your next session of beer. Your boyfriend will award you for such an innovative gift that is easy to keep in place even after being dizzy by bottles of beers.

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3. Beer Mug with Fun Quotes

Beer Mug with Fun Quotes

Now, what can be more alluring than gifting a beer lover with a beer mug? Yes, beer mug is love for those people. These beer mugs have unique quotes printed on it, provoking fun in mind. Also, this mug is big enough that it can be used not only for beer but for milk, coffee, cocktails, mocktails, coke, and everything. It’s dishwasher safe and you can use it in a microwave oven and freezer. The material is high-quality frosted glass that is hard to break. Just visit your beer-lover Boss’s house on a free evening with the mug and a bottle of beer. You can stay assured of the next promotion!!

Jokes apart. You can gift it to any beer lover and make him or her happy.

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4. Beer Chiller Stick

Beer Chiller Stick

What if someone wants to enjoy a chilled beer until the last sip? The stainless steel chiller stick is perfect for this purpose. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel that stays as it is for many years without any damage. Just keep the chiller in the freezer for 3 or more hours, put it inside your beer bottle, and enjoy wherever and whenever you want a chilled beer-making your soul go gaga. It’s portable and has a drink-through feature that makes drinking experience better. Why don’t you gift this to your beer addicted friend? He can have a sip of chilled beer whenever he wants.

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5. Chiller Ice Pack

Chiller Ice Pack

Now, if your beer-lover friend doesn’t want to go for an outdoor picnic as he can’t have chilled beer there, then gift him this item. This Cello chiller ice pack has ample storage capacity that can keep the ice harder for longer due to perfect insulation and is easy to carry for your outdoor parties. Apart from the awesome use it has, it looks good as well. It is elegant looking yet strong and has a collapsible handle. So don’t spoil your next weekend within the four walls of your house. Enjoy a chilled bottle of beer in the outdoor. Get your best friend there, a few bottles of beer, and beat the heat. Ah, what a cool weekend plan.

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6. Unique Glass Holding Trolley

Thela Trolley

Isn’t it a great idea to gift your beer lover friend an Ek Do Dhai Rangeela Thela Trolley that he can use in the holi party? Well, this unique gift will not only amaze the guests, but it will be easy for the host to serve drinks as well. It can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge. Though it is a bit fragile, it’s affordable and an awesome beer gift option. After all who misses the chance to be creative while gifting something to his/her best friend!

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7. Creative Namkeen Trolley

Namkeen Trolley

Beer without namkeen? Well, its simply like enjoying honeymoon alone!

Jokes apart. Won’t it be a great idea to gift this creatively designed namkeen trolley to your beer lover friend who can use this unique gift in the frequent beer parties at his home? Though a bit delicate, but truly unique and an awesome gift idea for gifting your best “beer friend.” This artistic namkeen trolley will be the best companion for the legendary salted peanuts without which any beer experience is not complete. And no doubt, people will acknowledge your choice. An eye-catcher, this will definitely find a lot of admirers who are simply amused by its uniqueness.

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8. Gas Pump Style Dispenser

Gas Pump Style Dispenser

Do you want to create a mini bar at your home and party every night with your beer lover friend? Well, no problem if your friend is a beer lover and you are a wine lover, this Barraid Double Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser can be used for both. It can hold 1500 ml of liquid. Even you can gift yourself one such Liquor dispenser and make your home a bar at the weekends and enjoy yourself with friends. After all, drinking at a bar is expensive. DIY at your home, arrange some disco lights and rock the party.

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9. Wooden Decanter

Wooden Decanter

Do you want to enjoy the hard drinks in the royal style? Like metallic figure men holding a teak wood decanter styled on real wine barrels? Enjoy life King size. Why not be unique and in style even while having alcohol? This wooden decanter will give you a feel like craft beer bars that serve beer from large wooden barrels. Given the antique design, this can also be used as a showpiece. Well, gift this item to yourself. We deserve to gift something to ourselves as well for the hard work we do day in day out.

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10. Bottle Opener Ring

Bottle Opener Ring

A ring that is basically not a ring, but a bottle opener, but it’s a ring.


Yes, our tenth product is like that. It’s a bottle opener that you can use as a ring. Isn’t it an awesome item as one of the best gifts for beer lovers? If you are a lady and want to surprise your man with a unique gift that will create a bond between you both along with a glass of beer and ring, then do you think any other gift can be as good as this one?

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11. Fizzics Portable Beer Dispenser with Micro-Foam Technology

Fizzics Beer Dispenser

Having a normal beer is quite old-fashioned. How about making it tastier with sound waves? How about making the beer foamier, bubbly, aromatic with a new technology called Micro-foam technology? Well, add some spice to your boring life by adding some bubbles in your beer. This easy to use beer dispenser can be an awesome gift to your beer lover friend. And if you love your man, then amaze him with your gift selection taste.

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12. Portable Fridge

Portable Fridge

Wish we had a Genie in our life who can bring us chilled beer or beer at room temperature whenever we need it! Come on, too much drama, but the tropical 18AD portable fridge n warmer can be your genie at times. Having storage of 18 litres (just imagine, it can carry 18 beer bottles of 0.5 litres), you can carry it anywhere you go, especially for a picnic. For keeping the beer chilled, it can reach minus three-degree centigrade by fixed point thermostat. And the good thing about this product is, it is CFC-free. So if you are an environmentalist, then you can use this as well. Though a bit pricey, why not see the benefits before looking for the price?

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Cracking a secret.

Being a die-hard beer lover, I won’t mind getting any of these 12 awesome gifts for the beer lovers from you. Having a strong sense of smell like the feline, I enjoy every sip of beer. After all, life is too short to live without beer and its accessories. So, gift the beer lovers from these amazing 12 gifts.

Don’t forget to keep me on the list!!

Happy gifting 🙂

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